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Hi friends I am really sorry for updating late. And guys from tomorrow to 27th I will not update. Actually there is marriage at my home. So will be busy in that. I will try to update 2 episodes. And thnx for your response. And today in my fanfiction there is no revenge drama only love confession so guys enjoy. Coming back to the story. The episode starts from:

Shreya: Purvi, Vivian is ready to meet us today.
Purvi: Really. We will try to resolve our problems.
Shreya: Ya sure. Now lets go otherwise we will get late.
Anu: Beta are you both going somewhere?
Shreya: Ya mom we are going to meet our friend.
Anu: Ok beta you go. But come back timely.
Purvi: Mom don’t take tension we will be back soon.

The lawn is beautifull decorated. It is booked by Shreya for Vivian. Vivian is waiting for both of the girls.

Vivian: These two will never come on time. Always late comer. Always I have to wait for them.
Purvi: You still remember it Vivian Bhai. Anyways we are here only.
Vivian: Ya I remember. Why you both had called me here.
Shreya: Why you are eager to know it BABY?
Vivian: WHAT????????????
Shreya: What, What?
Vivian: That you had said know.
Shreya: Oh that. “ BABY “.
Purvi: Actually Vivian please forgive us. Whatever had happened was wrong we must have believed you.
Shreya: SORRY Vivian. I know its not easy for you and even we both didn’t deserve your friendship. You was always a loyal friend but we haven’t understood that. Please forgive us if you want.
Vivian: Its ok. That situation was like that only. Anyone had reacted like that only.
Purvi: Ok. So lets start a fresh start of our friendship.
Vivian: Ya sure why not. We will be always BEST BUDDIES.

Vivian: So what you do know?
Shreya: We both are running are own business of Interior Designing. And you?
Vivian: That’s good. I am helping Dad & Papa in Business. So what about your boyfriend?
Shreya: No boyfriend.
Vivian: Why?
Shreya: Because I still love you. And do you have any girlfriend?
Vivian: Ya I have.
Listening this Shreya’s face expression was totally changed. She was felling jealous after listening this.
Shreya: So whats her name?
Vivian: What will you do by knowing her name?
Shreya: I will kill her. How you could make any other girlfriend.
Vivian: You left me so I decided to move on.
Shreya: I will not leave that girl.
Vivian: You want to meet her. Come I will introduce you to her.
He took Shreya in a beautifully decorated room. He blindfolded her and took her infront of mirror and removed cloth from her eyes. And by pointing towards the mirror.
Vivian: She is my girlfriend I love her a lot.
Shreya: She was having tears of happiness.
Vivian: Why are you crying?
Shreya: Its tears of happiness. You still love me?

Vivian: I will love you till my last breathe. So MISS SHREYA MAHESHWARI
“I don’t really know how I can express my feelings to you, because I wasn’t myself the first time I set eyes on you. I have seen and met great beauties in my life and have also learned how I could gaze at them just once and walk away. But with you, everything has changed. I believe you will understand me. I want to keep you as a flower I’m charged with looking after. Being with you is like being in paradise. I will take this responsibility seriously, if you are mine and mine alone.” So Will You Like To Change Your Surname From MAHESHWARI to GOENKA.
Shreya: {She was very happy because she got her life her back.} Yes. I will like to be yours always.
They hugged each other and spent a lot of time with each other.
Shreya: I love you Vihu.
Vivian: I love you too. Shreya I want to ask you something.
Shreya: Ya ask Vihu.
Vivian: Does Purvi have any boyfriend?
Shreya: No.
Vivian: Thank God.
Shreya: What happened?
Vivian: Actually Armin like her.

Shreya: He also.
Vivian: What you mean?
Shreya : Purvi also like him. How do you know that he like Purvi.
Vivian: Actually he saw Purvi in party in our house. It was love at first sight. After some days I saw him:


Armin was talking to himself and was lost in his thoughts he didn’t notice that SHONA MISHTI & VIHU is also present there.
Armin: She is so beautifull.
Shona: Who Armin Bhai.
Armin: Her sister.
Shona: Whose sister?
Armin: Shreya.
Mishti: Bhai what are you saying yo know na Vivian Bhai love Shreya how you could think like this.
Armin: Shut up Mishti I am talking about Shreya. I am talking about her sister.
Vivian: Purvi. Seriously you love her.
Armin: Ya bhai I am mad about her.
Shona: He is gone. He has also fallen in love. Hahhah.


Shreya: That’s good he also like Purvi and she like Armin.
Vivian: But we have to make them confess their feelings. But are you sure Purvi like him.
Shreya: Ya she told me herself.


Purvi: Shreya he is so cool and dashing.
Shreya: Who Purvi?
Purvi: Armin.
Shreya: Vihu’s brother.
Purvi: Yes. I had fallen in love with him.’
Shreya: Not bad choice Purvi.



Will Armin&Purvi confess their feelings to each other?

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