the modern hero episode 2


Hello guys??. And Sorry l don’t give one episode so If you like it there link is. Intro

my episode start with . (Thapki and roshni arive Delhi.) Roshni- (in his mind) sidharth…. It is sidharth… can I know him oh!” Roshni there are many people having name sidharth don’t think about it. Thapki- roshni you looking tensed you are fine or not . ROSHNI – ya thapki I am fine. Thapki – roshni see our van is come. They sit in the van and van start. In hostel. SIDHART bandage on bihaan injure. SIDHART – oh bihaan why you always try to become hero. BIHAAN – sidharth (with smiling face) sidharth- what? Bihaan- you care me so much why?

Sidharth- because you are my best friend. BIHAAN – oh! I already know. SIDHART – Ok so why you put this question to me. BIHAAN – because I want to hear this from your mouth. They two hug each other. In police academy. Officer- so Mr sanskar mahesveri you are selected to become a police officer but two more members also come there . Sanskar- two more whom? Officer- you know after some days. Sanskar- Ok. In in hostel.

SIDHART – bihaan so I am arriving to Delhi police academy . BIHAAN – why? Sidharth – because I am selected to any mission. BIHAAN – mission? Sidharth – ya! Bihaan- which mission. SIDHART – I don’t know but they tell me after some time . BIHAAN – oh! “. *(bihaan made a sad face) SIDHART – bihaan you also come bihaan- why(in shocked)? Sidharth – because you are fit to become a police officer you are also a hero . And you have all quality to become a police officer. BIHAAN – but. SIDHART – no but what. BIHAAN – Ok.

SIDHART – really(with smiling face) so I talked to mam about this bihaan pack your bag. BIHAAN – what? Sidharth – sorry I am excited. BIHAAN – (in his mind)Ok mission can I know this mission (bihaan smiling like a hero) .
In morning bihaan sidharth and thapki roshni they all reach police academy. SANSKAR – oh so I tolerate a two guys I wish they don’t create any problem to me I want to become a police officer and my dream come true (and he goes to small temple made in a corner of sanskar room) sanskar- oh good please make my way easier to become a good police officer I promise my family to do something for country please help me On my whole way. In there bihaan thapki sidharth roshni and sanskar come and see each other. Episode end.?

precap – they all meet each other thapki become happier to see bihaan but not sidharth and roshni.
Guys please please please please comment if you like it thanks reading .

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  1. Winnifred

    Good Job Garima. Awesome episode hope to more in the future.


    Nice yaar…

  3. Awesome

  4. Garima

    Thanks winnifread kumutha anjali thank you so much and please keep commenting.

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