Mode of confession (twinj os) by lover cum aarohi…

Hii guys lover here….
There is nothing to say more. Just want to tell I love you all….???

Khwaishein hamari jo jaan na sake
Baatein hamari jo maan na sake
Kehte hai humare jane ke baad bhi yaad rakhenge
Samne hote hue jo hamein pechaan na sake….

Guys you’re not able to guess me for twice.. Yaad hai firstly as Aarohi.. And secondly as SiyappaQUEEN. And i know you will forget me so easily when I will go.

Ok leave it…

And guys its a Sidmin yet twinj love story. Do remember that while reading?

Here you go to my os..

Mode of confession..

I confessed it because of them only…

It had been 1 year since Tashan-e-ishq ended. And since i lastly talked or saw her after that meeting on farewell party. I don’t know why i feel in this way but I never missed anyone like this before. I never wanted anyone that much in my life. I never ever did.

I was struggling through my own thoughts. Don’t know why i am no more that carefree and mastii khor sid. Putting all that thoughts away I started to go through net and there i was suprised to see a site names something like tellyupdates still posting stories of Tashan-e-ishq. I just visited through all the things related to tei and twinj.  Yes twinj, actually after reaching there i got to know my fans or it will not be wrong to tell our die heart fans use to call us that.

I visited many writers there named “Sameera ,Kruti ,Adya ,Shalini ,Baby Sidmin , Affa , Ria, Kritika , Ritzi, Sara , Purnima , Komal, Adeeba, Chiku, Paavu, Tamanna, Presha , Aanya, Simiyy , Adeeba, Purvi and many more i don’t even remember names of all of them. But yes they write so well.

I was about to call Jasmin when I realized she might be busy with shoot of Her new show DIL SE DIL TAK…

I didn’t noticed But before i ended the call notification was already gone to her. So i received a return  call from her just after few seconds. I told her that I will meet her. But she was busy for 2 to 3 days. So we decided to meet after that.

I started reading the stories posting there and my confusion get cleared as i reached to the conclusion that i love her.

And the stories of that awesome site written by fabulous mind blowing made me realise my love for her.

Lekin kehte hai na…
Mohabbat bhi zindagi ki tarah hoti hai … har mod aasaan nahi hota, har mod par khushi nahi hoti … par jab hum zindagi ka saath nahi chhodte … phir mohabbat ka saath kyun chhodein..

So it was the hardest thing for me , and is to made her that jhalli realize that i love her.

I meet her the next day and told about the site when she told I already knew about that. I was shocked cum suprised when she told me how she reached to this site. When she told once i was missing you so i thought to do something and found the site. She told in flow and realizes what she told. So to overcome from the situation she told how you reached through the site.

To which i answered it’s not necessary to know how but it is necessary to know what did this site and writers made me realise.

And i stated..

No one in this world knows the feeling that I get when I see you. They have no idea what I feel when I hear your name or your soft voice. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you make me feel, and that is such a crazy feeling. All I know is that I want to grab you and be in your arms forever and forever and never let go. I want to kiss your lips and never stop–just keep on going.

Every time I think about you, it gives me more strength to carry on my life. It makes me happy to be alive, knowing that you’ve come into my life. All I know is that I want to be with you! And I hope that you, too, want always to be with me….
I love you Jasmin.

She just hugged me and gave a soft peck at my lips shile i was abstract to see her like that.

It means she also feels for me… I was thinking when she told.

Aab kya sonch rahe ho? Yes i love you too. Now make me all yours.

I took her in my arms and place her in bed then kissed her at forehead and told what’s so hurry babydoll? I know you’re mine. I love you and your soul.

She replied Sid, that is the reason i fell for you. Your way to show care and respect made me fall for you. I am just blesded to have you.

Saying this she kissed me on my lips once again. When i told don’t let me go wild babydoll..

She politely replied who has stopped you then..

And They both get into a bone crushing hug.


Kya pata kaun si raat aakhri ho
Na jane Kaun si mulakat aakhri ho
Zindagi hai hi do pal ki
Sayad ye mulakat aakhri hogi…..

Do I able to reach upto your expectations?  Do you find it boring?

Hope u liked it? Thanks for lending ur valuable time n reading my OS. Sorry if it bored u. Do drop ur cmt below?

Love you a lots..
SiyappaQUEEN, Lover, Aarohi..

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  1. Sohi

    Hey lover iam crying ?
    Plz don’t go
    You’re shayari were very painful
    Do continue

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Oh meri sweetie don’t cry. I told you naa…??

