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Episode 23

Hi friends. Actually I meet with an accident because of that I was not able to update. Now I will regularly update the episode. And there is surprise/ suspense in the story. So lets start with the episode.

A flight reached at airport from Australia. Surya and Roshni is waiting there for someone.

Vivian: Finally the flight landed in India. I am excited to see them.
Swara: Ya Bhai me too. We will meet them after 3 years. See they are coming there.

Two people are walking towards them. One is boy and another one is girl. Boy is wearing black shirt with blue jeans and wearing sunglasses and girl is wearing long kurta with legging and her hairs are open. Boys face is shown. Boy is none other than Yuvraj Maheshwari and the camera focuses on the girl. And the girl is shown to be ANGEL GOENKA. Swara ran and hugged Angel.

Swara: Di I missed you so much.
Angel: Shona I also missed you very much in these three years.
Vivian: Angel I am really glad to see you happy.
Angel: Vihu I am happy because you guys are fine. Because my happiness lies in you.
Yuvi: Excuse me all. Please pay attention. Someone else is also standing here.
Swara: Oh my DEVIL. I missed you also very much.
Yuvi: Oh my Swara. Baby but I didn’t miss you.
Vivian: Both of you stop your drama. Lets go now drama group is waiting for us.
Angel: Vihu you will never change.
Swara: Di come na lets go. You know ragini and Armin are waiting for you.
Yuvi: Oh so everyone was waiting for Angel Baby. Nobody remembered me (BY MAKING POUT FACE)

After this they all sit in the car and left from there and reached in one big building. Swara rang the bell but no response from inside. She opened the door with spare key. When they entered inside the house there was dark all around. Suddenly someone shouted surprise. The light turs on. The place was beautifull decorated. The hall was decorated with photos of Angel and her cousins and ofcourse of rithvik and yuvi’s pic.

Yuvi: Wow what a pleasant surprise.
Angel: Thanks so much all of you.
Ragini: Di please don’t say thanks. It was our duty.
Angel: Oh my God. Mishti is talking so maturely.
Armin: Yes di. You don’t know she and shona is now leading business girls in Mumbai.
Angel: That’s good to listen. Where is Rithvik?
Yuvi: Ya where is my cutie bro?
Armin: Di jiju is waiting for you in room. Go and meet him.

Angel left from there. Swara and Ragini was looking dangerously at Yuvi.
Yuvi: Why both of you are staring like this. I think you both will kill me.
Ragini: Yes we will kill you.
Yuvi: But why ?
Swara: Where are our gifts DEVIL?
Yuvi: Oh I am really sorry. I forget to bring that.
Ragini: Now you are dead Yuvi.
Vivian: Wait ragini and swara. Your gifts are with me and Aru.
Armin: Actually Yuvi already gave these to us because he want to tease you two.
Swara: Yuvi you are gone today. And you two also.
Ragini: Yes our dear brothers pray to god so that the god may save you.

All of them start to chase one another. Scene shifts to another room.

Angel: Rithvik.
Rithvik: Angel you came.
Angel: Yes but why are you sitting here alone.
Rithvik: I don’t know how to face you.
Angel: Why what happened ?
Rithvik: Because of my cousin brother you had to stay away from your family.
Angel: Its ok Rithvik. This always written in my life.
Rithvik: You are looking so beautifull.
Angel: Rithvik stop it. Somebody will come.
Rithvik: Let anyone come. What wrong we are doing. We are husband and wife.
Angel: Control your emotions my dear patidev.
Rithvik : No now I can’t control.

Rithvik locked the door and picked Angel in his arms and placed her on bed. He went near her and placed his lips on her soft lips and for long time it was liplock. After sometimes they released their lips. They were breathing heavily. Rithvik started to kiss her neck and every inch of her body. They started to remove their clothes and switched off the light and took bedsheet upon them. And makeout their love.

Outside the room all were watching movie together.
Swara: I think si we should give them some time. We will discuss our plan tomorrow.
Yuvi: Yes swara is saying right. We should leave from here. I also want some rest. So bye I am also going to sleep.
Ragini: Wait devil. You lock ther main door we are leaving now. If you guys need anything call any of us.

Outside the Mansion:

Armin: SwaraRagini may you go with bhai. I want your car.
Swara: Why?
Armin: Because I had to go somewhere. And bye I am leaving know.
By saying this he left from there.

Vivian: Surely he went to meet PURVI.
Ragini: Ya Bhai. The way he left from here it loos like this only.
Swara: Its all new found love.
Ragini: Bhai please drop me at resort. I had excute our next plan.
Vivian: Yup sure. And swara we had to share next move with sanskar and Shreya. They must be waiting for us.
Swara: And yes don’t share with anyone that Angel is alive. And Angel and Yuvi are in India. Because It can be dangerous for our plan.




And sorry due to network problem late update and I think so this much long episode is enough.

And guess the surprise

Credit to: Noor

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  1. Hey Noor how r u now??? Plz take care of yourself…..
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  2. now i am fine. but having fracture in leg and some head injuries. and thnx for commenting and surprise is something else.

    1. Hmm ok. Waiting eagerly for it…..

  3. Hetvi (Shreya)

    Awesome episode noor..
    suspense is killing me!!
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    and TAKE CARE also

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