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Hi friends. I am very happy after seeing your response. I am updating next part. So the episode starts from:


Ragini: But why Laksh hated both of you.
Rithvik: We also don’t know that reason.
Shreya: But Bhai where is Yuvi Bhaiya. We want to meet them.
Sanskar: Yes Bhai. We haven’t saw him from last 4 years.
Armin: He will come very soon. But how Shreya and Purvi came to know that we are planning something.
Purvi: Yesterday night when you all left for Armin room me sanskar bhai and Shreya followed you because we want to meet Rithvik Bhai.
Shreya: And there we listened your conversation.
Swara: Oh so two new members are joining our mission to destroy Maheshwari.
Shreya: Yes me and purvi will help you. Because we hate them a lot. But what about you sanskar bhai don’t you will join this plan.
Sanskar: Purvi and Shreya I am already a part of this plan.
Purvi: How Bhai?
Sanskar: Actually i loved swara from school time. We were classmates. And I was always in touch with her. After Angel Bhabhi death we were trying to catch the culprit. Then we came to know that laksh is reason or that and we send swara to him so he confess his truth. But he pushed swara from cliff.
Rithvik: And then swara slipped into coma. After 2 years she regain her conscious. And then our only aim was to destroy Laksh and Maheshwari’s.
Shreya: If Laksh knows swara then why he didn’t recognize swara.
Vivian: Actually that night he haven’t saw the face of Swara. Because shona was wearing mask.
Purvi: Clear us one more doubt?
Armin: Ya ask anything I will clear. {BY LOVINGLY}

Purvi: { BLUSHED} Why swara is acting as If her memory is lost.
Armin: So that family members didn’t give her any stress. Because they will do their investigation.
Vivian: Actually Purvi and Shreya there is small clot in swara’s brain. If she take any stress then her life may be in danger.
Swara got a call.
Rithvik: Swara’s whoz this?
Swara: DEVIL.
Purvi: Devil?
Ragini: Your brother Purvi and Shreya.
Shreya: You means Yuvi Bhai.
Vivian: Right answer. Actually this name is given by Ragini.
Ragini: Yup he is devil.
Swara: Wait yaar let me talk to him. Hi Devil.
Yuvraj: Hi Shona. Whatsapp dear?
Swara: I am good. You say when you are coming.
Yuvraj: I am coming baby. Just going to board the flight and special guest is also coming.
Swara: Really.
Yuvraj: Yes. And did you guys started the next part of plan.
Swara: We will start today itself. And Devil I want to tell you onething. Your both sisters are also involved in our plan. They came to know the truth.
Yuvraj: But there life can be in danger.
Swara: Don’t worry we will not let them anything happened.
Yuvraj: Shona how is my chudail.
Ragini: I will not leave this Yuvi.
Swara: Bye DEVIL and ragini is good.
By saying this they cutted the call.
Swara: He will reach here by tomorrow and he told me to start next plan.
Shreya: But what is your plan?

Who is special guest coming with Yuvraj?
Is there any relation between Yuvraj and Ragini?

ANY GUESSES MY DEAR FRIENDS???????????????????????????????????

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  1. too good n funny n new entry?? who is that noor next part plz

  2. Awesome. … loved this…

  3. Noor! You’ll kill me in a day or two!

  4. Change Swara’s pic also!
    Sorry but the sisters aren’t looking good

  5. i think d special guest is angel

  6. Its awesome baby……..when are u updating next part…..n how am I suppose to live till then???? Maybe angel is alive?????? Is she the special guest????

  7. You will get all the answer very soon my dear friends

  8. Oh god angel.u r damn good love u.update the nxt part as soon as possible

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