MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 8 and 9 combined

Harshad: I will come back, not to bully her but to bully you, Harshad Saxena promises to change for good.

He leaves.
Manik: one tension was less that another came.
Cabir: we can deal with him.

They go from there. Abeer was passing through the corridors when Meher collides with him.
Abeer: hi
Meher: hi, m sorry I talked rudely
Abeer: its ok…don’t let anyone come in between our friendship.
Meher: thanks for being such a good friend.
Abeer: let’s go watch movie after college.
Meher: OK

They have a butterfly handshake and laugh.

Nandini was in girls washroom when Manik comes there, Nandini gets shocked seeing him and looks behind him.
Nandini: what r u doing here?

Manik doesn’t says anything, he comes near her and pushes her to a wall slowly entwining his hand with her and one hand on wall.
Nandini: move away
Manik: shhhh

He keeps his finger on her lips.
Manik: listen to me, r u my friend or not?
Nandini: yes I m, but y r u asking this?
Manik: because u r doing pranks on my friends
Nandini: who said that a friend’s friend is always a friend? They r my enemies.

She tries to go , he pulls her.
Nandini: leave me, if I agreed to be your friend and meet by hiding doesn’t mean u come in girl’s washroom.
Manik: come out then.

He pulls her out and takes her somewhere else, they go inside the jamming room, he pushes her in and locks the door from inside.
Manik: yeah, so Nandu Nandu Nandu, what to do of you?
Nandini: I played a prank I accept it, but it was justified, u yourself apologized me…and what childishness is this? U barge in girl’s washroom and come closer to a girl? Do u have any manners? Stay in limits

She says calmly. He holds her arms and looks at her angrily. Nandini looks on.
Manik: how dare u say that?

Nandini makes him leave her.
Nandini: Manik, leave me, r u mad?

She tries to go but he pulls her.
Nandini: u coconut face, stop it please.
Manik: u potato face also, plz stop running.

Nandini looks at him angrily and goes, Manik runs after her.
Manik: Potato face! Potato face! Stop yr plz I was joking.

He falls. Nandini laughs.
Manik: that’s not how u treat your friends, I have fallen and u r laughing.

Nandini: ohh sorry, take my hand.

She forwards her hand and helps him up still laughing.
Manik: laugh, potatoes are cute while laughing.

Manik pulls her cheeks tightly and laughs and goes from there. Nandini holds her cheeks as it pained and gets irritated.

Later, Manik was going home, he was alone, Nandini comes running to him.
Nandini: arey coconut face stop.

Manik turns.
Nandini: I wanted to say bye.

She laughs and goes.
Manik: just to say bye she ran after me.

He nods his head in disbelief and smiles.

Meher was going home, fab4 sees her and throws marbles in her way, Abeer comes from other side and Meher steps on marbles and loses her balance and falls in Abeer’s arms.Abeer: be careful
He straightens her and his gaze goes on the marbles on the floor. He could see fab4 from the corner of his eye making disappointed faces.
Abeer: Meher u go sit in car, I will come.

She goes to car and Abeer goes to fab4 and clicks his fingers in front of them.
Abeer: what’s your problem guys? Just stop bullying her, don’t use her disability else u all r in great trouble.
Cabir: c’mon man leave it and sort out the differences between u and Manik, we could see he’s upset he just didn’t show it.

Abeer: oh yeah I will, but don’t u dare bully my friend again.

He goes and sits in his car and glances at Meher only to find her looking down embarrassed.
Abeer: what happened?
Meher: y they always have to bully me?
Abeer: I m with u, they won’t do it again.
Meher: I hope so, drop me to the asylum, it seems as if I haven’t met my mother since ages.

She says and he nods. After sometime they reach and she goes waving him. He drives back to his house and goes straight to his room and sees Manik upset.
Abeer: bro
No reply.
Abeer: Mani
He always calls him Mani by love.
Manik: u think I will respond to u if u call me by this name?
Abeer: hey plz, don’t be such a meanie, brothers r meant to be like friends not enemies, u r my only brother, pls stop ignoring.

Manik: Abeer possessive dude, just stop this emotional blackmail, I m not irritated by u.

They have a hug.
Abeer: I should call u Manik monster dude.

He lets out a small laugh and Manik also laughs.
Manik: monster seriously

He laughs like maniac.

Manik: I m going to have bath possessive babe.
Abeer: have fun monster.

He gives him flying kiss, Manik gets irritated and closes the door, Abeer laughs. Later Nandini comes to meet Abeer to his house but collides with Manik.
Nandini: oh hallo coconut.
Manik: potato

He pulls his cheek tightly reddening them.
Manik: u r tomato now
Nandini pulls his cheeks too but the small hair on his face hurts her and she leaves his face.
Nandini: shave properly, coconuts don’t have hair.

Manik bursts into laughter, she too laughs. Nandini comes to Abeer’s room.
Nandini: hi
Manik comes and loudly says boo! She gets startled and Manik laughs.
Abeer: monster plz baby don’t do na
Nandini giggles.
Manik: m not a baby
Nandini: yeah right I never saw a baby coconut.
Abeer: but u would’ve seen baby monsters.

He does a high five with Nandini while she laughs.
Manik: u r my bro
Abeer: haha
Manik: not funny
Abeer: yeah yeah m monster’s brother

Manik runs after him with pillow and Abeer laughs, Nandini watches the tom and jerry brothers and couldn’t stop laughing. Meher comes there and Abeer collides with her and hides behind her.
Abeer: save me
Manik: how funny, a slim girl can’t hide a giant behind her.

Meher laughs.
Meher: Manik, sorry for slapping your friend.
Manik: its OK, help me in catching my bro
Abeer: Meher help me in hiding.

Abeer runs and Manik too runs behind him and they fall on bed getting tired. Meher and Nandini couldn’t stop laughing.
Nandini: monster…baby…oh God

She giggles.
Manik: Nandu stop murmuring plz
Nandini: nice nick
Manik: what did u come for?
Nandini: Abeer called me n Meher for having fun, others r also coming.

Manik murmurs: here I go again with trouble, fab 5 is also coming, how to stop them? God.

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