Mohabattein in Swaragini-The Introduction

Hello guys, I’m a silent reader and this my first fan fiction ever.I will never ever give you any clear picture of the pairs as I want you to like the story not the pairs. At least 10 comments are needed to proceed So I am starting with the introduction.

Swara Bose :The most wanted model and actress of the nation.Without much hardwork she had reached an extreme level of success only because of her beauty. Many male models are gaga over her beauty.In person she is very cute , bubbly and quite a bit egoistic due to the attention she receives.
Ragini Gadodia:A great businesswoman , stays in London and has setup a lot of her construction Industries in all over the world.Although she was born in India she hates the country due to her dark past about her family and thereby transforming her heart into a stone she had moved on in her life establishing the vast industries of “livelife ” trying to make other’s present beautiful by Destroying her own.
Laksh Maheshwari:A fashion designer and the most vulnerable as well as talented person in the whole new york fashion designing industries.He was too born in India but fled away from home to fulfill his dreams as his most respected and egoistic father wanted him to join his business of textiles and extend his empire.
Sanskar Maheshwari:Though being the son of Ramprasad Maheshwari he was declared the only heir of karma textile industries due to his brother Laksh’s deeds of fleeing .He is a successful businessman and has extended the empire proving and promoting Durgaprasad’s wrong decision right and thereby increasing his ego.In person he is very sober and has a girlfriend Kavitha Sen who is as well his personal assistant.They share this bond of love for the past 2 years.

Rest all characters are the same that of SWARAGINI except that Parineeta and Adarsh have a son named Naksh. I may introduce some new characters during the ongoing of the story if needed. Thank You. And please do comment.

Credit to: i origins

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  1. Woww.. Plzz continue… And a request plzz make it raglak and swasan

  2. Awesome intro continue our story

  3. Start it please. I hope an interesting plot is ahead!

  4. quite interesting intro
    if story also interesting den don’t care about pairs

  5. Nice please continue

  6. Great post ASAP i hope its SWASAN

  7. Ummm…Eva’s follower..I guess….but don’t give fake hope to the readers like Eva does…..that’s why no one likes her….reveal the pairs..that’s gonna be better..i would love to see swasan here..cause swasan is the best..and plz don’t do this not revealing couples drama….that too only for comments…

    1. Why r u after Eva? Useh shanti deh doh..she has changed many people’s they read ffs for stories and not couples…and so smart of u..came here to tell everyone that this writer is Eva’s follower..agar Eva Ki what’s the prob..its her decision..tumhe apni tang aranehi koi zarurat nehi hai

  8. awesome story but make swalak yrr

  9. Yes continue the story it seems a nice story

  10. nice…I too agree with revti….plzz reveal the pairs..hope its swasan

  11. Hey! Its gr8 but i m a swasan fan so i want swasan

  12. Sorry guys but I don’t know who’s Eva and not revealing the pairs is completely my decision and if you want to know about the pairs you must read the story I think intro might have given you the clue

  13. Awesome

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