Hi guys!!!! I am back with my ff again. Sry for this late. Here we go…

The epi starts with early dawn. The three Princes woke up. Ram, Bharat, and Lakshman came out of their room with a sleepy face. They straightaway went to their mother’s room.
“Hmm… putron good morning. ” said Kaushalya, after seeing them.
“Did u three slept well???” Asked Kaikeyi.
“Where is Shatrughnan?” Asked Sumitra. “Ya mom, we slept well.” Said Ram. “And that naughty boy is still sleeping like anything.” Interfered Lakshman with a cute pout.
“I don’t know how much he will play in the night, that too mid night in his tablet. It will be better if u just throw his tablet in the river or atleast just burn it in fire.” Complained Bharat.
“Maaa…”, there came the naughty twin, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“Hmm sleeping giant… woke up sooo early..??” Asked Sumitra caressing Shatrughnan’s head. Shatrughnan just hugged her. “I heard that you r playing games whole night.” Said Kaikeyi. ” No ma.. noo.. I play only for sometime,Not the whole night and I know who would have said u.” Saying so he turned towards his twin. “Shatrughnan!!! He didn’t do that and its not the time for ur fights. Get ready first.” Said Kaushalya. The four princes had bath and got ready. Three matas served breakfast to them. All of them ate but not Shatrughnan. He wanted to get feeded. So Kaushalya said,” u two go to sabha taking them. I will feed him and come with him in a while.” So everyone left for sabha. There Dashrath with tears brimming in his eyes announces that “All the four Princes of Raghukul will leave for gurudev Vashist’s ashram to do their Shikshas. And will return after completing their Shikshas.” The three brothers was shocked hearing this and the queens too. After announcing this Dashrath left the sabha. The three brothers straightly gone to Shatrughnan. Here Shatrughnan was busy licking his hands after eating his favourite rotis. Innocent Lakshman came to Shatrughnan in anger and said,”This is all because of u.” Shatrughnan rolled his eys in confusion. “Wat?? Wat I have done??” Asked Shatrughnan. “U wake sooo early na. So father decided ro send us four gurukul. No we r going to leave Ayodhya. This is because of u.” Said Bharat.”Gurukul???.. No I am not going to leave ayodhya. I don’t want to go there. I will never go there. I want to be here only.” Said Shatrughnan in one breathe. Ram was totally lost in his thoughts. “Me also. I never said that I am going to leave. I will be here only” added Lakshman. “Same with me. We can be here itself. No need of going there. We brothers will live here itself, in ayodhya itself.” Said Bharat. “Noo.. this is not a right decision brothers. We have to obey our father’s order. He will think only good for us. We have to respect his decision. All his decisions will be for our welfare. So we have to leave and get him out of this difficult situation. He too want us to leave. But it is the tradition of Raghukul to learn in ashram which has to be followed. ” said Ram with tears in his eyes.

“Ya.. bhaiyya… u r saying correct. Our father will feel guilty if we ignore to go there. ” Said Bharat. “Hmmm.. we have to obey our father’s order. We have to make him feel proud. So I accept your decision bhaiya..” said Lakshman. Saying so the two turned towards Shatrughnan for his answer. “U three can’t live without me na.. so I also accept your decision. I will never go against your words bhaiya..” said little Shatrughnan with tears in his eyes. All the four brothers hugged. All these things was noticed by the three matas who were present outside the room. The three mothers rushed towards them and hugged them. Dashrath saw this with tears brimming in his eyes. Then he said,”putron, I have something for u. Come here.” All the four went there. There they saw a table with four gift box on it. One was grandly packed so does the other two but one was packed in a ordinary way. Dashrath said that,”take any one of these. This is my gift for u. So take one which u like.” Suddenly all the four prices became happy. Shatrughnan and Lakshman kept their hands on the same box which is covered grandly. In a hurry, Shatrughnan took that box from Lakshman. Lakshman gave a deadly stare and murmurs into his ears,”I’ll deal with u later my bro.” Then Lakshman took which is next to that but Bharat already has hands on it. Frustrated Lakshman see his brother innocently. So Bharat decided to give up and took the next one. So Lakshman happily took that. Ram took the one which Is left out, the box packed with an ordinary wrapper. So Dashrath aaked them to open. Firstly Shatrughnan opened it with great curiosity. Inside… there was a….. a mobile phone of KOREAN COMPANY, ya korean set. All his expectations vanished in a second. Lakshman is now in the top of happiness. “Omg!!!! Feeling sad for my twin. U just snatched this from me na… so keep it with urself. Enjoy my bro.” Said Lakshman in between his laughs. Everyone can’t control their laughter and bursts out laughing. “Okk!!!! Enough!!!! Now everyone is going to see what gift is waiting for my evil brother. So my devil brother open ur gift soon.” Said Shatrughnan waiting to see his gift. “And never forget that u took this from me. So I also waiting to see that.” Said Bharat. Lakshman slowly unwraps that. Inside…. was a… TOY MOBILE PHONE. His face shrunks after unwrapping that. Every one laughed their stomach out. Now Shatrughnan was in the peak of his happiness. “Oh my goodness… at least I can able to make calls and messages but you.. you can’t even make call nor could do anything with it. Only can admire and adore this toy when u get bored.” Teases Shatrughnan in between his laughs.
“Thank god. You snatched this from me. Or now I will be in the same situation as you are.” Bharath release a sigh of relief. “Hey devil.. stop this. U will surely pay for it later. U will…” said Lakshman with a cute pout, and stares at Dashrath with a puppy face.

