the modern hero episode 2

Hello guys🙂😉. And Sorry l don’t give one episode so If you like it there link is. Intro

my episode start with . (Thapki and roshni arive Delhi.) Roshni- (in his mind) sidharth…. It is sidharth… can I know him oh!” Roshni there are many people having name sidharth don’t think about it. Thapki- roshni you looking tensed you are fine or not . ROSHNI – ya thapki I am fine. Thapki – roshni see our van is come. They sit in the van and van start. In hostel. SIDHART bandage on bihaan injure. SIDHART – oh bihaan why you always try to become hero. BIHAAN – sidharth (with smiling face) sidharth- what? Bihaan- you care me so much why?

Sidharth- because you are my best friend. BIHAAN – oh! I already know. SIDHART – Ok so why you put this question to me. BIHAAN – because I want to hear this from your mouth. They two hug each other. In police academy. Officer- so Mr sanskar mahesveri you are selected to become a police officer but two more members also come there . Sanskar- two more whom? Officer- you know after some days. Sanskar- Ok. In in hostel.

SIDHART – bihaan so I am arriving to Delhi police academy . BIHAAN – why? Sidharth – because I am selected to any mission. BIHAAN – mission? Sidharth – ya! Bihaan- which mission. SIDHART – I don’t know but they tell me after some time . BIHAAN – oh! “. *(bihaan made a sad face) SIDHART – bihaan you also come bihaan- why(in shocked)? Sidharth – because you are fit to become a police officer you are also a hero . And you have all quality to become a police officer. BIHAAN – but. SIDHART – no but what. BIHAAN – Ok.

SIDHART – really(with smiling face) so I talked to mam about this bihaan pack your bag. BIHAAN – what? Sidharth – sorry I am excited. BIHAAN – (in his mind)Ok mission can I know this mission (bihaan smiling like a hero) .
In morning bihaan sidharth and thapki roshni they all reach police academy. SANSKAR – oh so I tolerate a two guys I wish they don’t create any problem to me I want to become a police officer and my dream come true (and he goes to small temple made in a corner of sanskar room) sanskar- oh good please make my way easier to become a good police officer I promise my family to do something for country please help me On my whole way. In there bihaan thapki sidharth roshni and sanskar come and see each other. Episode end.🙂

precap – they all meet each other thapki become happier to see bihaan but not sidharth and roshni.
Guys please please please please comment if you like it thanks reading .


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