the modern hero introduction aka episode 1


l have some spare time so I think? to write a other ff.
Please support me.

BIHAAN- allways like cool ? funny and shining star.
SANSKAR- a intelligent dashing and want to become a police officer.
SIDHART- looking like a hero and a best friend of BIHAAN.

In my ff.
THAPKI- a sincerely and a kind girl and fall love with bihaan even in his childhood.
Sawara- a bengali but in his childhood leave his house so some rude.
ROSHNI- a intelligent girl an like sidharth. And want to do something for country.

So my first episode start from.

A cool lookind guy walking on the road.he wear a cool dress guess who is this …………………………………………………..ya it is bihaan . And then a thief stolen one old lady bag.
People- catch catch catch the thief has stolen the bag. A old lady start crying.
BIHAAN – what happened to you auntie???
Old lady- a thief have stolen my bag .
BIHAAN – don’t worry auntie. BIHAAN panday is here so it mean no fear. Auntie I caught thief.

After said that bihaan start run to caught thief.
Thief- who is he?
They continue running thief become tired and bihaan to. The thief run and they run to one to another street in one are the way are closed . Thief put a knife.
Thief – if you go so I forgive you and don’t kill you.
BIHAAN – of really you think that you defeat bihaan panday.
BIHAAN – so I warn you that you give this bag if you don’t give so…
Thief – so what..lf I does not give you bag so.
BIHAAN – so what happened you doesn’t now give me bag (with rude sound).
Thief – no….
fight start.
Thief try to harm bihaan with knife but bihaan ki kick the knife and punch him bihaan fighting with style and defeate him.

In time police came. police officer bihaan you.
BIHAAN is shocked to see him bihaan sidharth you ya I am my best friend.
They smile and hug themselves .
BIHAAN – sidharth you here how????.
SIDHART – this is a surprise for you . My transfer is done at india .
BIHAAN – o wow sidharth I am so much happy you don’t know.
SIDHART – and I don’t know why are you fighting with this guy.
BIHAAN – because (bihaan is about to say but in this time old lady is come)

Old lady- thank you so much for catching thief.
BIHAAN – o this is my duty old lady.
(She pick his bag and goes)
sidharth looking bihaan continuesly)
bihaan- why are you looking me like this?.
SIDHART- you look like a hero.
BIHAAN – oh really.
(They start laughing)

the scene shift.
Sanskar come back india after 10 years.
Information. (Sanskar leave India not sanskar but his family to but in my introduction he want to become a police officer . And like ragini he also have felling to do something for country).

SANSKAR- yes! I am so excited. I am selected to become a police officer and only if I passed to become a police officer . So my dream come true.
SANSKAR – auto.
(One auto is stopped sanskar sit in auto and arive)

the scene shift.
In police station.
A 2 lady wear police officer dress came.
HEAD OF POLICE STATION- I want to gave you a important work.
Their face is shown. Who is this roshni and thapki.
They two- what work?.
Head-we colified some new police officer for our project.
Thapki- project? ??
Head- ya project we have some information that something is happening where he doesn’t give information and what happening he doesn’t tell so you is our bestes police officers so we select you and you should go Delhi in where we select a third police officer .
ROSHNI – he/she is girl or boy and what is his name. Head- he is boy. And his name is sidharth.
(Roshni is little shocked to hear sidharth name but don’t express)
they two-ok mam .

Episode end.?

precap- they all meet and shock to see each other.

I hope you enjoy it please comment give your views? and I think to add one more hero only hero your choice but if you want a pair? so I add it.

which hero vote is more I definitely add it so give your favourite hero name.

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  2. Bihaan the super star ????????

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    I like it, it’s cool and different waiting for the next episode.

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    Thanks you so much sny and noor but you don’t tell which hero you want and keep commenting.

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    Thanks winnifread and please keep commenting I I like that you fell it is different and you don’t give favourite hero name if you think that which new hero want give her name.

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    Nice garima herman ko add krdo us pa koi ff nahe

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