Modes of life! TwoShots KKB 2


I have a message for all of u including Madhumila too. Please read that which is after the end of this story……..

Abhi’s POV:
Everyone is wondering why I am not saying yes or no to Pragya. But I am wondering does it matter to say yes or no when I asked her to wait for me? I feel that sometimes accepting something that we love can’t be restricted to the words like yes or no. Yes I want her to wait for me to accept her or No I want her to wait to accept me! Both have the same meaning of me accepting her or she accepting me……It seems to be complicated but I never felt saying yes or no to her instead I said wait for me to her…..What made me say like that? Maybe her past where she did not had anyone to wait for? Maybe the joy of seeing her waiting for me? Whatever the reason is I can’t wait any longer to express my feelings to her! Today I am going to confess my wait for her!
Abhi called her and said “ Pragya! I am waiting for you in my room and could u make your way to my house?” Pragya with excitement “Really? “ Abhi “ Really Ms Pragya but it would be better if u make your way to my house soon!” Pragya, I hate him calling me Ms Pragya! It sounds as if he is considering me like a stranger! Pragya “Ok I will be there soon!”

Pragya, Do I have to inform Dadi about my arrival there? And he called me to his house? It means Dadi should be aware of it right? Yes so I just make my way there.
Pragya with so much excitement and eagerness went in a pink salwar to see him. It was the same color where she wore when he came to see her the first time. She did not even inform her Ma and just left the house to see him. That much of eagerness was filled in her heart to see him!
Pragya entered the house and decided to call his number as she realised that there was no one in the house! Pragya thought for a second, I thought Dadi would be around but there is no one here! How is that possible? Do I have to meet him alone? Is it safe? Pragya! You are safe if u think he is safe! Yes he is not that kind of person who misbehaves with u! Maybe he wants to talk personally about something important.
Pragya after having a lot of thoughts called him and he also picked up the call. Abhi “Just come up Pragya! I am in the very first room that u will see when come up from the staircase!” Pragya “Ok I am coming!”
She walked up the stairs with a lot of thoughts on what he is going to tell her! Yes or no? Every step she took it only makes her think either he would say yes or no. And finally she reached towards the door of the room and knocked the door. Abhi from inside“Come in!” Pragya went in and saw him very dashing while sitting on the bed looking at some files. Abhi “ Sit down on the couch there!” Pragya nodded her head in response and said “ What’s the matter? I mean u never ask me to meet like this before!” Abhi “ I know u are waiting for my answer yes or no right?” Pragya in enthusiasm stood up and said” Are u going to answer me today?” Abhi “ Yes!! But u can have a sit to listen to my answer and why are u so excited?” Pragya hiding her excitement and wide smile “ No…just like that…” Abhi grinned at her anticipation for his answer. Abhi “ I looked at the details of the event and it seems to be very useful to the public so Yes I would like to work with the NGO that u are working with!” Pragya couldn’t believe what he said and was totally disappointed with his reply. Abhi “ Are u not happy with my Yes?” Pragya, When did I thought that his yes would be for this? I thought he would said yes to me! But it’s ok at least he said yes to something that is part of me!

Pragya’s face looked as if it shrinked in his unexpected answer of Yes. Abhi stretched his hand and said “ Here take this file and look at it. I know u have seen this before but it have some changes made to it!” Pragya with a smile took it from him and looked at the file. She was shocked to see the words I WILL MARRY YOU written in it! Pragya immediately looked up to see him but he was nowhere to be seen.

Pragya “ Are u here? And what is this?” Pragya went near the bed where he was sitting opposite to her and was just looking around the room from where she was standing. Abh “Here I am!” Pragya looked at him who was walking towards her with a rose. Abhi “Why u can’t wait for me just by sitting down on the couch?” Pragya “ What u have written on the paper here is it true?” Abhi with a smirk “ What I have written?” Pragya “ I will marry you!” Abhi “ Really Pragya? You want to marry me ah?” Pragya “ No that’s what is written in the paper!” Abhi “ No it means u don’t want to marry me?” Pragya “ Yes! As in No I mean….I am totally confused with this Yes and No now!” Abhi “ I will tell you then! I don’t believe in the words of yes or no Pragya! So I will just say directly that I will marry you!”

