MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 5


Nandini throws a fake snake at fab5 but they misunderstands it as real snake and gets scared, at first Abeer and others get shocked but when Nandini shows them thumbs up, they understand and smile. Finally fab5 throws the snake away. Nandini and Abeer with others laugh.
Nandini: my God! Today, the one who scares got scared. Tututut

Abeer comes and says: u deserve it.
Manik: u too?
Abeer: m saying about others, let’s go guys
They go back to their table.

Mukti: these two new girls are becoming too much for us specially Nandini.

Manik: we shouldn’t forget that we were the ones who started the fight.

Cabir: someone is developing care and possessiveness about the girl who came one day ago.

Manik: what? I m not being possessive.

Aliya: then why are u pointing at us?

Manik: I don’t want to say anything about her…leave it.

Dhruv: Buddy ko Nandu pasand hai (buddy likes nandu [baby ko bass pasand hai tune])

Manik giggles along with everyone else.

Abeer: wow Nandini u r awesome, u scared them off.

Meher: yes, they are too much.

Nandini: this was just the starting of my revenge.

Meher: what are u going to do next?

Nandini: the thing they did to me.

Meher: ohh

Abeer smiles seeing Meher happy.

Nisaar whispers: why are you smiling?
Abeer whispers back: because now Meher is feeling good, she got her hearing sense back, m happy for her.

Nisaar smiles at him.

Abeer: guys let’s jam together right now what say?
Meher: I m also in a mood but I don’t know how to play any instrument.
Abeer: don’t worry, when Abeer is here what’s the fear?
Nisaar laughs on him.
Sasha: I also want to come.
Nandini: me too
Nisaar: me also
Abeer: let’s go then

They all go from there to the jamming room after taking their instruments. They all jam for sometime, Meher only sings and the others play instruments as well. They all go from there except Meher and Abeer. He thinks to teach her any instrument.
Abeer: do u want to learn how to play any instrument?
Meher: yes, violin.
Abeer: OK, here u go.

He gives a violin in her hand from back and makes her hold it in a correct position.

He keeps his hand on her hand which was holding the violin stick and plays it. Her back touched his front, she smiles as he helps her in playing it.

They both were really close that Meher could feel his breath on her neck. He slowly gets close and nuzzles in her neck, she closes her eyes feeling his touch.

Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi
Lehar lehar jaise beh rahi hai
Koi ankahi koi ansuni
Baat dheemi dheemi keh rahi hai
Kahi na kahi jaagi hui hai koi aarzoo
Kahi na kahi khoye hue se hai main aur tu
Ke boom boom boom para para
Hai khaamosh dono
Ke boom boom boom para para
Hai madhosh dono
Jo gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye
Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahe
Gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye hai na

She enjoys playing it and he parts his nose away from her neck, she looks in his eyes and smile. He smiles back at her.

Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
Jise tune chaha hoga wo tera
Mujhe wo yeh batati hai
Main magan hoo par na jaanu
Kab aane wala hai wo pal
Jab haule haule dheere dheere
Khilega dil ka yeh kamal
Ke boom boom boom para para
Hai khaamosh dono
Ke boom boom boom para para
Hai madhosh dono
Jo gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye
Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahe
Gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye hai na

Meher: thank u Abeer
Abeer: no problem we are friends

They keep aside the violin and she hugs him, he too hugs her and smiles.

Yeh kaisa samay hai kaisa sama hai
Ke sham hai pighal rahi
Yeh sab kuch hasee hai sab kuch jawa hai
Hai zindagi machal rahi jagmagati jilmilati
Palak palak pe khwaab hai
Sun yeh hawaye gungunaye
Jo geet lajawab hai
Ke boom boom boom para para
Hai khaamosh dono
Ke boom boom boom para para
Hai madhosh dono
Jo gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye
Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahe
Gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye hai na

She was hugging him really tight smiling but suddenly she starts crying recalling her mother, her crying voice couldn’t be heard by him as she was doing it silently. They slowly part away and she was the first one to get out of there. She walks through the corridors cryingly, she missed her mother a lot. She goes to the exit gate and hires an auto to go to rehab. She tells the directions and she finally reaches. She goes inside towards her mother’s room. She slightly opens it and sees her sleeping. She walks in towards her and kisses her forehead trying not to disturb her sleep. She kneels down keeping her head in her lap, the most peaceful place ever. Tears roll down her cheek and her mother(Suman) wakes up.
Suman: Meher
She lifts her head from her lap and looks at her standing up.
Meher: sorry I disturbed your sleep.
Suman: no no u r still my little girl, I don’t mind waking up for u.

She smiles at her and notices her crying.
Suman: why r u crying?
Meher: nothing, u sleep, take rest.

She was about to go.
Suman: why do u cry too much? And why r u wearing these hearing aids?

Meher: on your divorce night, papa tortured me, he threw things near me which bursted my ears.

Suman is shocked, Meher hugs her and cries. Abeer sees them through the glass. Suman is stressed, she too cries caressing her hair. Suddenly she faints.
Meher: Maa! I want u I need u, plz u don’t go leaving me.

Abeer enters inside and holds her as she cries.
Meher: u here?
Abeer: I followed u I knew something is wrong so that’s why…is she your mother?
Meher nods.
Abeer: don’t worry she will be fine, we will find a good doctor for her.

She hugs him, he too hugs her.

In the college, Manik collides with Nandini, she annoyingly tries to go but he stops her.
Manik: what have I done? Don’t be so rude, can’t we be normal?
Nandini: which normal? Like this, hi Manik, hi Nandini, how r u? I m fine…this normal?
She says sarcastically. Manik starts laughing.
Nandini: and what’s there to laugh?
Manik: u r so funny, let’s become friends? I promise I won’t do pranks on u.
Nandini: friends my foot, your friends will surely play pranks on me if they get to know this.
Manik: oh God, we will meet like Romeo and Juliet.
He sits on one knee holding her hand.
Nandini: what the hell? Stand up!

He gestures her to be quiet and let him say.
Manik: we will keep this friendship a secret.
Nandini: I don’t think that will happen.
Manik: till u don’t agree I won’t stand up.
Nandini: OK ur wish, your friends will come and see what r u doing here, that will bring a rift between u all, OK we can be friends, now stand up.
He stands up and jumps in joy, she feels weird and laughs. He forwards his hand closing his middle finger and ring finger, she too does the same joining her index finger and pinky finger together. Then they both join their thumbs together unjoining their index finger and pinky finger swirling their hand and opens their middle finger and ring finger and do a handshake. (I hope u understand this he he) They smile at each other.

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