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Hi everyone! Maya here again with a random OS?? Thought of relaxing my mind for a while and this thought came in my mind! And I have to tell u all a very big thanks to all silent readers and also to all who take your precious time to comment on my ff and OS. Its really very precious to me!

Let’s enter into the mode…..

Pragya was standing near a lamp post and looking for someone….It’s not Abhi but she was looking for Dadi!

Dadi arrived there and smiled at her. Pragya ” Dadi! How is he? Did he told anything about me?” Dadi ” He is not even talking a single word! I asked him do u like Pragya and would u like to make her as your wife?” Pragya anxiously asked ” What did he said?” Dadi ” He….” Pragya ” Dadi! Please just tell faster na…” Dadi ” He said he is not in the mood to tell about it!” Pragya ” What? No mood?” Dadi ” Haan Pragya! I tried asking him so many times but his only answer was he had no mood to answer!” Pragya ” But he smiled at me Dadi and he said to me personally that u wait for me!” Dadi ” If that is so then why is he not accepting the wedding proposal until now?” Pragya ” I also don’t know Dadi! But u know right? He is the first person who asked me to wait for him!”

Dadi and Pragya have known each other as Pragya is a social worker and had been helping a lot of people especially those who are in troubles. At one point of time while she was helping someone, Dadi was there and she was impressed by Pragya’s nature and from then they used to talk and mingle a lot. They usually meet at temple to share a lot of things and one day Dadi proposed the idea of marriage to his grandson, Abhi. Pragya was hesitant at first but since her Ma was also forcing her to get married soon and also she found being with Dadi is always have pleasant feeling made her agree to the proposal.

But now she is anxious after seeing him at her house. Anxious whether he liked her or not! He is a rockstar and she is a simple social worker but still he knew everything about her….

She remembered his words ” Wait for me….” Pragya, why did he said like that instead of saying yes or no to me?

Dadi ” Pragya! Just wait a little longer” Pragya ” How long Dadi? Its been 3 weeks already and he still did not give me any reply whether he accept me or not but he is always texting me and asking about all other things! Like have u eaten? How was your work and all?” Dadi ” Really Pragya? He is doing all that but not giving the answer that we are expecting for!”

What will happen next? Wait for the nxt shot!

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  1. Trisha

    Super…definitely awaiting the next shot!

  2. These random od always irritates me
    I like os but these sort of osis not nice please write some os like monesha write
    Sorry for hurting

    1. Hey Madhumila! How are you?

      Just wanted to say something! Please don’t tell someone to write like another person! That’s really mean thing to do! Don’t compare! Maya di OS is meant to be her own style not copying Monesha di’s! I agree Monesha di writes very nice OS but so does Maya di…she gave a try and you should appreciate and support her! Not a lot of people can do this kind of stuff! it takes a lot of courage! and don’t read if it irritates you! If you don’t like it that s fine! But don’t say like that! She tried her best in her own way! If you want to give suggestion to improve, give in a proper manner never say stuff like “write like her, this kind of OS irritates me”…And then you said sorry for hurting right? Why did you say sorry? Someone says sorry to someone when they didn’t hurt purposefully ! so do not say stuff which hurts but says sorry, doesn’t make a difference! and I am not telling you to not give a comment, you should that’s how we can I myself a writer…I would be so happy to have my readers comments both negative and positive but in a proper manner! and comments for improvement not comparing mine to someone else! if you don’t like it then tell them how you would like it but not by comparing someone else OS! or work…say stuff like “I think it should be more emotional or longer” I really hope you understand what you mean! and don’t take my words in a wrong way! Have a good day 🙂

      1. Omg !? Lakshmi Sis , U are Sweet as well as Sensible so as Our Maya sis !?????
        Whatever U said is Absolutely True !?
        Anyways Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Thanks Thanks Thanks and Finally Thanksss a Lot ! ????????
        This really Means Sooooo Much for The Amazing Author as well as Her Lovely Readers !!???? Love All of U here Supporting Her ! Especially U Lakshmi Sis !?