Pragya took few seconds to accept the fact that he accepted her! She was still in the confused expression which made Abhi laughed and said “ You know something? I always see u in some mode! Not mood as I use phone a lot and relate it to modes! The first time I saw u then u were in silent mode! Then whenever I texted u! U were always in the general mode where u never miss to reply me back! Then now u are in the vibration mode where u are keep on vibrating with either excitement or confusion!” Pragya “ Huh? Are u finding me like a phone? I am not a phone ok? I am Pragya!” Abhi “Pragya my phone that is going to have different modes in my life!” Pragya giggled at his line of relating her to phone. Abhi “ Ok! Now it’s serious matter!”

Abhi gave her the rose that he was holding and she took it while blushing and smiling in happiness. Abhi went on his knees and said “ I will marry you! Will you?” Pragya still couldn’t believe that he is proposing her for marriage and said “ Yes or no that I don’t know but what I know that u are the only one that I have waited to marry!” Abhi just pulled her hand and made her also sit down. Abhi “ I just want you to know that sometimes yes or no doesn’t matter as waiting for someone with expectation will give away the answers to your questions!” Pragya “ I really love while waiting for u as the wait made me fall in love with u immensely!” Abhi “ Same here!” By saying that he kissed her forehead and hugged her with so much of love as if there is no need to wait any longer to express his love to her!

That’s how modes of life a very random OS come to an end! The title is also very random haha due to manufacturing defect of creating titles for OS. But after reading my following message, U all will know that I won’t be having any defects in creating titles as the need itself will not be there.
This part of what I will be sharing will be quite long but I felt that I need to express my feelings so….Sorry for disturbing you all with my baks baks. I have to say sorry to Madhumila to irritate her with my OS. I am so sorry Madhumila and U never hurt me but made me think. So hereafter I will not write any OS. My mum always say whatever an individual do should not bother anyone if it bothers any one person even though they are not related to u in anyway then it is not necessary to be done. No matter how much happiness u get from what u do but it should always never disturb anyone around u….This is what I also think and in that way I am so sorry for making u irritated. I am not Monesha to write OS like her. Everyone has a different writing style and Monesha sis is great in her writing at such a young age.

My writing is very simple with the only thought to make others happy as I want all those around me to be happy at all times. So I will continue that in my ff……As usual thank u all for bearing my random disturbances through my OS. Once again I am very sorry to all those who find my OS irritating or annoying. I really didn’t mean to make u all irritate. If at any point of time, if anyone find my ff not nice please do tell me as a friend so that either I will correct it or end it. As always I accept any kind of comments, because I very well know the fact that my writing here is not forever and I only want to gain and give happiness through my writings for the short period that I am here. May be that is the reason why I am trying myself to be regular as possible. You all don’t know how much I have changed as a better person by writing here….After all it’s because I have made good friends, sisters and brothers here that is more than enough in all ways as I always value the people around me. When I stop writing I want to leave here with those pleasant memories without any disturbances to anyone.

Hope u all can understand my simple hope of making others to have happiness through my writings and in that process may be I could have become stupid too. Please do tell me when I am like that in my writings. Thank you friends and sorry for giving such a long talk again. I always hate to disturb u all with my personal feelings but sometimes it is necessary to say it instead of keeping it to myself. Those who follow me from the beginning know that I am always like this. The truth very well lies in the name that I used to write here Maya (illusion), illusion stays only for a short period of time…but I am staying here longer than I expected but very soon I will disappear too……..I thought If I tell that in tamil it would be very nice, maya mayama maranju pogurathe maruka mudiyathu (Maya disappearing like a maya can’t be denied).

