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Hi everyone. There are more suspense in the story. Coming back to the story the episode starts:-


After telling the truth Vivian was crying badly. Shona, Mishti & Aru were also having tears.
Shona:- Bhai you must told them the truth.
Mishi:- Ya you must tell them that Samrat did all this.
Vihu:- I tried but them never listened me. After this incident they changed their house and even there numbers. But after sometime my degree was completed and came back to India. From that day I never saw them. Pata nahi kahan chali gayi woh dono. Itried all my contacts to find them but never succeed.
Shona:- But we saw them yesterday.
Vivian:- But where ??
Aru:- At party.
Vivian:- Ek min are you talking about the Maheshwari’s daughters.
Mishti:- Han bhai. Actually Papa introduced us to them. Wait a second don’t you know about their family and her background.

Vivian:- No actually I also never asked her about her family and she also never asked about my family.
Shona:- Jo bhi hua past mein bht galat hua. We should tell the truth to both of them.
Aru:- But how shona? We don’t have any proof that can prove that Bhai haven’t done anything.
Mishti:- Ya we need proof.
Shona:- Proof hume Bht jld mil jayaga.
Vivian:- Woh kaisa Shona.
Swara told them a plan that was muted. { I will tell that plan afterwards} Are you sure it will work. Bahut risk hai isme Ragini said. No we will do that for proving bhai right Armin said them with confidence. After that the cousins went down and left for shopping for changing their mood. They were shopping suddenly ragini got a call from unknown number. U.C { UNKNOWN CALLER}
Ragini:- Hello
U.C:- Hi baby
Ragini:- Who the hell are you?
U.C:- If you want to know who am I then come to Blue Diamond Resort at 5PM. After saying this caller cut the call.
Ragini saw the time it was 4pm. She decided to leave. She told Armin,Vivian and shona that she has important work so she will leave. She bid goodbye to them and left from there. From there the drive for Resort was nearly about 50 minutes. That time Ragini was wearing Royal Blue Long

Designner Kurta with Black Legging and High Hells. Her hairs were open. She was looking like Angel. After About 55 minutes she reached the venue. She parked her car and went inside.
Reciption Of Resort
Manager: Hello Mam are you MISS RAGINI GADODIA.
Ragini: Yes I am Ragini Gadodia.

Manager: Mam your friend is waiting for you at pool side.
Ragini left from there to pool side. When reached there she saw whole pool side was decorated with red roses and heart shape ballons. There was no one present there. She said , Hello is there anyone. Please whoever you are please come outside. For sometime no one came out. She was getting angry. She moved backed to go from there. But as soon as she started to walk back. Someone came there. And ther person told her to stop. She stopped there itself. The person started to talk.
“WHEN I SAW YOU FIRST TIME I FALLED IN LOVE WITH YOU. IT’S LOVE IN FIRST SIGHT. I DON’T KNOW DID YOU LIKE ME OR NOT BUT I HAD TOTALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU. SO WILL THIS BEAUTIFULL GIRL ACCEPT MY PROPOSAL FOR BEING MY SOULMATE.” The person was none other then LAKSH. Ragini was dumbstruck by this sudden happen things. She was out of words for Laksh proposal. She said Laksh yes. Laksh was on cloud nine. They both hug each other. This simple hug changed into passionately hug.

Maheshwari Mansions
Someone ringed the bell. Servant open the door and was happy to see ther persons standing there. He came running inside and sad Bari Malkin dekhyia kaun aya hai. Anu and Sujata came down and was happy to see their beloved son and daughter in law. Ya they are Adarsh and Parineeta. They welcomed Adarsh and Pari. Anu asked them that they were coming after 1 week then suddenly. Adarsh said mom all work was completed so we thought to go back and give surprise to you all.

Episode ends on Happy moments of Maheshwari Family and Ragini & Laksh hugging each other.



Credit to: Noor

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  1. Ithnk ragini shdnt hve said yes..early….plz bring sme one fo ragini…I hate laksh

    1. I also hate laksh in present track . But he is good in nature but now here in story why ragini said yes to him is also a suspence dear

  2. plz give some swasan moment also dear

    1. Ya sure but their is suspense 1st . after some suspense i will start their scenes

  3. Superb. I really love this Mohabbat-ki-dastan!!!

    1. thnx alot friend

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