Moon light adorned the streets of Mithila. Janak finishing all his court affairs enters the room. He took the iPad in his hands which lied in his bed.  Tears formed in his eyes when he remenisces the past days which is impossible to forget.


The barren land of Mithila is experiencing all kinds of struggles due to lack of rain. The green fields which gives out healthy crops is now lying dead, infertile. The whole Mithila is now undergoing famine. Janak tried every possible ways to overcome this famine, to save his people. The allied Kingdom extended their helping hand by providing the necessary things. Only way left to make the land fertile again is, Janak should Plough the land and do yangya. And the Plough should be made of pure gold.The Plough was made and Janak with a ray of hope ploughed the land. While doing so he got struck in the middle. So he decided to dig and see what is there inside. He saw a small box covered by a cloth in the bottom of the land. He took it and to his surprise there was a baby girl inside. Janak was astonished to see a baby inside the land. Slowly he took her in his arms with great care mixed with love and affection. The baby cried out which made the sky  emotional that it bursts out with tears of rain all over. She brought Mithila back, alive, with her arrival. She was a blessing to Mithila, for she came with all her fortunes to make the land fertile again. Janak and Sunaina was overwhelmed on her arrival. They named her Sita, for she is born from the land which is ploughed by the furrow named Seet. She was named as Janaki, for she is the dearest daughter of King Janak. She was named as Vaidehi, for she is the blessing for the land of Videha. She was named as Maithili, for she is a miracle for the entire country Mithila. She was named as Bhumija, for she is born out of the womb of the mother earth, herself.

After a while, a soldier rushed inside the Palace with a square shape box in his hands. He addressed King Janak and Rishi Yagyavalkya and said that it was found near the place where Sita was born. Janak took that from his hand and opens to see a iPad inside. Both Janak and Yagyavalkya was surprised to see that. ” I think it has a connection with the journey of her life.  So keep it secret and safe.” Said Yagyavalkya.  Janak approved that it is entangled with the life of the divine baby girl and so he decided to keep it safe. He tried to switch it on several times in several ways. But he failed over and over again. It implied that it was destinated to be operated by the one with divinity.


   Thus the history of the birth of his baby girl and the arrival of the iPad covered his mind. He was lost in his own world untill the tingling sound of her anklets disturbed his flow of thoughts.

“Pitashree..” Siya came running, smile adorning her lips.

Janak rubbing his wet eyes embraced Siya in his arms.

She noticed the iPad in her father’s couch, the same iPad she saw before.

Her eyes gleamed in joy.

She took the iPad in her small little hands.

  On touching its screen the iPad emitted a light which indicated that it is switched on.

Janak was shocked to see the happenings.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The iPad is switched on now.Everyone tried to switch it on but they ended up giving.But Siya done it.

It came alive on Siya’s magical touch. It means the iPad is somehow connected to her life.

A light beamed and a soft musical sound was heard. 

“Didi…. didi… where are you???”Sita was distracted by her sisters.

“I am here.” She replied by keeping the iPad in thebsame place without even noticing it.

“Papa it is late now. We want to hear bedtime stories.  So please come with us.” Said the three in chorus.

“Ya papa. I am feeling so sleepy now. Please Come we can go now” added Siya, forgetting all  about the iPad.

Saying so the sisters pulled his hands forward, making him to move off from the place. 

Janak eyes was fixed in the iPad evethough he is moving forward.

He couldn’t take his eyes off from the iPad because he badly wanted to know its purpose. 

A big image appeared on the iPad.

A image which will have a huge impact on her future, a image which will show the world the reason for her birth.

The image depicted a grand wooden piece curved in the middle studded with valuable stones combined with pearls all over. Its structure is more like a bow. Few fingers were seen clutching the curve in the middle.

Janak left the room with great confusion. He had mixed feelings.

The thought about that incident kept on lingering in his mind leaving him no calm.

He couldn’t predict what the image is nor he couldn’t understand the depicted meaning.

Atlast he made his daughters to fall asleep by his bedtime stories.

He headed up to his room and surprised to see that the iPad again went off.

He tried to switch it on but he couldn’t.

  So he concluded that it is Siya’s touch which made the iPad to work and it is impossible for anyone to do so.

His night passed on thinking over and over again about that very image.

Sun made its appearance after the departure of the moon.

Kirti was playing outside the garden.

A man with a box in his hands came in seeing here and there.

Kirti rushed to him and asked “Who are you?”

“I am delivery man. I came here to delivery the thing someone ordered.” Replied the man.

“Whose name is there?” Was her question again. 

“Sita, the Princess of Mithila.” He replied calmly again.

“Wo..di. di.” She was cut in by her own thoughts. She thought that it was perfect time for her prank.

“I am Sita, the Princess of Mithila.” Kirti said with a giggle 

“You?” The man asked confused. “But I can guess that you are not.”

“Why??? I am Sita even if you didn’t accept I have nothing to do with. I can’t change my name for your sake.” She replied again with mischievous smile in her face.

“How I trust you that you are Sita?” The man asked again.

“Even I am having the doubt that you are not a true delivery man. How can I trust you for the same.”

The delivery man had no way than to hand over the parcel to her. So he did it.

“Sita didii…. see you have a parcel.” Rushed Kirti inside making the man dumbfounded.

“Keep it somewhere safe dear” Sita replied.

Urmila woke from her sleep and went to the room where Mandavi and Kirti is.

“Didiii…” Urmi came in while rubbing her eyes.

“Ah come In Urmi, come in. Good morning.” Said Mandavi trying to hide something from Urmi.

“Didi what’s in your hand?? Show me.” Urmi asked.

“Nothing. I am having nothing to hide from you.” Mandavi replied again.

“Its ok where is Sita didi??? Urmi asked.

“She has gone to temple.”

“She has gone to riverbank”

Came two different answers from Mandavi and Kirti.

Urmila stared them with utter confuse and decided that they are hiding something from her.

“Urmila… first get ready dear.. and then you cna have the breakfast.” The call of Sunaina made her to mave from that place.

Why they are behaving like that??? Is there any reason for that???

Author’s note:-   So guys tell me how’s it. I hope I didn’t bore you.  

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  1. akka , how can u tell it was boring . it was awesome and too good . janak remembering the past was so emotional . so tha i pod is connected to sita’s life . the i pad story was so cute . nobody is able to switch on the ipad but sita can do it , superb . love the way u r taking the story forward . update soon . cant wait more . how r u akka ?

    1. Padmaja

      Hey varshu… I am fine dearie… wat abt you??? I am so happy that u liked it… Thanks a lot dear… will try to update asap.. btw how’s your studies??? Holiidays started???

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