MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 7

Meher: that’s not how u treat freshers.
Cabir gets angry and takes her hearing aids from her, she too gets angry and slaps him. Abeer looks on.
Manik: how dare u slap him?
Meher: how dare u bully everyone? Don’t u dare do it again.
Abeer looks on. Meher tries to take her hearing aids.
Manik: say sorry
Abeer comes and stands by her side.
Meher: no I won’t.
Manik: u won’t ?
Meher: no
Manik: ok
He takes the hearing aids from Cabir and was about to break them but Abeer snatches them from him.
Abeer: enough Manik
Manik is shocked.
Abeer: and u, what’s your name?

He asks the new girl.
Girl: Navya Naveli
Abeer: u can come to us if any problem is there.

He goes taking Meher from there to a classroom, he makes her wear the hearing aids.
Meher: I m sorry, u fought with your brother because of me.
Abeer: no it was necessary to do so, u did good by slapping his friend, laaton k bhoot baaton se nh maante

Meher: I don’t want a rift between u and your brother.
Abeer: I will explain him, don’t worry…he was using your disability

Meher: leave it, u do a lot for me that’s enough, don’t fight with your bro because of me.

She goes.
Abeer: yr I did this for her and she is favouring him.

He nods his head in disbelief and goes.

Manik: yr like seriously? He shouted on me for that girl?
Mukti: when she will come, I will smash her ugly face.
Alia: calm down Manik, everything will be alright.
Cabir: what will be alright?? She slapped me, Cabir Dhawan the great.

Dhruv laughs.
Dhruv: hahahahaha u joke even when u r angry.
This makes everyone else laugh as well. Cabir gets angry.
Cabir: shut up guys, think of a plan.
Alia: I have a plan, we will make her fall and her hearing aids will fall as well, we’ll break them to pieces.

A voice from back: Alya u were a great person, how could u do this?

She turns.
Alya: bhai its personal
Manik: Harshad just go
Harshad: yeah yeah what you people know besides bullying? I will come back but not to bully that girl, but to bully you, Harshad Saxena promises to change for good.

He leaves.

Some of u might already know Harshad, some don’t know, he was a playboy, betrayed his sister (Alya), his childhood friends Manik and Dhruv and he played with Mukti’s feelings as well. But now he is getting positive, he wants to change for good.

Thank u all for reading my ff.

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    I hope there is no rift between Manik nd abheer ?
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