Mohabattein in Swaragini-Episode 1


Hello guys . I’m back with the first episode of Mohabattein in Swaragini. So lets start…..   A lady with elegance is seen entering a cabin in which some sort of Board Meeting was going on related to some construction  project named Project ‘X’ on the file along with a banner slot attached reading TOP SECRET.As the lady enters all the members seated getup in respect to her and wish her a very good evening.She wishes them back saying”Good evening everyone ,Please be seated” on the contrary. She signals her pro-CEO who is also her best friend to start with the details of the project.Everyone was overwhelmed with the presentation and were in an applause with Smiles on their faces .Giving her the file of contract they congratulated her appreciating “Good Job ! Miss Ragini, we are eager to know the outcome of the project.We knew that you are the only person to whom such a responsibility should be given.I hope you won’t let us down”.she questioningly”Are you doubting me , Mr.Fred?”.He “Oh no! Not at all.We absolutely have faith on you”
“What the hell? Are you insane? Do you think I am going to wear this for the party? “saying with an hurt ego.”Sorry mam,But this the dress chosen by your mom for you”.”Then for and tell her I don’t want to wear this . I will choose a dress of my own.” she said rejecting the traditional Indian dress .   There was a knock on the door.”come in”.”Swara what are you thinking .This is not any formal party.This is our family friend’s daughter’s reception. You have to wear a traditional dress my dear.”.”No mom, it’s too old -fashioned, I won’t wear it”.”But dear , all will be eager to see the great model Swarm Bose daughter of Sharmanishta Bose in a traditional dress”.”Ok fine.But this will be the first and last time”.”Ok my sweety “she said in a childish manner.
A man is seen sitting in his room with eyes welled up seeing a photoframe .He hears a knock at the door and wipes his tears.He opens the door and hugs the person he sees  awaiting .” what happened baby? Are you fine”. ” yes don’t worry I was just waiting for you”.”oh ho so someone’s eager to see me “.”Don’t get the wrong idea my sweetheart”. She makes a pouting face and says “Ok ok come let’s have breakfast and leave for the studio Mr sentimental”.”I Laksh and that too sentimental huh Miss shanaya”he started beating her playfully.”yes you Laksh and sentimental”saying she started running.  
A man is seen with a girl eating ice cream in an ice cream parlor with hand in hand. After finishing they sat on round table talking .” so miss  where do you want to go next “.”where will you take me huh? Can I know my options.””Oh so miss kavitha your options are A) the park next lane B) a movie in a theatre you wish C) any restaurant you would like to dine in with me D) Or my bedroom” ” sanskar!!”with a shocking red face. ” oh so someone’s blushing hmm” “no no who’s blushing .no one’s blushing .I choose the option A.”she said trembling her ascent.
Shanaya Malhotra as Shesha from Naagin and Shaurya Raichand(pro-CEO) as Ritwik from Naagin. Thank you and please do comment.

Credit to: i origins

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  1. nice start….good intro to the character’s story… request, can you please split the four into paras so that it is easy to read.

  2. I copied it as a split one but I don’t know why Tu has posted it like that

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