hi friends . its 2nd part of my story. hope you love it. so starting from :-
a car horn is heard by all family members. automatically smile come on their sad faces. because they know the life of their house their princess had came back after long period of time. they all ran towards the main door of the mansion. sakshi goenka is carrying tha aarti thali to welcome her princess. two mens came out from the car in formal black and white suit respectively. they our none other than our shekar gadoida in formal black suit and rajnath goenka in white formal suit. from their back a sweet voice came hello everyone . have you forgetten me ????? a girl appear in black jean with blue top and light blue denim sleeveless waistcoat. she is looking so pretty in her dress.

a voice came and said how we can forget our shona. we are waiting for you only my princess dadi and nani togetherly said this. the camera focuses on the girl. the girl is our cute , innocent , swara{shona}. she is similing and came forward and hug her grandmaa and her pyari and sweet nani. they are very happy to see their swara back after a long period of time. after that sakshi and sharmishta came forward and hug their pari/angel/princess. both mothers were crying happily after meeting their beloved daughter. how can you forget us shona , ragini{mishti} ,vivian{vihu} , armin{aru} said in union. swara ran and hugged her sibblings. they 4 were crying . the tears were of happiness.

rajnath said hey god please save us please make them stop crying otherwise flood will come. 4 sibblings said in union and loudly “papa” that’s not fare. this was a happy family meeting. sharmishta and sakshi welcomed swara in the mansion and swara meet all the servants of her house. after seeing the mansion carefully swara said, “kitna kuch change ho gaya in 2 saalon mein” while saying this she was having tears in her eyes. suddenly she remembered something and asked her family where is my dadu{dada ji}. everyone signaled her towards the one {1} room. swara moved towards the room and opened the door and shocked to see the room view.
to be continued………..

what have swara sawed in the room?
why was swara away from family for 2 years ?

hi friends have you liked this part. please comment. and in next part i will surely introduce the maheshwari family. and will try to reveal some secrets and some past scenes . and pls tell about the pairs.

Credit to: Noor


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