Previous episode link. my all dear friends. How are you doing everyone. Are you happy with mine story. And thanks for your response. Thanks to silent readers also. And I will try to make you happy my all dear friends. And friends you may also give me suggestions. If you want any change. So lets start with the episode:

Purvi: But what is your plan?
Armin: Mine and your marriage {winked}
Purvi: Really { Blushed} I means what ???????????
Armin: I am joking sweetheart.
Purvi: Ok. {sadly}
Vivian: Stop it Armin. Don’t do any joke here. It will hurt someone. { By giving hifi to Rithvik}
Ragini: I your discussion is over can we discuss our plan.
Rithvik: Ya sure why not
Swara: So plan is to make family relations with MAHESHWARI’S.
Shreya: But how swara?
Swara: By getting married Vivian Bhai.
Shreya: But with whom???? { SHOCKED}
Vivian: Dumbo with you. Is there any other girl in your house.
Purvi: I am also girl.
Armin: No you cant marry him.
Swara: Bhai its common sense. Vivian Bhai regards Purvi as his sister.
Armin: { by going near to purvi} Then why you said that you are also girl.
Purvi: Why I didn’t look like a girl.
Armin: Yes I know you are girl sweetheart.
Purvi: Sweetheart???????
Armin: Any problem.

Purvi: No. I means Yes.
Armin: First decide yes or no.
Sanskar: If armin and purvi your talk is finished then may we talk further.
Armin: Ya sure. We will discuss later. {By winking at Purvi}
Swara: So today Vivian Bhai will talk with family that he likes Shreya.
Ragini: Will they accept this relation.
Rithvik: They had to. By hook or crook.
Swara: I it didn’t work then it will be problem for us only.
Armin: If they will agree then they will talk with Maheshwari’s. And Maheshwari family will accept this relation.
Sanskar: How you are so sure?
Vivian: Because they want there daughters back.
Armin: So to get there daughters back they will do anything.

Purvi: Ya right. If they didn’t agree then?
Armin: Then we will run away.
Ragini: Bhai control we are talking about Vivian Bhai and Shreya.
Armin: Oh ya sorry. You know na I am so sentimental person.
Swara: Ya we know. Sanky you have to make them accept this relation.
Rithvik: Laksh will make them agree.
Shreya: But how and why?
Rithvik: Because he loves ragini and to get her and to stay near her he can do anything.
Ragini: Ya right. And he is fully trapped in my love game.
Vivian: If our this move is succesfull then we may give them another shock for sure.
Purvi: Which another shock.
Armin: We will tell you when time comes.
Shreya: OK.
Vivian: Know we should leave.

Ragini: Ya me and swara are going with Maa and Mom to watch movie. So we will leave.
Vivian: Ok you both go. We have to all go to office.
Armin: Shreya if you don’t mind may I take Purvi for sometimes. I wanna talk with her. I will surely drop her on time.
Shreya: Ok. Purvi go with him. But drop her at coffee shop. I will pick up her from there.
By saying this all left from there to there respective places. Armin took Purvi to beach side.


Purvi: Why you brought me here?
Armin: I want to do our murder.
Purvi: Why but why. What wrong I had done with you.
Armin: Because you have stolen something from me.
Purvi: What I had stolen?
Armin: My Heart Sweetheart.
Purvi: What??????
Armin: Don’t act like idiot.

Armin went on knees and taked out a diamond ring from his pocket and proposed her.

“I love you so much, and you don’t even know it. Sometimes I get scared about showing it. It feels like when you come around me, my mouth locks tight, and the words I want to say are just stifled. My lips lock up because my love is so strong, and the words that I want to say just can’t be expressed. Sometimes I want to open up and tell you how I feel, but I guess I’m just too scared. I know you love me, and you have feelings hidden inside, too. It seems like it isn’t any easier for you to express yourself to me, than for me to express myself to you. I love you, so please know that I always will. “


Purvi was shocked that what happened in this short period of time.
Purvi: Yes I will like to marry you my MR IDIOT.
Armin: Thanks so much to accept my proposal. Anyways Mr Idiot nice name.
Purvi: I love you so much.
Armin: I also love you very much.
Purvi: Thanks for coming in my life Idiot.
Armin: No I should thanks you. Sweetheart means you was also feeling for me.
Purvi: Yes and you?
Armin: I had fallen in love with you when I saw you for first time.
Purvi: In party.
Armin: No in photo.
Purvi: Photo???????
Armin: Ya I saw your and Shreya photos in Rithvik’s laptop.
Purvi: so it means one sided love.


Will Maheshwari’s , Goenka’s and Gadodia’s accept VIVIAN AND SHREYA relations?
What is the plan of youngsters to destroy MAHESHWARI?

Guessssssssss …………………………………

Credit to: Noor

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