      1. Sohi

        Ya but it’s very painful

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Kas Khusiyno Ki Ek Dukan Hoti
      Aur Usme Hamari Pahchan Hoti
      Lelete Apke Liye Sari Khusiyna
      Chahe Unki Kimat Hamari Jan Hoti !!
      Love you so much meri sweetie darling

      1. Sohi

        Thank you soo much for this l will never forget you

    3. SiyappaQUEEN

      Love you too sohi dear…?

  2. Baby

    yaar tu naa………..har baar hume kheti hai acha baba nhi khungi boring…….
    bt fir agle hi stry mein agn boring boring boring…………ohhhhh god jaa mein ni krti cmnt……..
    or tujhse baat bhi ni krti had hi ho gayi matlab…………..

    d love stry was really cute n adorable…….kash yeh sch ho jaye sch mien yaar mar hi jaana hai mene toh………..n mera name bhi tha uff……sooo gud………..loved it………….love u…….

    (iss sabko serious way mein paadio gussa hun mein bt teri stry itni achi thi ki rok nhi payi……..)

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Aab nahi bolungi. Maat gussa humse yaar. You know na I love you so much… And thank you meri Babydoll for such cute words.
      I love you more…

  3. Kruti

    Surviiii…..I love u soooooo much…..The Is was Just Amazing…..and cute as well….Loved it

    Love u

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      I love you more meri jaan…???

  4. Komal123

    Awwww this was so sweet of you to mention my name in your Os Thank you dear I felt special! I loved this piece do keep writing more ☺?

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Love you…?☺

  5. tooooooo..cute

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear…

  6. OMG.. OMG.. OMG!!!!!!!!! i luv u, i luv u, n d most impy thing….

    Dat is. …… I LOVE U…….
    I really hope ur story comes true………..

    May god bless u.. Swtheart

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear. ..
      Love you more??

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous epi

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear..☺

  8. Purvi128

    Hey hey wait a min…! You again called it boring…! You knowni seriously want to punch you ?????? for calling this masterpiece a boring one..!
    Seriously yarrr tu aesa kyun bolti hai…????
    Or teri shayaris ufffff maar dala…!
    so painful….
    Plss don’t go ???
    The os was awesome as usual ..! Me kya bolun words nahi hain….
    Tu bht special hai mere liye .. toh plsssss mat chod ke jaaaa…. ???????
    I love you soooooooo much ????❤❤????

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      I love you more meri sweetie. I am glad to get a friend like you..
      Thank you ??

  9. SidMin

    Loved it …. awesome…. I mean the plot upar se your beautiful Shayari…. amazing combination hai na….
    Yaar tere baate Sun kar rona aaraha hai … I knew your were leaving … but tere last ke shayari ????? rula diya …….
    Love you yaar ???

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Mili solly yaar. Tujhe rolane ka irada nahi tha. You know na I love you. ??
      Thank you

  10. Presha

    Hey survi awesome just loved it

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear ?
      Love you too

  11. Simiyy

    Hey Aarohi
    It wasn’t booming so please don’t call it Boring
    I loved all your OS
    Please don’t go
    Loads of love simiyy

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear ?
      Love you too

  12. SidMin23

    Sweet sidmin were damn cool cute don’t leave us aarohi keep writing on sidmin twinj.

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear ?

  13. Aanya_pandey

    This was so amazing to read

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear

  14. survi yrr srry for late comment i was bzy wid my exams…nd thnx that u mentioned my name..this was fantastic

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Frndship mein no thank you no solly. Meri sweetie. Love you..?

  15. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Yaar lover u r the best excellent mind blowing superb awesome fabulous fantastic writer …..Nd Teri sayari katil h……Kaash ye saachi m saacch ho jaye we all will be overwhelmed……
    Orr tu ek writer ka naam mention krna bhul hi gyi that’s our lover urf aarohi urf siyappaqueen….. hw can u forget to mention her name…..
    Oye jaane ki baat bolkr rula maar…
    Do continue
    Loveee uuuuuu
    Keep smiling

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you meri jaan. Will miss you…?
      I love you more.

      1. Amaya Bhardwaj

        Will miss you tooooo……
        Haan take good care of uuuuuu
        Can I get ur whatsup or Facebook ID to contact uuuuuu….
        .As u have become my addiction yrrr……
        Loooovvveeeeee uuuuuu

  16. Shalini15

    Hi my janeman what an OS it was. Kash sid sach mein ise padh le???????????????? well it was awesome amazing fabulous superb OS. Loved sidmin moment so much ????????????????? it was too good.

    Waise jhuth kyun bola maine sirf aarohi ko nahi pehchana tha nd wo bhi tumne wrong introduction diya tha ????????.
    Well I’ll miss your ff nd os so much.

    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear. Love you….??

  17. Ramya

    Hey queen
    Awesome amazing dear
    Kaash yeh sacj hota
    Loved it
    Love u keep smiling

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear
      Love you

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