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Hello my all dear friends. How are you doing everyone. Are you happy with mine story. And thanks for your response. Thanks to silent readers also. And I will try to make you happy my all dear friends. And friends you may also give me suggestions. If you want any change. Yesterday I went to watch the cricket match. But India lost. Feeling bad for team India. And I want to clear one thing more my dear friends I am boy. I like to write so I am writing this fanfiction. My sister give me suggestions. And if I make Yuvraj and Ragini pair will it be ok with you all. So lets start with the episode:


Rajnath: Maa where is Sakshi and Sharmishta. At this time they both always come back from hospital. And there phones are also switched off.
Dadi: Raj Beta the both went with Swaragini for watching movie. They must be coming back.
Shekar: Its good they went outside. They will forget there pain after spending time with SWARAGINI.
Nani: Yes. The time from when Angel left they both stopped to smile. After that Swara accident which broked us completely.

Rajnath: Maa we should overcome from our sorrow for our children so they should live happy.
Shekar: Bhai Saa I was thinking that we should search a good girl for Vivian.
Rajnath: Yes. Shekar I hav one girl in my mind.
Dada ji: Which girl Raj Beta ?
Rajnath: Maheshwari’s daughter Shreya Maheshwari. She is very good girl and nice girl also.
Dadi: Yes. I also like that girl very much.
Nani: But we should ask Vivian also. May be he already like any girl.
Shekar: Ya after asking from him only we will final.
Sakshi: What will you final?

Rajnath: You four came. Come and sit here.
Swara: Tell us Dad what will you final.
Rajnath: Vivian’s marriage
Ragini: What. With whom?
Shekar: Beta Maheshwari’s daughter Shreya Maheshwari.
Swara: Not bad choice Dad. We also like her very much. You should talk to maheshwari’s about this.
Nani: Shona and Mishti what about Vihu. He might also any girl.
Ragini: No Nani Maa he does not have any girlfriend. He will agree to your choice. We will talk to him. He will surely agree. You decide the date to meet them.
Swara: See Bhai also came. Rithvik Bhai , Vivian bhai and Armin Bhai please come here.
Rithvik: What happened Shona.
Swara: You know what Papa and Dad had choosed a girl for Vivian Bhai.
Rithvik: So who is that lucky girl?
Ragini: SHREYA.
Armin: Shreya. Really she is so sweet.
Sharmista: All of you close your mouth. My son will tell if he want to marry her or not.
Vivian: I am ready mom. Because I know you all will choose best for me.
Rajnath: Then its good. We will go tomorrow to their house and will ask Shreya’s hand for Vivian for marriage.

After dinner all left to their room. Boys went to SWARAGINI room.

Rithvik: Are you both free?
Ragini: Ya please Bhai come na.
Swara: What happened?
Armin: I am not believing this.
Vivian: What?
Swara: That our family also like Shreya.

Ragini: Our plan is successful without our work.
Vivian: Duragaparsad is also reason for our sister’s condition.
Armin: Don’t worry Bhai. I we will take our revenge at any cost.
Rithvik: Swara are that papers ready?
Swara: Yes Bhai. Wait I will give you that papers. Take this Bhai your work will be done.
Rithvik: Know I just need Duragaparsad and Ramparsad signatures.
Ragini: Guys I think that we are doing wrong?
Armin: What wrong we are doing?
Ragini: By using Sanskar, Shreya and Purvi. You know there lifes can be in danger.
Vivian: Don’t worry nothing will happen to them.
Armin: How you are so sure Bhai?
Swara: Armin Bhai I think so you forget that who am I and Vivian Bhai.
Rithvik: Swara we know. But I anything bad happen then?
Swara: Jiju and Bhai don’t worry our guards and bouncers are following them so they don’t fall in any trouble.
Ragini: Swara this is last chance for us to prove them guilty.
Swara: We will do that. Just once DEVIL come here safely.
Rithvik: But who is going to pick up them from airport.
Armin: Surya and Roshni.
Swara: What????
Ragini: Ya after picking them from airport they will take them to their secret hideout.


Who is Surya and Roshni?
What is dark secret of Swara Vivian?

Any Guessess…

Credit to: Noor

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