Lakshmi thank u for expressing your concern through your sensible thoughts and I totally agree with u in what u have said. Riya too thanks for the support. LakshmiSiva I know you are very concerned and can’t stand anything against me so as I told u earlier yesterday don’t get angry and take a chill pill. Your anger makes me feel how blessed I am to get an akka like u! So as a younger sis, I always like u to be calm as calmness will bring a lot of changes in u……..Surbhi! No need to be sorry yaar, I know your boyfriend (assignments) is also like mine but mine is making me mad to the extent that I am trying to divert my mind in some crazy ways……. To the rest, as always I am grateful as being a foreigner and getting a lot of love and support here it’s very overwhelming. It can’t be expressed in words…..So sorry as I am unable to read other OS or ffs frequently and comment on it. I wish all the writers to have a wonderful writing experience and to my readers have a ravishing reading experience in all ways.

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  1. Sis, do u know one thing , every person should have a special talent in order to recognize a talented person. After reading your ff you r and always be my life , I started reading all the remaining ffs before that I won’t read any ffs. Your thoughts r just incredible n out of the world.

    A special request to the one who said my sis ff is not good — hello Mr/Miss , my mom always say one thing that DONT HURT OTHERS . In my opinion it is the worst thing we can do to anyone. So if u don’t like anything, is it necessary to say to those what u felt if it hurts. I must say bcoz of u my sis is sad n by knowing my sis sad, we (me, sis’s frnds ,family) all r sad. So pls don’t make others sad with Ur deeds. If u don’t like a thing pls try to avoid to look into that rather than making all of us sad. N lastly I love my sis ffs very much n sadly u may have different taste??

    Finally sis we love u , pls don’t be sad. We want Ur presence. If u don’t mind can I know Ur Instagram Id please, I don’t know why but I don’t want to miss my sis, so that’s why I am asking. My Instagram Id is “itizanu” bye sis take care

  2. Aditiroy

    Arey yaar…no need of having this what you like..that’s my point of view. .so don’t worry be happy…and these two shots are really super…

  3. The OS was amazing Maya di! I loved it the core! ???????

    Coming to what you said after that! Di you told me that your mum told you that if something you irritates someone you should not do it right? but I am sure she also told u that if something is making so many people happy should not be ended because only one or two people were upset Did you not realize that accept Madhumila everyone loved your OS including me! When I was reading I was laughing so hard! it made me happy I was upset at something but your OS made me feel happy di! You forgot that by giving your happiness to a person who upset by ending it, you made me feel upset, I am pretty sure including others too! I am sorry if I am sounding rude but I just want you to think about it! I know so younger than you but i just felt like I should say what I feel like because I started it already! I understand you can’t bare anyone sadness but di that doesn’t mean you stop writing your OS! There are people who love it and some people don’t that’s fine di! Some people in my primary old school told me that they hated seeing me and I should not have existed and all that mean stuff…They are upset with me for whom I am..are you saying I should change myself or end my life because someone else did not like, I should not care about what people who love me feel like if I do something to myself? I know this is a bit overdramatic example ?? (don’t worry they realized they were being mean & I am fine now!!, that was the only example I could think of) but it’s your wish t stop writing or not di but honestly, it was amazing! and I don’t want you to feel bad about what I said because at the end of the day your the person who should decide what to do in your life, not me neither other people. 🙂 🙂 Have a good day di 😀 and keep doing what you love doing 🙂 Di ????? Stay smiling! I know talked about a bit sensitive topic but all I mean is don’t do what you do when no one likes it and there is no other solution than stopping it because it would be actually bad but if only one or two people say it u know they had to stop reading it…u don’t have to stop writing it… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Oh come on Maya ippadi ellam ne solla solra mathiri ellarukum different thoughts irukum…. Ellarum ore mathiri OS eluthuna….aprm eppadi irukum???? Pls don’t stop writing pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls


