Mohabattein in Swaragini- The Promo1


Matter is THE FLIGHT TOWARDS ETERNITY IS TAKEN BY TWO HEARTS, TWO SOULS , WILL THEY BE ABLE TO REACH THEIR DESTINATIONS OR DESTINY WILL THROW THEM APART? LE JA CHUKI HAI ANANT KI UDAAN DO DILLON , DO JAANO SE , KYA PAHOCH PAYENGE YE APNE MANZILLON TAK YA BHAGYA KI REKHA PALTEGI AUR BICHAD JAYENGE VE APNE MANZILLON SE. Ragini is seen in a temple during DURGA PUJA she is praying to god by joining her hands. She has red and crimson vermilion all over her red bordered white Saree as worn by traditional Bengali woman. There is vermilion diffusing in the air and the face if MAA DURGA and RAGINI are compared. A man is running behind a Lady shouting “stop , stop , I apologize don’t go away from me I said stoppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!”. The lady who was running was hit by a speeding truck and some drops of blood were spat over the man.”Aaahhhhhhhhh”. Swara entered a room screaming”where are you ? Why did you call me here?” . Then she heard a door being closed from behind . She turned around only to see that a curtain was lit by fire from outside. In no time the who, e room was on fire and she was continuously shouting for help and banging the door breaking her bangles. Laksh was standing in the middle of an inhabited and silent road closing his eyes as tears were flowing through them thereby there was a hand pointing a gun at his forehead. Thank you and plz comment. Episode 1 is already updated.

Credit to: i origins

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  1. intresting n shocking

  2. Nice..hope it’s swasan raglak

  3. Very interesting dear

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