Modern Relevations SS PART 2



Guys yesterday many of you asked me that why raglak are uniting so fast swasan getting twist in tale… basically it’s a swasan ff with raglak support…


Ragini – swara I am taking kids out for sometime . joining us??

Swara – no you go

Ragini – fine bye bye

Swara – bye (to kids) bye take care

Kisses Ayaan forehead and he kisses her cheek ragini sees this and remembers SwaSan


Ragini – kids you wait I’ll come

Aryan – I’ll come too

Ragini – ok Ayaan wait here

Ayaan – ok come soon

Aryan and ragini leave to get drinks…….

Sanskar comes to the park for some jogging and sits for some time as he is tired

Sanskar – OMG its difficult running god knows how lucky doesn’t get tired come on sanky

While talking to himself he hears a voice (its Ayaan)

Ayaan – excuse me uncle

San – yes

Ayaan – do you think you adults run so much and satify think about me my mom makes me run everytime saying that I will become fat and you and showing your drama for this small jog. Shame on you


San – no kiddo any way will you join me for ice cream

Ayaan – sure buddy

San – ok come on

They go to the ice cream meanwhile ragini sees them

Ragini – (in mind) no no ragini you don’t need to go lets them spend time together they are father son.. lets leave

Leaves from there


Man – what ice cream you guys will have?

SanAya – Choco chip

THEY are shocked kind of

San – hey kiddo you have a same choice

Ayaan – yes buddy.. but call me champ

San – ok what does ur mom call you

Ayaan – baby or cute

San – any siblings

Ayaan – yes Aryan he is called by his name only and I baby

San – HaHa ok bye

Ayaan – bye I am Ayaan Bose



Ragini is walking around and collides with a person and shocked to see the person

Ragini – LAKSH…………

Laksh is shocked and hugs her tight and she hugs him back


Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Honthon Ko Siye
Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Har Aansoo Piye
Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chaahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye, Har Aansoo Piye
Tere Liyeh Hum Hain Jiye, Honthon Ko Siye
Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Laksh – ragini where were you these years? I missed you so much

Ragini – vo laksh she tells everything about blackmailing kids etc

Laksh – now come lets unite swasan and we’ll be a happy family

Ragini – before this I want you to meet a person

Laksh – who??

Ragini – YOUR SON!!

Laksh – what

Ragini – yes now come (she points towards Aryan and calls him)

Aryan comes – yes mumma

Ragini – Aryan vo

Aryan – talk afterward sit you are old and where is Ayaan

Ragini – ok Aryan he is your Papa

Aryan – what

Laksh aryan look at each other emotionally and hug

Laksh – Aryan you go make sure you don’t disclose first we’ll unite your maasi and chachu then we’ll be happy

Aryan – ok

Laksh – ragini who is Ayaan?

Ragini – swara son

Laksh – I really need to unite swasan now

Ragini – yes

They have a lovely time.

RAGLAK are talking when Ayaan comes

Ayaan – maasi lets go home please

Ragini – no please please

Laksh – hey kiddo why are you forcing her

Ayaan – hey over smart she is my maasi its my wish stay out of this or else your face will be filled with pepper spray.. HUH

Laksh remembers swara and says bye to ragini and runs ragini smiles and the trio leave for home

Hope you all like it!! its a three shot story

Precap – Swaragini talks,RagLakSan plan,SwaSan reunite!! LAST CHAPTER!!!

Credit to: Arohi Khan

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