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MN+MB: MaNan+ Mehbeer love story promos


Meher: Ma, papa tortured me that night, he broke things near me which bursted my ears.

Her mother is shocked, Meher hugs her and cries.
.     .      .       .       .       .       .        .

Meher’s mother gets stressed about Meher and faints.
Meher: Maa!

She cries more and more.

Meher: I want u, I need u…

.     .       .      .        .       .       .      .

Abeer: Meher, nothing will happen to her, we will find a good doctor for her.

Abeer consoles a crying Meher and hugs her.

.      .      .      .      .     .      .      .        .

Nandini cracks eggs on fab5 by hiding and makes videos of them.
Nandini: now it will be fun.
.     .      .       .        .       .         .       .

A new girl comes and gets bullied by fab4 (except Manik, as u know why). Meher comes in between.
Meher: stop guys, what’s ur problem?
Fab4 gets angry and takes her hearing aids from her, she too gets angry and slaps Cabir.
.      .       .       .       .        .       .        .

Manik: how dare u slap him?
Meher: how dare he bully everyone? Don’t u dare do it again.
Abeer looks on.
.     .      .     .     .      .      .      .       .

Who will Abeer favour now?

  1. Manya

    Super excited ❣

  2. Amazing and abeer will favour only meher

    1. Salley145

      That will be told later

  3. O god wat a twist yaar I hope abeer will support meher & makes understand manik its a guess….

  4. Mahi13

    Looking forward to know what’ll happen. Update asap.😀😀

  5. Sindhu_Varma

    When u will post I am so eager to see what will happen 🙄😊

    1. Salley145

      Is story ko main weekend pe post krti hoon sirf, agar pehle likhdia to pehle update krdungi

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