MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 6


Manik: OK so we’ll meet by hiding ??
Nandini: yes
Manik: as if I m scared.
Nandini: as u wish, if u don’t want your new friend to get bullied then u will have to do so else..

She makes a sad face and shrugs and was about to go but he holds her hand.
Nandini: what?
Manik: I m joking, we’ll meet by hiding only.
Nandini: OK
She hugs him, he’s shocked by her sudden hug but after sometime he hugs her back.

She breaks the hug and smiles at him and goes, Manik smiles.

Abeer was with Meher outside her mother’s room consoling her, she was crying too much.
Abeer: Meher doctor is checking her don’t sorry everything will be fine.

Meher: I shouldn’t have told her this, everything is my fault, ma will be more ill just because of me

She cries even more and he hugs her.

Abeer: no its not your fault, she should’ve known it if not today so some other day, don’t cry, everything will be fine.

She hugs him back cryingly.
Meher: I beared the pain anyhow when papa went but I won’t be able to bear it if mumma too goes.

Abeer: she won’t go, don’t worry.

Doctor comes and she immediately parts away from him and rushes to doctor.
Meher: how is mumma?
Doctor: any type of stress is bad for her, she will be conscious in sometime, don’t talk to her about anything from which she suffers.

Meher: can I meet her?
Doctor: yes

Meher rushes inside the room and cries in her mother’s lap. Abeer consoles her not able to see her cry like this. Her mother wakes up and she immediately wipes her tears.
Meher: Ma
Suman: I wont leave your father
Meher: mumma plz leave this topic, papa and his stupid life go to hell, I care only about u, I can hear because of these hearing aids and that’s enough for me, don’t take tension, eat something.
She makes her eat and hugs her. Her mother sleeps and she goes from there with Abeer to college and both were greeted by eggs cracked on them by fab5 only on Meher. Abeer gets angry and confronts them.

Abeer: u blo*dy losers, I spare u all just because of my brother else I would’ve told u a lot, I told u not to bully anyone, do u have any manners u ill mannered people, she’s my friend, if u do it again, get ready for what I do.

Nandini comes and takes Meher with her to washroom. She washes her face.
Nandini: Meher, look don’t bear all this, u r strong, just because they r famous that doesn’t means they bully everyone, we both will take revenge from them OK.

She hugs her and takes her out. Later Meher and Nandini together cracks eggs on Fab4 (not on Manik) and makes videos.
Nandini: we’ll upload it on social media and will bully them, it will be fun.
Meher: yes
She smiled for the first time that day.

Nandini uploads those pics and enjoys their condition. She goes with Meher in front of them.
Nandini: how did it felt now?
Cabir: u?!
Nandini: yes its us, donkey monkey, u r looking worse.

She laughs and goes with Meher while they all fumes in anger.

Later a new girl comes and gets bullied by fab5, Meher comes and stops them.
Meher: that’s not how u treat freshers.
Cabir gets angry and takes her hearing aids from her, she too gets angry and slaps him. Abeer looks on.

What will happen now? Who is the new girl? To be continued

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  2. Nishita

    Nice episode.. Loved manan scenes.. Waiting for nxt epi 🙂

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      Thnx Nishita

  3. Nice episode

  4. Awesome waiting for next

  5. Mahi13

    The update was good. Loved nandini n meher’s revenge on fab 5.

  6. Ha di episode was good

  7. Sindhu_Varma

    Loved Nandu’s nd Meher reaction on fab 4
    Update soon

  8. Loved the revenge part & abeer meher part was also good I think new girl might be navyaa

    1. Salley145

      U will know it in next chapter

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