Dashrath just smiles in return. “Ok its your turn my brother.” Said the twins in chorus. “Hmm” Bharath nodded his head in approval. He slowly unwraps the cover….. inside.. inside.. was a… a nokia mobile of very old model. Bharat shocked after seeing this. “Wahh.. a perfect gift for u bhaiya..” exclaimed the twins. Bharat stares them confusion mixed with anger. “Okk..okk.. now Ram bhaiya its your turn now. So open your gift bhaiya.” Requested the three. Ram smiles and nods. He slowly unwraps the box packed with a normal cover. Inside.. inside… was a.. a APPLE I PHONE. Every one shocked as well as confused, even Ram. “Pitaji, you cheated us na.. you gifted special only for Ram bhaiya not for we three. Why did u do this???” Asked Shatrughnan with a cute pout mixed with little anger.
Dashrath just smiled and held him by saying that, “no.. not like that. You have to say me one thing. You selected that particular box because of its grand wrapper na??” The three brothers nodded a yes.

Dsshrath continued, ” Because of that outward look you selected that one and your expectation gone in vain. And u guys also snatched that from one another. So from this what u have to learn is, “Appearances are deceptive”. So we do not judge a thing by its mere oulook.” Said Dashrath smiling. All the four nodded their head in agreement. Dashrath continued”And don’t worry my sons, I have someother gift for you.” Saying so he gave the three a worthy mobile phone. All the four hugged him. “Hmm I think all the pita-putron talks are over. Its time for the lunch. So come and have it.” Came Kaushalya. The kids ran to the dining hall. Dashrath also left. The mothers prepared all the foods liked by the four, as it was their last day in Ayodhya. After a while they finished having their lunch. Preparations was on hike as the time is nearing to leave. The night came. Mothers adviced by packing their kids dresses. “Please don’t ever continue to fight there. It is gurukul and not the palace of ayodhya to live as you wish. You have to be obedient and respect everyone.” Said Sumitra pointing towards the twins. They sat nodding their head. “And Bharat you should take care everything of yuor own. Don’t disturb Ram every time.” Insisted Kaikeyi. “Sure maa.” Came a short reply form Bharat. “Ram, you have to look after your brothers and take care of them in our absence. Don’t ever make them to feel our absence. Take care putra.” Said Kaushalya, a bit emotional. “Maa, I will never disobey your words. Surely I will take care of them. You don’t worry about that.” Assured Ram. The three mothers smiled. After some time they had the dinner and slept.

The sun rises. The brothers should leave to gurukul now. The four got ready. They came to the sabha with teary eyed. After seeing Dashrath they bows down and touched his feet. Dashrath makes them stand and says,”Putron, a new phase in you life is going to start. You should be srong enough to face this. You should learn all the life values and ved shastras and also warfare. I am sure you four will top everything. Bless u puton.” Said Dashrath with teary eyes. All the four nodded and hugged him. He hugs them back. And all the three gets blessings from three matas and prepares to leave. The whole Palace bids them with tears flowing from their eyes. And after a long drive they reached the Gurukul. There Guru Vashisht welcomes and introduces them to everyone.

Forgive me guys if this part is not upto ur expectations. Will update the next soon. So no precap. Pls do read and cmnt.. Love u all ♥♥♥

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  1. It was just amazing ??Twins were lovely and ram’s serenity always ?…
    Waiting for the next part .Please write about ram lakshman bonding in it .Please…rakshman are the best,you know. Want to see mature and concerned lakshman.

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks a lot for ur cmnt.. and ya in upcoming epis u can see rakshman as well as bha-shatru bonding… and ya rakshman are the best… will update soon..

  2. Amalina

    The brother’s bonding and lil cute fights was lovely! The matas’s dialogues were superb! Plz continue?

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much dearie.. happy that u like it.

  3. NABANITA626

    Really good ….pls continue

    1. Padmaja

      Thank a lot for ur support dii.. happy to see ur cmnt..

  4. Oh wow sis this is superb I’m in love with your concept esp. The way you described it was superb and ?????.. Majboor kar Diya to comment while I never comment. Kip writing always lyk this ???

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u sooooo much for ur cmnt.i am soo happy to see ur cmnt.. sure i will continue dis… thanks again..

    2. Vanshika

      Hwww riti di u didn’t comment in my ff na…….will c u fr dat.. ???

  5. Vanshika

    OMG di this is superb hilarious akka I’m still smiling ? I love it very much but they’re some typos di check it b4 u updates in wattpad.. N update soon no Precap I’m so eager

    1. Padmaja

      Hey vanshi.. thanks a lot for ur cmnt… and ya some typo errors r there… i updated on wattpad by crcting.. i will update asap..

  6. Jayani

    Dis epi was hilarious akka… Especially d part where dey get d gifts nd lakshman shathrugan r so funny nd cute… Waiting for more scenes lyk dese… But y dis epi no mithila??? Missing dem a lot…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks a lot jayani for ur cmnt…. ya I also show Mithila.. so no worries… will try to update asap as I am having xam… love u ??? and Sry for this late reply..

      1. Jayani

        Wen dus ur xams get over akka

  7. Oh di it was super duper . Loved this to the core.I Was very stressed wid my studies and especially the phone ?part made me laugh and all my worries went away reading this ff . Update next one soon akka. Sorry for the late comment ?

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u sooo much varshini… and I am happy that ur stress became less after reading this… no Sry dearie ?? and all the very best for ur xams…

  8. Pragyashree

    oh padmaja this above our expextations. sorry for late comment as I just read it. Ooooho Laxman and lucky ram.

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks a lot for ur cmnt pragya…. it means a lot to me… and no sorries ??.. happy that u liked it..

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