MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer lovestory chp – 13


Abeer puts Meher back on floor and she just looked at him amused of his earlier act.
Meher: u do anything to make me happy na?
She asked smilingly.
Abeer: umm maybe because I got attached to u.
Meher: no, u really love me, I can see it in your eyes, u have done so much for me since the starting, u know what? Even I love u, tum itni assurance dete thay mje, mere sabse achhe dost bnay tum, mje motivate kiya tumne, main sun nh pati thi, tum ne vo mushkil bhi door krdi, mje koi kuchh bhi kahay, tum mje support krte thay, apne bhai k friends se or apne bhai se bhi larai krli mere liye, mera itna khayal rakhtay thay tum, main kaise na karti tumse pyar?

She said lovingly encircling her arms around his neck looking deep in his eyes while he held both her waists and joined their foreheads together.
Meher: I love u Abeer
Abeer: I love u too

They have a hug, a very tight hug, he lifted her during the hug and laid her on the roof of the car. He lays beside her.
Meher: ye kuchh ziada hi romantic nh hogaya?
She asked teasingly. He smiled knowingly.
Abeer: I m having fun.
Meher: we’re already drenched, let’s go back to our house, else we’ll catch cold.
She says and they get down from above the car and sits inside the car, and this time she kept her head on his shoulder.
Meher: u made my day
Abeer: u too.

Manik and Nandini stare at each other in the rainy night standing in the garden of Nandini’s house, she was finding the answer.
Nandini: umm Manik, we’ll talk later, it’s too soon.
Manik: tell me soon.

She nods and goes inside and dries her hair recalling Manik’s words. She didn’t think a lot and changed her clothes, and slept. Next day in college, Manik and Nandini meet.
Manik: so what u thought about the yesterday’s confession?
Nandini: we’re not even friends, first we should get to know each other, then we’ll think.
Manik: so u want that we become friends again?
Nandini: u tell? I broke our friendship because of u
Manik: umm ok.

They shake hands.

Manik goes to fab5 while Nandini goes to her friend circle.
Nandini: hi guys. Sorry I couldn’t come tomorrow.
Nisaar: even I couldn’t.
Sasha: me also.
Meher: but I came and we had lots of fun

She says blushing. The new girl Navya comes to them.
Navya: can I join?
Abeer: yes

She sits with them.
Navya: hi I am Navya Naveli from Patna.
Meher: welcome Navya

Everyone welcomes her.
Abeer: so u were saying something about fun? Meher
Meher: ohh haha nothing, I was talking about that horror movie and ur predictions.

She laughs. She tells them everything and they burst into laughter.
Sasha: nice comedian
Nisaar: my joker
Navya: my new friend
Nandini: my enemy’s brother
Meher: my love

Everyone looks at Meher in confusion and she looks down.
Abeer: r u all done with ur description?
He said laughingly looking at Meher. She glares at him.

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