MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer lovestory chp – 11 n 12

After college, Abeer picks Meher from her house and then he goes to Nandini’s house and calls her outside as they are going for movie, she refuses and says I am not in a mood, everyone else also refuses.
Abeer: now only we’re left.
Meher: that’s cool, we’ll spend sometime alone.
Abeer: haha u ok?
Meher: y? Can’t friends spend their time?
Abeer: I didn’t mean it, leave it, we reached.

They get down the car and go in. Fab’s jeep stop there. They get down the jeep and make a stylish entry.

Manik: guys, u all made me come here forcefully, he’s my brother and I can’t make his friends sad.

Alia: and what about us?

Dhruv: chill dude, buddy has a point.

Cabir: so u both do one thing, leave us here and u both go chill at home, play Xbox.

Manik sighs and they all go in. They look around the theater.
Mukti: where did they go? By the way they all were supposed to come, only they both r there.

They go and sit on the seats.
Manik: wow, a horror movie, let’s watch it.

Soon, all of them were distracted away from Abeer and Meher. Cabir brings popcorns for them. The scene in the film showed a man going through the jungle and suddenly someone shouts for help, he runs in the direction of the sound and finds no one, he turns to go but a rope comes and gets stuck around his ankle and it lifts him off the ground upside down. Mukti laughs.
Mukti: let’s do this to our targets.

Alia: yeah yeah Mukti is a ghost, she will do this

Cabir: lady bheem, I can expect from u this much only.

Mukti: u all have gone nuts

Manik: how will u do this he he

Dhruv: point to be noted

Cabir: u always have to say something right Manik? Oh sorry, monster Manik.

They all laugh. Meher was scared from the scene and she unknowingly puts her head on Abeer’s shoulder with her arms wrapped around him. He keeps his hand over her arm and caresses it a little.
Meher: that’s scary
Abeer: he does suicide in a different manner, people hang themselves from their head but he hangs himself from his leg.

Meher laughs, her whole body shakes with laughter. Next scene showed the man falling down as the rope leaves him and he runs from there, he finds a house in the middle of the jungle and goes inside and lays on couch. The door of the house creaks open and something in form of smoke goes in him.
Abeer: haha, now he will stand up and do sleepwalking getting attracted to the smell of food like tom and jerry.

Meher laughs again
Meher: how funny.

Alia: I wonder what will be the next scene.

The next scene shows the man waking up and laughing like a witch and picks up knife and cuts his hand.
Meher: ew
Abeer: so sad, my prediction gone wrong.

He fakes tears and Meher laughs again.
Alia: is this scary or funny?
Mukti: both
Manik: go and ask the director
Cabir: Manik, u can laugh like he’s laughing right?

He teases him.
Dhruv: u tell, u did a horror movie in childhood, u looked horrible.

Manik: aww haha

Mukti and Alia laugh. After some more time, movie ends and Abeer finds Meher on his shoulder with eyes closed.
Abeer: Meher

She opens her eyes and they walk out of there. Fab5 too come and collide with them.
Abeer: hello hi bye bye people, let’s go Meher
They sit in the car and Meher falls on him.
Meher: m sleepy
Abeer: I want to say something.
Meher: hmm?
Abeer: I love u

Meher opens her eyes and looks at him,
she gets down the car, he too gets down the car, she walks a little further. Fab5 weren’t there anymore.

Abeer: what happen Meher? R u ok?
Meher: how can u love me? Don’t u think it’s too soon.

He goes and stands in front of her and cups her cheeks which were wet from tears.
Abeer: I can’t see your pain since the day u came in college, don’t u remember when u couldn’t hear and used to cry? I got pained as well, I helped u just to see u smiling and happy, when pranks were played on u, I couldn’t bear that also, I fought with my brother’s friends just for u, don’t u think its love?

Meher: no, it’s just friendly closure
Abeer: no it’s love

Suddenly she keeps her arm around his neck unknowingly and he too holds her waist, they didn’t realize what they were doing. They join their foreheads and stare into each other’s eyes. Suddenly it starts raining and she parts away from him and gets happy seeing rain. She opens her arms, they both get wet, Abeer just stares at her as she looked beautiful. He lifts her up on a height and she enjoys the rain even more.

Manik drops everyone home and goes to Nandini’s house and rings the doorbell, her mother opens the door and allows him in. She calls Nandini and on seeing him, anger boils in her.
Manik: I need to talk to Nandini alone.
Nandini: but I don’t want to talk, just go Nandu don’t be so rude, Manik, u can talk to her.

They go to garden, it was raining, they sit on the swing.
Nandini: what did u come here for?
Manik: to apologize for my behavior
Nandini: oh, go ahead, apologize as much as u want because now u won’t get forgiveness, enough is enough.

She stands up and was about to go but he pulls her back. They have an eye lock and get drenched in rain.

Kuchh kam roshan hai roshni
Kuchh kam geeli hain baarishein
Kuchh kam lehrati hai hawa
Kuchh kam hain dil mein khwahishein
Tham sa gaya hai, yeh waqt aise, tere liye hi thehra ho jaise

Manik: I am sorry, let’s become friends again, or maybe more than that.

She keeps looking at him and turns to him, they get close, she keeps her hands on his shoulders and he holds her waist. Their face drew closer and closer, their lips were inches apart. The sky gives a lightning thunderstorm and she hugs him.

Manik: relax, it’s nothing.

She parts away slowly.
Manik: I want to apologize for my behavior, sorry Nandini, really sorry, but I really love you

The sky again gives a lightning thunder and the screen freezes.

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