    2. Silent reader

      Dont wanna read better dont! This annoying comments discourage people! Stop commenting like this! Not only abt maya bt about everyone! Get a good life my dear?

  3. PrincessesMadhu


  4. Very nice

  5. Nice one yaar… Waiting for the next update….

    1. No sorry and no thanks in friendship yaar….

  6. Welcome. back dr as usual u r rocking and ur imagination and the way u club the stories r really awesome

  7. Asmithaa

    Dii… Superb… No words to say…. Waiting for the second one… U r a great writer Di.., luv u???

  8. Oh maya di again ur randomness made me more crazy y abhi s not answering reveal the suspense soon eagerly waiting for ur nxt update lovely os keep rocking sissy

  9. Super…. Waiting for next episode…

  10. Saranya24

    Superb akka??????

  11. Monesha

    Awesome…. Awesome….. Awesome….. my dear pyaari princess darlu akka. Only you can write like this. No one can think like you rocking…… Akka love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……….

  12. LakshmiSiva

    hello madhu…. don’t ever dare to say anything abt maya. u comparing her with someone hav u gone mad. b4 speaking abt someone see ur self in mirror. the way she writting is different one noone can b like her. mind ur tongue b4 talking. if u get irritated means u pls don’t read the os..
    Gain i am telling u don’t to talk abt Suga hereafter I will not spare u.

    1. Take A Chill Pill LakshmiSiva sis ! No Violence here plsss ! Becoz Suga sis don’t like these !
      Btw Thanks !

    2. Hey Lakshmi ?? even I am Lakshmi your Lakshmi that’s cool…?? Anyway dear Appreciated ur support but baba what’s the difference if u also supported like that only… The reason for u commenting is to tell her not to talk like that hey na? Don’t compare right? But u did the same thing dear… I understand the way she spoke is not nice but her intention was just to tell that Maya Di has to improve writing in her OS…every one always have room for improvement but she said it in a mean way and your intention is also very nice it was to tell not to talk like that but u forgot even u spoke in a mean way ?? the way it could hurt someone right? My point is just this dear when u are giving support to someone it should be a advice not a threat k? But appreciated the support so much ?????? but just make sure when u tell someone something u stay on what u mean like act like that because rude+rude=rude, a fight, hurt but rude+nice= sometimes can atleast bring it to stable or nice may evenwin because it doesn’t hurt anyone ??? i also saying the same thing…don’t take me wrong dear…just want to maintain peace in this wonderful place…??? where strangers become friends without looking into each other and love each other and also share pain with each other ??????

  13. Lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !??????? Abhi is too much !?????
    And U Silly Suga !??? Now frm which store did u get this Idea frm ???????
    Superbbbb ! And Now I am Waiting for the next part to know what result that Wait as gained !?
    I am gonna Become A Comment Murder !??????? And if i start doing that The Great Commentors will Vanish or won’t be Existing !?????????????? What do u think abt it ??
    Well Now Pls do reply Ms.Madhumila in My Terror Sis Style? or Else I will Kill U !????????
    And as Your IB I feel really bad as I can’t do anything and I am helpless !???? See She is gonna get Horror Dreams for commenting like this !???????????? Seriously !?

  14. SURBHI

    hey suga I am back after long time yr ?? I hope you didn’t mind and just read this OS its spectacular ??? as Fantastic and Super duper hit and in Delhi style Solid tha Boss perfect thing by perfect person and please forgive me if I become lost again because I am getting torture from my Boyfriend you know lolz books assignments and all love you keep updating hum padhna nahi chhodenge kab tak hai jaan and I don’t know why now a days comments box is becoming boxing ring lolz

  15. Superb!

  16. Maya kiya likhti hai yr ..tu ne tu mar hi dala aj …aur koi aj meray hathon mr gya …kon bcheye ga..

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