mohabath… a love story (episode 1)


hi frnds…. I like to write a new fiction here…. its not based on any serial… its based on my lovestory….. I don’t know they will publish it or not… but am writing this with a hope…

if any one hurts by this am sorry… its completely based on my story… something should be imaginayion okkkkk hehe…
can I start
need all ur support

the plot happens in two diffrrent districts in kerala… palakkad and alappuzha

scene 1
episode starts by showing a village… in palakkad district…. a peaceful and beautiful village… eventhough most of the people there living is rich..they follow a simple lifestyle… as palakkad is known as place of music or art…..

a middleclass house is shown…
there a women named devika woke up hearing the knocking sound of door…. she go towards the front door
devika: who the hell is this… at this morning.. I thought to sleep more as it is sunday… (she angrily opens the door..but suddenly her angry face turns to happy… the one who come there was her son sreehari.. she then become a caring mother … all mom r like this na )
devika: sreekutta.. y r u luk disturbed… r u okkkkk .. u became skelt.. don’t u eat food there ( she caresses his head and face)
sreehari : ma am okkk…. don’t worry… first take me in… am hungry….
devika: sorry beta.. come in.. go and fresh up will make u breakfast go…

sreehari unpacks his bag… he saw a book… I too had a love story…. (ravinder singh’s book).. he stares that book and take that in hand and thinks about yesterday’s train journey and that girl who gifted him that book. …. he lost in thoughts….

sreehari was the elder son of devika and krishnamenon.. he has one younger sis ..named lakshmi.. he is doing final year mba.. now he came back after attending a music camp organised at chennai.. he considered music as his life’s first priority. . his ambition is to become a famous music director)

sreehari was staring the book at that time someone hardly pushes him
sreehari : jaya.. its u…. after a week..
he hugs him…
jaya: I was just going through here.. ur mom told that u I came here. . and u r lost in thoughts… and whats this book….
sreehari: will tell .da am coming .. and he went yo washroom.
then they both come downstairs..
and have breakfast together
sreehari: ma where us lechu…
devika: she went yo violin class
jayan: hehe.. brother is mad in music and sis in violin nice…
then they c krishnanmenon reading newspaper
krishnanmenon: how was ur camp
sreehari: it was nice…
after that they get out of the house..
and he saw a rose plant and goes to pour water
jayan: wot the hell sree .. don’t u forget her..she went saying she don’t need u… then y u giving life to that rose plant which is given by her…disgusting

sreehari: I just leaved that jaya.. and am doing this because I just hate her now… my hateness increases by its growth…
jayan : our frnd sharath saw her last week in train with some other guy… he says they seems like can she change like this…
I enquired about her..its her hobby to cheat boys…she only needs money…
she brought her tc from college and went to her place alappuzha..
sreehari: stop this jaya..I don’t want to hear anything abt her… it good she went now… if she do this after our marriage wat will I do then… I think all is for good
jayan: I tjink all girls from south r like this… irritating..especially alappuzha.. u should try beautiful girls from here.. u like simple village girls na..
srerhari: don’t say all girls from alappuzha r like that.. there r some one like this who don’t know what is love
then nowadays we can’t c simple girls who wore flowers in head and all .. I just need a gud girl… beautiful inside and outside.. need a girl with good character. . like her
jayan: (surprised) wot.. whom u r talking
sreehari: ntng
jayan: don’t lie tell me the truth

they slowly walks through the paddy field..
recap: sreehari says about her…

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  1. hey riya u did some chnges..its good…use common Malayalam words like achan, amma, chettan, mone, macha will be fun when wd reads..I am just suggesting if u don’t want to these things ignore it..I am sorry if I hurt u in any way.

    1. ruby… I also wish to write like that… bit those people who don’t know malayalam can’t understand anything ..thats y..

  2. hello malayalies namaskaram ……………………….. 🙂 njanum oru malayaliya ……………..

    1. thank u dr… can I continue this… will any one read this…

  3. nice ff riya

  4. Interesting…

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