Hello friends. I want suggestion from you. Do you want Laksh positive or negative. Please tell me. If you want Laksh negative then I will bring new character for Ragini. Please give the suggestions.

Next day early in the morning all the Gadodia and Goenka members are wearing white clothes and are very sad.
Shekar: Pandit ji please you start the POOJA.
Pandit Ji: Ji shekar ji. Please you call all the family members.
All the family members came down at sat in the Pooja. The cousins are eagerly waiting for maheshwari’s so that they can start there plan to take revenge. Maheshwari’s arrived there and sat in the Pooja. They were not able to see the photo of ANGEL and the family members also. After the Pooja was over the maheshwari’s meet the family of Goenka&Gadodia. The cousins were happy to see Laksh there.
Armin: Finally he is here. We have to start our plan.
Shona: Yes Armin Bhai. We had to start our plan but where is Rithvik Bhai.
Ragini: He is coming and till know Maheshwari’s haven’t saw ANGEL’S di pic. They all will recognize her.

Pari Maheshwari: Sakshi Mam & Sharmishta Mam you both here.
Sharmishta: Yes Dr Pari. Angel is our daughter only.
Pari: Oh I am really sorry mam. I didn’t know that you have any other daughter then SWARA & RAGINI.
Sakshi: No we had 1 more daughter Angel. But she died before 3 years.
By saying this Sharmishta and Sakshi left from there crying.

Sujata: Pari how do you know them?
Pari: Choti Mam I work in there hospital only. They both are also doctors.
Anu: That’s so good. We didn’t knew that they are doctor.
Pari: Actually I knew them from past years but I haven’t listen about Angel.
While talking Pari was shocked to see something. When anu asked her she pointed towards a direction. All the people looked towards that side but MAHESHWARI’S were totally shocked. Rithvik was standing at door. Sanskar , Shreya and Purvi was looking happy to see there brother back but Laksh face expression was totally changed. Rithvik moved inside. Sujata and Anu want to meet there son but they cant meet him because DP didn’t allowed them. Rithvik came forward and hugged sakshi and sharmishta.

RithviK: Sorry my 2 beautifull mothers. I am late. I know I shouldn’t be late on this day but you know I don’t like to attend this Pooja.
Sakshi: Its ok beta. I am very happy that you came back.
Rithvik: How can I live without my mothers.
Rajnath: Rithvik Beta when you came back to India?
Rithvik: Sorry Papa. Actually I came yesterday only but due to urgent meeting I was not able to meet you.

Shekar: Rithvik beta meet them he is Mr Durgaparsad Maheshwari. Our new business partners. And DP ji meet him he is our son. Rithvik is husband of our daughter ANGEL.

All the MAHEHWARI’S were shocked to know that Rithvik is married except Sanskar because he know this truth.

DP: Rajnath ji may I see our daughter’s pic.
Rajnath: Ya sure.
He pointed toward a wall. There was photo of Angel Goenka or Angel Rithvik Maheshwari. Maheshwari’s were standing as lifeless body. Laksh was ver much shocked. He was shocked as if he had seen any ghost. The cousins were happy to see his reaction. Because they want that laksh should be afraid to see Angel’s pic and secondly to know that Rithvik was married to Angel.


Do Goenka’s and Gadodia’s know that Rithvik is son of Maheshwari family?
Why Maheshwari family is shocked to see Angel’s pic?
Are Maheshwari’s also related to her death?

And guys bye. Will meet you after one week. Please comment on the question I had asked. Love you all and will miss you.

Credit to: Noor

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