Hi friends. Sorry I was unable to update the story further. Actually I was suffering from fever. And guys there are more twists after that I will start SWASAN love story. So the episode starts from :-
Maheshwari Mansion

All were very happy because Adarsh and Pari came back. They were chit chatting.
Adarsh: Mom where is Sanky , Lucky , Purvi & Shreya.
Anu: Beta apne apne office mein hain.
Pari: Maa ajjkal yeh bahut busy rehta hai.
Sujata: Han beta yeh toh hai.

Unknown Place

A boy was standing near a car and was watching watch again and again.
Boy: I don’t know why people are not punctual. I am waiting here from last 15 minutes. A voice interputed his thoughts and said sorry for coming late Mr Samrat. Ya the boy is samrat.
Samrat: Hello Miss. No its ok. Come lets sit somewhere and talk.
Girl: Ya sure lets go there. Pointing towards a table.
They both went there and sat opposite to each other. Samrat started the conversation with the girl.
Samrat: So how you know Vivian?
Girl: Actually I know him since long time. I used to love him since childhood but always he rejected me.
Samrat: Oh.

Girl: When I got details about him I came to know that you had done something bad with him. And I wat to take revenge from him for rejecting me. So I contacted you.
Samrat: OK. Ya you got right information.
Girl: But what have you done with him?

Samrat: Usse dusron ke kamm me interfere karna ki bahut addat thi isliya usse uski punishment di.
Girl: Can you tell me clearly SAMRAT.
Samrat: Actually that time I love a girl Purvi . I don’t love her I only want one night stand with her. But Vivian came to know about it. He beated me very badly and due to which I lost my respect. So to take revenge from him I made a plan. After few days from this incident there was a party in our college. I mixed drugs in Vivian & Purvi drinks. After taking that they both fell unconscious. Me and my friends took both of them to a hotel room and with help of lady waiter undressed Purvi and I undressed Vivian. And make them sleep in such manner that anybody can judge that they had fun. Purvi sister Shreya and Vivian were in love. So by this I destroyed there 3 lives. By this both the sisters misunderstood that bl***y Vivian. And left him alone and my revenge was completed.

Suddenly there was a big sound of slap. Yes Shreya slapped Samrat. Vivian , Purvi , Armin and Ragini was also present there. Shreya hold his collar and said , ”SAMRAT I KNOW YOU ARE CHEAP BUT ITNA NAHI PATA THA KI TUM ITNA GIR SAKTA HO KISI SE REVENGE LENA KE LIYA”. You blo*dy idiot tumhari wajah se 3 zindigian khrb hui hai. Purvi also slapped him. After listening all this Samrat was feeling very bad and shamefull on his act. He asked forgiveness from them. And promised that he will never repeat this type of mistake. On intense of Vivian they forgive him. And Samrat left from there by saying good bye to them. Shreya and Purvi thanks the girl for clearing misunderstanding. And the girl is known other than SWARA.
Purvi: Swara agar tum hum yahan anna ko force nahi karti toh humme yeh sach kabhi nahi pata chlta.
Shreya: Han Swara thanks a lot dear.
Swara and Ragini went to Purvi&Shreya office.

Swara: Hi we want to meet the owner of your company.
Receptionist: Mam do you have any appointment?
Swara: No say them that Shekar Gadodia’s daughters came to meet them.
Recipitonist: Ok mam. You please sit there. I will ask mam. She told this to Purvi. And purvi allowed them to come inside.
The fours girls wished each other. They sat on sofa. They started to talk.
Swara: Actually Shreya&Purvi we want to talk to you.
Purvi: Ya say Swara.
Ragini: Actually we want to talk about Vivian Bhai.

Shreya: But I don’t want to listen about him.
Ragini: Please Shreya listen us.
Shreya: Ok tell what you want to tell say it.
Ragini told everything what Vivian had told them. But they don’t believe it. Swara got very much angry and asked them if you want to know that come to Orchid Resort at 3pm.
Shreya: But tumhe kaisa pata tha Swara ki Samrat yahan ayaga.
Ragini: Actually it was all swara’s plan.

Previous day ay Swaragini Mansion. When they were discussing the plan.
Swara: I have a plan. I will call that Samrat. And will say agains Vivian bhai and will tell him to meet me because I want to destroy Vivian and he will agree because he is jealous of Vivian Bhai and we will bring Shreya and Purvi there and they will listen whole the truth on own. All of them agree.


Purvi: Thanks so much you guys. Agar tum log na hota toh shayad hum kabhi sach tak na paunch pata.
Armin: Its ok. But agar tum hamara bhai ko sach mein apne bestfriend manti hoti toh tum log kabhi iss ghatiya trap pr believe nahi karti.
And bye saying this the 4 cousins left from there and the sisters were in guilt that they didn’t believe the person who helped them in each and every moment.


now what will purvi and shreya do???
what is past of swara?
what is motive of ragini behind her relationship with laksh?

Credit to: Noor

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