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Dashrath along with Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan started to Mithila. In Mithila:-
“Hey Urmi wake up. It’s already late. I don’t know how long u will sleep. Rakshashi better wake up by urself or I will just pour water now on your face.” frowned Mandavi. “Ahhhhhh…….” Urmila woke up with a long yawn. “Didi, its soo early now. Why u wake me up soo early???” Asked Urmila , still trying to control her sleep. “Hmmm… Early??? Don’t you remember that today we have a puja in the gauri temple. And it is not at all late now dear. If u decide to use your mobile like this all the night, this will be ur result.” Said Sita, a bit annoyed. “And we three got ready. Pls now get ready soon and come.” Said Mandavi. “Sitaaa.. come here dear” Sunaina called. “Coming ma” answered Sita, sweetly. “Ok.. Me and Mandavi will leave to temple now. Kirti will be with u. Get ready soon. Take Kirti along with u when u leave. Is it okay Kirti???” Asked Siya. Innocent Kirti just nodded her head in agreement. They two left.

After sometime, Dashrath and his four sons arrived Mithila. Janak and Sunaina welcome them wholeheartedly. The puja is going to start. But still the sisters didn’t arrive. Janak and Dhashrath engaged in a chat whereas Ram is interested in hearing them. Sita and Mandavi was helping Sunaina in puja arrangements. Suddenly Ram turns and find his brothers were missing. Ram is shocked to know this. Then he leaves from there without informing. He started to search them all over. In the back yard of the temple, there is a beautiful garden.Lakshman and Shatrughnan was playing with a ball there. Bharat was interestingly capturing the pictures of the garden which may help to do his painting. Suddenly Urmila who came to temple to attend the Puja, entered the garden along with Kirti. “*Doonnggg*” , Urmila got hit by a ball and phone in her hand is dropped. Her phone screen got damaged. She slowly raised her head and saw Lakshman standing with a expressionless face. Urmila got super angry. ” Don’t u have eyes?? Can’t u even see I am coming??? U hitted my head harder. Its soo painful. And u just damaged my phone which is equal to my life. How dare u do this??” Shouted Urmila at the peak of her anger. “Why are u shouting like a Rakshashi??? Why, can’t u see I am playing here??? Its ur mistake to come in between. Then u r yelling at me. .” Frowned Lakshman, as a reply to Urmila.

Kirti giggled on hearing the name Rakshashi from Lakshman.Urmila gave a deadly stare to her little sister. “And I didn’t broke ur life.. ah phone. It is u who dropped it. And it is meaning less to shout at me.” Came another reply from him. “I dropped It because of u. And u r saying that my words are meaningless..” replied angry Urmila. Shatrughnan just escaped from there and so does Kirti. Shatrughnan went to Ram and told all the happenings. Ram headed towards the garden. Whereas Kirti went to Sita and told her the same. She also headed towards the garden.
“Lakshman” came Ram’s voice.
“Bhai..yaaa..” Lakshman stammered on seeing Ram.
“Urmila” called Sita.
“Di.. Di..” now Urmila stammered.
“Sorry Princess of Mithila for his behavior.” Asked Ram softly.
“Ask sorry to her sister Lakshman” said Ram.
“But.. bhaiya…” Lakshman hesitated. “Sorry Princess.” Said Lakshman. “Noo.. he didn’t do any wrong. Its our mistake only. So pls forgive.” Said Sita calmly. “Urmila ask sorry to him.” Said Sita. “Sorry” replied Urmila.
“Its time for the Puja. Come let’s go.” Said Sita.
“Ya.. come Lakshman. We have to leave.” Insisted Ram.

Atlast the argument got over and Sita assured her sister that she will buy her a new mobile. Urmila became happy on hearing this.

They left. The puja started. Everything got over after sometimes. Dashrath along with his four sons returned to Ayodhya.

Precap:- The brothers are in vashisht’s ashram. The twin brothers started their mischievous works.

Pls do tell me how’s it….. it means a lot to me… should I continue???? Pls cmnt guys.. love u all ♥♥♥

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