    Amazing thought amazing person and the what you shared with us that is same what my mother use to tell me and that is true even if one person is getting irritated we shouldnt do that but the fact is the one who is getting irritated also have a choice and that is not to read that what is irritating them like to be honest i use to skip whatever i feel an uncomfortable matter so they too have choice beside pointing out others and poking fingers in someone else point of view is not a fact AAh but thats the different thing leave that not everyone thinks from that point of view they want to read too and justify too but Maya O maya you will be perfect for ever and whenever you will write again i know you will rock again and if you are talking about leaving so i think all the old writers are thinking that lolz few of them left Somya too left now you are too going and if i tell you mine i am also planning the same so after few days i will be also a history on TU ROFL

  6. hi maya i am a silent reader ,please dont be sad & please dont stop your random os which are different & i just love them.
    hey maya illusion cant be stop because it is ahabit of human being,not only habit but part of life ,
    soo u cant be disappered because u r part of our life u may be stop your written but we will remember you as our friend
    be happy

  7. Amazing os i am yr fan of ur ff and os every one has talent wen compate to me u r far behind in writing so feel ur ff r awesome hatts off to it i always see tu if u hav upload ur ff i will read ur ff lastly so tat i will read every line with enthustiatic and enjoy the ff i will mingle with ff ur ffs r too good don’t think tat ur ff r irritating or annoying yes its true it gives me more happiness i can feel the emotions don’t think abt others who disown us so be happy and positive we all love u hav a nice day God bless u with all happiness.

  8. Hey, Maya di! You know how I gave you that example I know that I should not have said it! I didn’t mean to question what you believe…I just was intending to say that never stop what you love doing and if most people love it too…I obviously know you didn’t want me to do anything bad…I, of course, did not…the only reason I gave that example is because this is a small matter…u may not write forever but I don’t want you to think like that for important aspects of your life… I don’t want you to give up your precious talents just because one or two people did not like it! And I am not upset anymore because when I rethought about why u said I do understand it feels bad to make someone upset! So ME NO SAD 🙂 🙂 Love you di <3


    Maya…. I read all your ffs and os as silent reader as as a commentator too.. we all knew what is you? What is your talent… don’t you sometimes when we are in some sad on in tension.. how much this randam thoughts help us to change our moods.. so don’t stop writing os… all people are not like same.. they have different perspective.. and different thoughts.. changing yourself that too for just one person is not needed if whole world is considering that what you have did till is good.. and if someone have some problem with that… it’s they who need to change… our don’t read it as it irritates them.. maya… I just thought to tell some lines which AbrahamLincoln tell to his son.. that you must not change yourself.. or change your thoughts.. just for someone.. if you feel that you are right.. if whole world tell that as wrong… I don’t knew I have that much freedom to talk with you like that.. please Maya.. don’t stop writting os.. it’s an humble request..

  10. Maya yaar what are you like? I love your skills and everything so why do you feel sad when your good at something, keep going bcoz if one person does not like what you do there a millions that wil like what you do. I know you don’t liking making anyone upset but it’s Upto you whether you want to stop bcoz of the person or to carry on writing . You don’t need to b like anyone to write, it’s a gift you got from the one who created us just like our thinking. Everyone has their opinion and thinking. You wil get people who likes your thinking and who don’t like the way you think it does not mean you shud stop what your doing. I might like one of your story and the othrs might not. So what, tough!you shud not be sad, it’s a way of thinking and it’s a way of expressing your self. If a person has grudge against you then
    it’s tough to them and it’s their lost. I’ve been along that line but that’s life! gosh I feel like grandmother who’s giving their peace of mind. So sorry! Maya my sweet sis that’d if you don’t mind me calling you, all I will say keep doing what your doing but it’s all Upto you, keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope my giving my opinion no one mind if so no offence to no one. And your mums is right! Il tell you this about my self is I’m weird my thinking is wierd so what I was born this way. Just like saying you write the way you write

  11. Coming to update seriously awesome OS! Couldn’t have expected more than it! No it was unexpected one! Always RR! Randomly Random! This RR can never make me RR ??? i mean this randomly random can never make me random reader! You always know that Your ROS are kind of addiction to me! So in that way I love to read your OS’s no matter how much content they contain! Your contents have always made me go deewana ?? if you are planning to leave writing these then i can not force you as already i too left TU! But i left TU due to my College and if you are leaving these because someone is getting irritated my opinion is make them irritate to core ?? lol i dont wanna say that i just mean write for yourself! And if someone is getting irritated they should just skip it! So i dont know if you are gonna continue or not all i wanna say is My Addiction will always remain addiction ☺ You are best!

