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Hi frinds its noor here. Sorry for late update. I wanna say something. I am not getting positive response from you friends. Please if you are not liking my story say it clearly to me I will stop writing this fanfiction. If I had hurted you by mine words please pardon me. Anyways coming back to the story the episode starts from:


All the elders are sitting in the hall and crying by seeing a photo. Sakshi & Sharmishta are crying very much. Dadi and Nani are not able to see them like this. But its important that both are flowing out their emotions.
Dadi: We lost our daughter but with her we also lost happiness of our house. Why god you have done with us like this?

Dada Ji: Yes you are right the day we had lost her we also losted our other 4 grandchildrens. There smile everything is losted somewhere. They 4 forget to smile after the dismiss of our beloved grand-daughter, the life of this house ANGEL GOENKA. Beta why you left us like this.
Rajnath: Dad please don’t cry. We know we had losted everything when we lost our ANGEL. But at last time also we can’t see her body.
Shekar: Tomorrow 3 years will be completed. The day on which we losted our daughter will again come in our life.

A servant came there and informed them that the preparation of Angel’s DEATH ANNIVERSARY is completed. After informing this the servant left from there. This all scene was watched by SHONA, MISHTI, ARU & VIHU from the upstairs. They 4 left from there angrily and went to a room which is always locked. The unlocked the room and went inside the room and locked it from inside. The room is decorated very beautifully there are many pics on the walls of the room. The all pics are of the family members but there is also one girl which is present in each and every pic. There is one large photo frame in which one girl is smiling and by seeing that photo the cousins started to cry.

Ragini: Why you left us like this? You know how much we love you. You had left us so easily but had you ever think what had happened here after you left us. We can’t see this condition of MAA&MOM. You can’t see a single tear in there eyes but today because of you they are crying. Not only today but from last 3 years. Ya but why will you respond to us we are no one to you. She breakdown and cried a lot by saying this.

Swara: Ragini please control yourself. You remember what had we decided on that day that until that day we will not give punishment to that murderer we will not break. We also miss Angel Di but we have to give justice to her. She was everthing to us. But today we need her very much but she can’t come back. But we will not leave that bl***y man.
Armin: This time he will not be saved by us.this time we had laid a trap from which he can never come out. “ tomorrow that murderer will 1000 volt shock in di’s death anniversary. he will ask for forgiveness from us but we will not spare him. he had taken our di from us and for this he had to pay very big price”.

vivian: he have to pay the price for what he have done. for this day we had waited along. tomorrow we will start our plan. but onething a small plan we had already started the day swara came back.

to be continued……..

guys first i will see your response for my this episode. if i get positive response then only i will update next part. and angel goenka’s role will be played by jenniffer winget.

Credit to: Noor

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  1. Then who is that person

  2. cool!!! i think it’s laksh…

  3. its going awesome… update the nxt episode we all r enjoying it a lot…..nd pls try to update the episodes regulary

  4. don’t stop writing ur ff is interesting 🙂

  5. Priya tripathi

    Interesiting episode wait for next episode n ur ff is good don’t stop writting

  6. Hey Noor I just love ur ff n I love it all the more just because they have Shreya n Purvi. N I m so sorry noor that I m not commenting these days but it is because my board exams are going on. I hope u can understand but whenever u post any part I make sure that I read it. N there may be some others also like me who are busy with exams. N some silent readers also.

    So plz don’t stop your ff…I just love it….n plz make episodes little longer….plz…

    1. N Jennifer Winget another one from my favourites….
      Noor do we have a Bluetooth connection….mind to mind…???????

    2. Which school nita?
      Me also giving boards
      State board or ICSE????

  7. Noor, there are thousands and may be more than that who arr reading ur FF. Me being one of them. I follow this FF regularly and really love it. I don’t like commenting because TU deletes them sometimes . Anyways, continue yrrr. Silent readers bahut hain. Be positive and positive will happen . Keep writing.

    But i gotta complain.
    Please update on a regular basis. Me giving my boards but I keep on checking the update . It’s really disappointing when the update is slow. So please update it fast… Please…

  8. I guess it’s laksh
    And ragini and laksh’s romance would be the plan.
    Coz laksh and rags ‘ romance started when swara came back
    May be

  9. sorry guys for my harsh behaviour. I will update next part soon. I am really sorry.

  10. Actually i am engineer. So busy in office work but i like to write so i am writting this fanfiction

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