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Hi friends. How are you all? Sorry I was not able to update the episode for the last week. Friends I had read your views. So I have decided to make the pair RAGLAK only. But before that there will someone else in RAGINI life. And some mystery will be solved today my dear friends. And please give reviews for the episode. So coming back to the story:


Rithvik: Shekar Papa where is Nani?
Shekar: Beta as usual sitting in room and crying there. Beta she also thinks like you that ANGEL is alive.
Swara: Dad Di is alive she will surely comeback.
Rajnath: Swara Beta why couldn’t you all accept that she left us.
Armin: We will never accept this. She have to come back for us.
By saying this the cousins and Rithvik went from there towards Armin’s room. Sanskar, Purvi and Shreya secretly followed them because they want to meet their Brother RITHVIK. When they were about to knock the door they listened the conversation of the cousins.

Vivian: Our plan is successful.
Rithvik: Yes no one will be able to save him from us. Because of him we are away from ANGEL.
Ragini: But Bhai what will be our next move.
Vivian: That we will discuss at our secret place.
Swara: But our two levels our cleared.
Armin: First one all believed that swara has losted her memory.
Rithvik: And second that murderer had came to know that I am married to ANGEL. This was 1000wt shock for that person.
Vivian: Ragini are you ready for our next move.
Ragini: I am ready Bhai. But where is he? He is not picking our calls.
Swara: Ya I was also calling DEVIL but he is not picking my calls also.
Armin: Wait Yaar. Its DEVIL call only.
Armin picked up the call and was happy to listen the callers message. { I WILL REVEAL THE CONVERSATION LATER}. The cousins asked him the reason ut he didn’t tell them anything and said that it is SURPRISE for all of you.

Sanskar, Shreya and Purvi were shocked to listen their conversation. They left from there. The Maheshwari’s left from SWARAGINI MANSION.


Anu: My son was standing in front of me but I was not able to meet him.
Durgaparsad: Anu listen.
Anu: Please you stop. This all is happening because of you only. Before your Brother and Bhabhi died they give us the responsibility of there 2 sons. But we failed to fuillfill their last wish.
Sujata: Jiji it was not your mistake. That was bad time in which we losted our both sons. But today I was happy to see RITHVIK but where was YUVRAJ.
Purvi: Wherever he will be he should live happily.
Shreya: Exactly when they were here no one was taking care of them. But why suddenly you are talking about them.
Purvi: Ya right Shreya. When they were here they all insulted them and never supported them.
Ramparsad: Shreya and Purvi Beta don’t say like this.
Shreya: Why? Are we saying something wrong.
Durgaparsad: You both Shreya and Purvi SHUT UP.
Shreya: Why Badepapa. If we will not stop then will you throw us out of the house as you had thrown Rithvik Bhai and Yuvraj Bhai.
Purvi: Ya. Shreya is saying right.
Duragaparsad: They both went against the family rules.
Purvi: Laksh had also went against the rules of our house. Why haven’t you throw him out of the house.
Laksh: Purviii
Shreya: Don’t shout Mr Laksh Maheshwari. Why you all are not able to listen the truth.
Laksh was about to slap Shreya but someone hold his hand. The person was Sanskar.
Sanskar: Don’t dare to do this Laksh. Otherwise I will not spare you.
Laksh: Bhai you also think that I am wrong.
Sanskar: Yes Laksh Maheshwari you are wrong. Because of your mistake Rithvik Bro and Yuvraj is suffering.
Durgaparsad: Sanskar what nonsense are you speaking.
Sanskar: I am not saying anthing wrong. You always do difference between us and Laksh.
By saying this Sanskar, Shreya and Purvi left from there. All were shocked to see hatered by them for the family.
Shreya: I want to meet them.
Purvi: We want answers for our questions.
Sanskar: Ok we will them at their farmhouse.
Shreya: OK.
Purvi: Wait Sanskar Bhai how you know that they will be there.
Sanskar: You will get your all answers there only.


Will Shreya and Purvi came to know the truth of Laksh?
How will they react after knowing the truth?
Will Armin and Purvi lovestory ever start?

Guys I will update next part today only and give your views. And Vivian Dsena will play role of Yuvraj Maheshwari. Rithvik and Yuvraj are brothers and sons of Duragaparsad and Ramparsad Maheshwari’s elder brother. I will disclose there secret also very soon.

Credit to: Noor

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  10. Hahaha . Ya right nita i also think we have bluetooth connection. And friends thnx for your reviews. And actually busy in my office work but try to update daily.

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