  12. Superbbb yaar….. I too agree with you that don’t hurt others even unknowingly….. But here u r not hurting anyone…… U r sharing ur views and ideas and its upto the readers to read it or to avoid it….. Everyone has got the right to choose… The choice is theirs… Nobody forces them.. If anyone chose to read and get irritated it’s not ur fault… The choice to get irritated made by themselves…. And don’t change for false people, change for the right…. Accepting one by the way they are is right and difficult.. I’m not asking you to continue or to stop.. Just do as ur heart says…. I’m really glad to have you as a friend… Take care dear….

  13. Those who don’t know me I’m sorry if I hurt you guys by giving comments so offence to anyone I just thought to tell you guys

  14. Maya

    Oh my god! Ok now I am feeling a bit sad after seeing all your comments and I never make a decision in stop writing OS just for a person it was already there in the back of my mind as I felt sometimes that i should stop it as it also became a kind of addiction to me just like writing ff! My thoughts are very simple and all I want to be simply happy without causing any irritation to anyone. I don’t know how to irritate others and if I had irritated others unknowingly then I feel that I should stop that. But yes i know i shouldn’t change for others but I am not changing but just slowly leaving a part of my writing as maybe this will help me to gradually leave TU too in the near future. Other than that I am not changing for anyone as whatever I change about myself is only for some purpose that will benefit to my loved ones. That is what I am so far in my life and I feel happy being like that too. Thank u Anu, Aditi roy, Lakshmi, Varsha, Prasu, anu, Surbhi, Somiya, Nirmal, Kumkum and Haritha! I just feel that I made u all spend ur valuable time to share ur opinion about my feelings. Sorry for making u all waste ur valuable time for me. Once again I am not upset about the comment and I just felt like saying all this as I felt that way. Apart from that I am very much grateful now to have friends and siblings like u all! I will always cherish this short and sweet memories of support. I hope this short and sweet memories of u all will be long and lasting in my mind??
    Kumkum i don’t mind u calling me sis!?

  15. B_Ani

    oh maya di lovely OS again. Your ff is also awesome like you.
    Dont think that u r hurting or irritating others. do what u wish. do what gives happiness to u. i dont mean to say that though it hurts u are to continue. i only mean, whenever sb is getting irritated with ur story they have the option of not reading. do u wish to see us sad…many of you here lv ur OS and Randomness…me too. if you dont write, then i will miss you badly. even now i say the same thing. do what u like and what ur heart says…luv u always.???

  16. Saranya24

    Too bad akka i felt so sad gw can u think all ur random os gvs regreshmnt ro me i love it to the core pls akka dnt stop it love u loads??????

  17. Reshma_Pradeep

    AWESOME OS!!!!!!Really It’s Superbbbbbbbbbbbb Yaar…….. Truthfully,Your OS always make me feel Good………I can’t even explain that feel…….When I’m in really bad moods,By reading your Thoughts….I really feel Good Dear…….I don’t know what happened here actually…….Bcoz Now only I’m knowing about it……..One thing I want to say that is,DONT STOP WRITING BCOZ OF ANY PERSONS WORDS…….IF YOU LOVE TO DO THIS……YOU HAVE TO DO THIS……IF SHE DONT WANT READ IT,SHE CAN SKIP IT……….NOW THE DECISION IS UPTO UUUUUU………..BUT ONE THING IS I’M SURE THAT,NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOUR RANDOM THOUGHTS……………YOUR RANDOMNESS IS SOMETHING SPECIAL IB………………

