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Hi friends and sorry for my behavior. And I am busy in my office work and that’s why I am not able to update regularly but I will try my best to update daily. Today I will update 2 episodes. Coming back to the story the episode starts from:
The cousins are discussing their plan and remembering their sister ANGEL.
Swara: That day it was di’s birthday. She was going to come back but she never returned.
Vivian: Yes shona. I told her to wait for me there but she never listened me. If she had listened to me that day then this thing had never be happened.
Ragini: But di didn’t know that they are following her.

Swara: I told her that don’t take this case but all know she will never listen to anyone. Please god give our sis back to us.
Vivian: Because of that bl***y man we have to loss her. But when we made a plan to catch him before 2 years it backfired but thanks to RITHVIK that he reached on time there. And he saved swara.
Armin: But one more thing if shona haven’t wore mask on that day then the person can indetify her easily.
Ragini: But thanks to god RITHVIK made full proof plan to catch the culprit. But that murderer had also wored mask that night else we could know who he was.
Swara: Firstly we don’t know anything about him but slowly slowly we got each and every information about him.
Ragini: Bhai when Rithvik is coming back.
Vivian: He is in flight only. After 1 hour he will land in Mumbai.
Armin: Who is going to receive him from the airport?
Vivian: Our secret friend. And now we have to also leave and reach the farmhouse because we had to excetue are next plan.

The cousins left from there and went out of the city and there is one big bungalow named as ANGEL’S DREAMLAND. They went inside. The bungalow is very beautifull , there is large garden , swimming pool. They opened the main door and went inside and sat in living room and thinked about something.


When Gadodia and Goenka got news of Swara’s accident which occurred in Australia the cousins quickely booked their tickets and flewed there. When they reached there they meet a boy.
Vivian: Where is Swara?
Ragini: Will you tell us where is swara please?
Armin: Please Rithvik speak something.
Rithvik pointed towards a room it was ICU. They three went towards that direction and was shocked to see that their SHONA was very badly injured . after sometimes a doctor came out and told them that SWARA went in “COMA”. They all were totally broken after knowing this. There was turning upside down.
Vivian: Rithvik how did it happen?
Rithvik: Vivian me and swara called him at the cliff to confront him but for our safety swara wore mask so that he cant recognize her but for our badluck he pushed swara from cliff and ran from there but with help of police I found her. But she was badly injured.
Armin: Where is that Bas***d, I will not leave him.

Vivian: Rithvik do one thing take the case back. Know law will not punish him but we will punish him.
Rithvik: OK Vivian but we have to be very carefull and you guys go back to india I will stay here with SHONA only. I had already lost my love but I don’t want to loose my ANGEL’S sister whom she loves a lot.
After this incident rithvik stayed there with swara for 2 years then swara waked up from COMA, her all injuries were healed but know she only want REVENGE for her sister death.
Swara: Have you catched him Rithvik Bhai.
Rithvik: no we had taken the case back.
Swara: That’s good know I will punish him myself.


Sorry guys I am leaving in middle but in next part I will solve half mystery actually friends I have important work and think


Credit to: Noor

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  1. nice…….hope u will reveal the person behind angel’s death n her death next update

  2. Plz reveal the mystery soon…..I cannot wait anymore. N Siddharth Shukla….nice choice

    Hey Hetvi all the best dear…n in last episode u asked so…I m giving state boards. Today is the last one….wbu???

    1. Icse
      I have 2 pprs left
      Nice u completed ur BOARDS
      anyways siddharth shukla is one of my favourite and i guess noor, u and me are having a Bluetooth connection!!!!! ???????

    2. Haha true Hetvi…..triple Bluetooth connection…. I liked Siddharth’s acting in Humpty Sharma n he is doing well in Khatron ke yes he is also in my list….

      N all the best dear…for the remaining 2papers

  3. Who is that person

    1. Shiv of balika vadhu

  4. nyc.. wat happen exactly????

  5. Ur FF seemz to b a thriller
    Character introduction

  6. Priya tripathi

    Awesom totaly mysterious piz solve

  7. Friends I had submitted next part in evening only. I dont know when they will update next part

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