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Hi friends. How are you all. After many days I am going to update the episode. Sorry for making you wait. And there is one surprise for all of you. And really from heart I am saying sorry. So coming back to the story.


Rithvik: But when will Yuvi reach India?
Ragini: Early in the morning.
Armin: Ya. And we had to be very carefull.
Ragini: Why?
Rithvik: Ragini no one should know that yuvi is coming to India.
Ragini: Ok Jiju.
Armin: It should be secret only between us.
Swara: Ok anyway me and Vivian bhai had to go somewhere. We will directly meet you and Yuvi at our secret hideout.
Armin: Ok but be carefull.
Vivian: Don’t worry. Where we are going its safest place ever.

Vivian and Swara left from there. But Ragini , Rithvik and Armin were very much tensed.

Ragini: Whatever hapeened in last 4 years had totally changed swara and Vivian bhai’s life.
Armin: Yes from Vivian and Swara they both became Surya and Roshini.
Ragini: Vivian and Swara are so nice. But opposite to them Surya and Roshini are very cruel. The God of Underworld.
Rithvik: People our afraid of two names in India and that is SURYA ROSHINI. Not only public but ministers and police is also afraid of these two.
Ragini: But only we know this that who are SURYA ROSHINI. Because public or anyone else had never saw both of them by face. They all know that these 2 exists.
Rithvik: Ragini but what is the reason that swara and Vivian became the crime lord.
Armin: Jiju this all problems start 4 years back.



Swara: Wow finally we are in Goa.
Angel: But shona we three ran away from home.
Vivian: So what Angel di. First we asked their permission but they never allowed us. So we have to come like this.
Swara: Yes chill Angel di. You just enjoy.
Angel: But for our mistake mom dad will punish Ragini and Armin.
Swara: Di they two also don’t know that where we are.
Vivian: And they will handel all of them.
Angel: Ok. Hope so all so well.
Swara: Ok now stop all this. Lets get ready and go to beach.
Angel: Ya ok.

After sometimes they left from there to beach. When they 3 reached the Beach one girl came there running.
Girl: Please help me.
Vivian: What happened mam? Please relax and tell us what is the problem?
Girl: They will kill my husband.
Angel: Who will kill whom? Please tell us clearly what is the matter.
Girl: Actually me and my husband came here to spend some time. But we saw a nurder happening here. By mistake my husband camera was on and everything was recorded in it. They came to know this. They kidnapped me and my husband. Somehow I managed to came here. They want to kill my husband and me so that we don’t tell this to anyone.
Swara: But who is the person?

Girl: He is drug dealer and mafia king REXON.
Some underworld people came there and kidnapped that girl , swara , angel and Vivian. They take all of them to godown. Their mafia leader came there and ordered his mens to give them all heavy dose of drugs. When they were about to give drugs to Angel , Vivian and Swara managed to cut there ropes with which they were tied. Swara somehow managed to steal gun from the goon and she shoot their boss REXON. All the goons were shocked to see this . they all were about to kill swara but Vivian shooted them. All of them died there. People of that locality regarded them as their god because they killed the Don who was torturing them. They gave them the name Surya Roshni and that people never disclosed their identity to anyone. The people of GOA worship them like their god. From that day the girl who came there to ask for help she and husband also joined Surya Roshni gang. They handle all this business.


Rithvik: But why Angel supported them in all this?
Ragini: Because Di wants that the people living there should live their life freely. It could only happen if Surya Roshni exist. Because all the gangs of Goa starts to get afraid from them.

To be Continue.

Sorry friends for this much break. And I will update next part also today only.

Credit to: Noor


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    epusode was awesome i am waiting for yuvi’s entry plsz be regular………… Missed ur ff a lot

  2. Nita

    Welcome back Noor….its been so long since u updated…. Was eagerly waiting for it….its just too good…..n as u said, plz update next part today only…..

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