  18. Monesha

    Akka shall i ask you one thing don’t mistake me. If any one says i don’t like your eyes then you will take your eyes. I thought you are brilliant and different from others but you…. you are just like common girls. You don’t know your talent akka. No one can think like you. No one can write like you. I was proud to say that i am your biggest fan. But now….. i don’t know what to say. If you talk like this then i will again scold that madhumilla. You misunderstood her meaning akka actually what she was trying to say is she likes your writing so she want to see your style of writing as film. If you are going to stop writing OS for her then you are the biggest loser. Did you think about us while writing that you will stop writing OS. We all are waiting for your OS. My mother appreciate your thoughts. My di asked who is this girl writing such a awesome OS. She don’t know about your talent. She only need one love story and romantic scenes that’s all. She never thinking about the person who write that OS. For her hurting words you are going to punish all by stopping this amazing OS. You know why i gave you a rocking…. di name. Did you think that why she gave this name. Never right Bcoz you are thinking that i gave this name to you simply. I gave this name bcoz i was impressed by your episode. Whenever I see your episode i was surprised. There is no episode without rocking…. so i gave this name. If you thought that this name was simply then you are not thinking about us as your choti. I don’t know if Tina di see this what she will do. If tina di is there means confirm she never left you like this. Confirm you have to get punishment from Tina di. I didn’t expect that you will take this much serious about that comment. You itself think and see akka for that three lines you are going to hide your talent? If you hide then there is no loser like you. Lakshmi di only told about that comment. Then only i saw that madhumilla comment. I asked Lakshmi di about this. She said maya will rub this thing she will never take care about that. But you…. what you done you broke our thoughts. Today you behaved like ordinary girl Akka. I never get this much angry this is my first time getting this much angry. If you really loved us then don’t stop to write OS. I don’t know what to say. I am really very very very… angry on you. you are caring this much for that girl who hurts you but you are not caring us who loves you. I don’t know why my rocking di changed like this. I hate you…… I want my rocking di who never cares about anything. I LOVE THAT ROCKING MAYA DI ONLY NOT THIS MAYA DI WHO CARES ABOUT SOMEONE WORDS. plz give my rocking maya di to me.

  19. Asmithaa

    What is Di…. U r thinking of not writing Os??? Why u have to stop writing Os for the sake of a person??? R u my Maya Di??? No… Why t u saying like this?? They r right… U r not going to disappear… U are a part of my heart Di… This memories will never be faded.. I have not seen u…not only u… I have not seen anyone… But I can never forget u guys in my life… I have got many Di, Bhai, chotus… How can I forget u guys???? Go Di… U made me emotional..??? if ur thinking like this again… And u r trying to end ff or stop writing Os… I will not speak to u… And I am angry upon u.. For speaking like this..???

  20. Yes or no simple two words …. U make story … Its simply super….

  21. Oh my god maya sissy u shocked me to the core this s totally unfair i will not support u in ur decision. How can u think like that ur writings r irritating ,ur writings r lovely cute awsm so if u wish to continue ur writings u r mostly welcome but maya sissy u can’t go just like that from here i wish u to write more and more ff ,ts&os. U don’t feel for that cmnt we’ll always support u. And this os s just awsm to the core i loved it pls pls continue ur writings love u sissy all the best take care

  22. Can i request u one thing? Pls dont stop writing i can understand ur situation everybody has a different way writing and all the writers who are writing here are so good in writing. Okay u gonna stop writing os just for 1 person but think about many people who loves ur random os if u stop writing means many of them will be sad that there sweet sis/friend stopped writing os! u said u wish to make everyone happy right? Then make them happy by writing more os that makes us crazy i already become the craziest fan of urs? okay u said u dont wanna make anyone irritated right? So dont but the commentor made u irritated with her comment right so lets take revenge by irritating more???? jokes apart… i just wanna say that dont u dare to leave writing os! ….oops I totally forgot to say about this shot… it was way too amazing….,,

  23. Im his chashmish

    Didi please come back with a bang please i want you to keep on writting OS please i know and think majority wins so please come didi as a os writter please please please

  24. Prathi

    Hey Maya this one was awesome I left you a message in IG check it!! You can see my bak bak there ??

