MODERN LOVE STORY OF RAJPUTS{swasan raglak thahaan vipdhani} EPISODE 1


hey guys so here goes the first episode of modern love story of rajputs I will not make swasan raglak vidhaani and thahaan together so easily so hope you guys enjoy

its night time in London
a girl standing staring toward the moon her curls and hair is playfully disturbing her face
girl: god knows why chachi and chacha ji are taking us to india till now we have been kept away from india and our royal identity has been kept secret what is the reason that they are taking us from this college that to just when we got admission.
Just then a boy looking cool and very cute enters with his pataka dialogue.
Boy: didi I wiil take the t se trouble out of our life
Girl: oh god there you go you have started your t se talk with f se foolish brain.
Boy: me b se bihaan b se brilliant not f se foolish gazab.
Girl : b se brilliant bihaan then tell why is your b se brain telling that going to india is trouble .
Boy: because the secret is out you are the heir di
Yes it is our ragini and she stands shocked as bihaan tells her this
A girl with blue pyjamas and a cute white t-shiirt is running o ragini .
Swara: bihaan bhaiya you are also not less than kumbhkaran
Bihaan starts chasing swara and she goes behind ragini who giggles seeing their childishness says
Ragini: bihaan stop teasing my shona she is my lovely princess
Just then a handsome young dashing man with his lawyers coat comes very silently bihaan and swara sees him but he keeps finger on his mouth and they understand yes that’s our varkil baba rajkumar viplav

Viplav: yuvrani Ragini ko rajkumar viplav ka pranam
And he keeps a crown of monkey on her face which is playing a drum swara bihaan and vipluv burst into laughter
Ragini is fuming with anger but then suddenly she smiles as she sees the lipstick mark on his cheek
Ragini: so from where are you coming handsome rajkumar vipluv looks like you have been spending a lot of time with some one.
Vipluv stand there confused while ragini shows swara and bihaan the lipstick mark on his neck
Swara: bad manners bhaiya I know you are more attached to ragini di but how could you hide such a big step of your life from us and that too for such a long time come on di and bihaan bhaiya we shall not talk to him .
Bihaan: vipluv how can you hide such a thing from me I know you might have got shy to tell about It to ragini di and swara as they are girls but I am there na how could you hide this from me
Everyone was teasing him.
Vipluv yelled what are you talking about and his face turned red with angerRagini slowly turned him to the mirror in front and showed him the lipstick mark suddenly he remembered that incident and smiled.
Ragini: in mind the moment he blushed I realized that it was a true one a real and true love he felt for some at that too it might be first sight because I haven’t seen himsmile like this ever berfore
Everyone felt the same and asked vipluv bhai what happened
You fell in love ?
He smiled and said

Vipluv : dhaani
Ragini: oh my god …….
Swara and bihaan’s mouth is open
They all said together
“you fell in love with the daughter of our dad’s enemy princess dhaani .”
how do you know that it is princess dhaani hearing this ragini showed the news where it is shown the world famous fashion designer sharmishtas son is working with rajkumari dhaani of jaipur.
ragini vipluv you know very well that our dad knows the truth and wants to apologise to rana durga but you know that rana durga’s ego is hurt by anyone he will go to any extent to take revenge after that wretched accident that took place and that person resposible for it ruined two families .and if rana durga rasad gets to know about your identity he will think you are the heir and try to harm you.
vipluve then bursts into laughter
and everyone was serious there they got angry
ragini we are talking something serious vipluv this is not a thing to laugh at
he said he was joking and this is not a lipstick mark but a sticker i pranked my didi for the first time ih my god didi is turning into kaali devi swara bihaan run
ragini but why them why should they run with only you are going to get killled today for this horendous prank right swara and bihaan she asked daring themwith her eyes whether they will support vilpuv or her
they run to ragini and stands on her side and says we are with you di in this mission prank killer
vipluv : oh god with this sherini and these two monsters behind i am going to be dead .

ragini says yes dear you are going to be dead right bihaan
bihaan: d se death threat for v se vipluv bhai.
swara: let the attack begin
they throw cream cake on vipluv while ragini was talking the had bruoght it vipluv got angry and he was also applying cake on their face finally vipluv gave up.
vipluv: yuvrani ragini mata rani swara aur rajkumar bihaan please forgive me { in mind sorry di i lied to you but actually i fell in love with her but told a lie right now because i know you are shocked with beig the yuvrani of raipur}
they say thatatstu vipluv and you deserve this for pranking us
chacha and chachi ji of the children who are at the door smile
seeing their bonding

guys this episode was introduction of swaragini and her siblings next will be sanlak thapki dhaani who will come back from london to and their family then swaragini and vipluv bihaan will meet thapki dhaani while vipluv already saw her . so guys do you like it please do reply.

Credit to: sita ram

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  12. thank you all of you i will try my best to keep you people happy with my ff

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