  25. Mukundraj

    super os dear i really like it please post another os

  26. Maahi

    omg modes of life two shots of my IB magic is out nd my xams aaahhhhhh cant evn check dixxz page but still kambaqt ka dil nvr be calm until i njoy atleat a part of ur magic dizzzzzzz one was spectaculararly framed highly random in nature hahaha nd now cmng to ur last lines i wondered wat hppnd to uu so i just went to its first shot nd found the reason fr my IB’S dizzz decision i dont knw wat made u think like diz to quit ur best thing in uuu that is ur random OSes trust me everybody here us njiying ff daily but ur if a kind u just drag us to the peaks if craziness nt nly with ur daily ff but ur randomatic random thoughts ever nd dats wat v love fr ever nd ever nd madhumila dr at any point if u read my cmnt i just wanna tell uu plzzz nvr say its irritating again bcoz its my love nd my life i love being in her magic especially her rabdom magic ever nd forever dr u could hv adopted sme other way fr telling ur opinion but diz way just hurted the most soft hearted person to diz core tht now she wants to quit her random magic but my IB she just took ur single cmnt in consideration nd thought to quit her random magic without thinking tht someone far away frm her is waiting like hell to njoy her randomness i really hope my IB takes my diz point of view into consideration nd finally i wanna tell uuu IB u r all abt RELAXATION to many of us nt irritation nd my lord do consider our point of view tooo in ur magic nt nly if a single person nd the rest if the thing depends on uuuu but if somebody asks me yes or no to njoy ur magic at the cost of my life i can simply gv a monotone answer YES I LOVE TO NJOY HER MAGIC AT ANY COST!!!!!! ESPECIALLY HER RANDOM MAGIC ND FINALLY “I WANT TO NJOY UR RANDOMNESS FR EVER ND EVER!!! WILL U???? YES OR NO I DONT KNOW BUT I NLY KNOW THT UR THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN WRITE RANDOMLY, CRAZILY, SILENTLY, LOVELY ND FINALY INFINITILY hahaha ly ly ly ly ly………. evry ly love uuu fr evr nd evr my IB

  27. IB..kiya hua???

  28. Maya

    B.ani, Saranya, Reshma, Monesha, Asmithaa, Mokshi, nursrya, Karthiga (im his chasmish), Prathi, Mukundraj, Maahi and then Aytac – All i can say to u all is just sorry for troubling u all and just like the line that i have written in this OS….Yes or no that I don’t know and what i know is i am so grateful to have friends like u and u all have to wait for an OS from my side as currently i don’t have any ideas available

  29. Awesomeness Overloaded Sis !? I Just love all your Simple si Cute Updates !???
    Keep Writing sis !? Plsss don’t stop writing Random Os !? Kind Request ! ?

  30. Shriti

    Plzdont stop writing os your os nd ff are reall awesome i am too your fan . For someone u will hurt us saying i will not write os . But your os f are inspiring me jiji u know wat jiji u r world bestest jiji for me nd jiji means akka i hope u know tat . Nd u r not only world bestest jiji but with u my somu di , raji resham surbhi didi . Monesha,parthi,harita,aditi di,lakshmi nd our di tina di as suga di but plz dont stop writing os i want your daily one os if its possible love u dear loads of kisses nd hugs for u ????????????????????????????? but remember this for some one u should not be loser

  31. Trisha

    Wow! What shall I say? Everyone has already said so much…and expressed my thoughts too…
    Maya, you are such a sweet and soft hearted person and we all love you sooo much.
    I know you said that you were already thinking to quit writing random OS before that witch Madhumila came along with her senseless comment…but we all love your stories and always look forward to reading them.
    If you want to quit then we cant force you…. But TU wont be the same without you and your randomness…love you..keep smiling…
    Oh…btw…Modes of lIfe was Absolutely Awesome???

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