MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 4


Manik reaches home and sits on his bed resting his back on the bedboard thinking about the day. He thinks about crying Nandini who didn’t do anything and got hurt intentionally. He goes to the washroom and turns on the shower standing under it, don’t know why he felt guilty on seeing her cry. Abeer enters the room and sits on the bed, he had the same condition like Manik. He was thinking about Meher, how she always cries whenever she can’t hear. He didn’t wanted her to feel different from everyone else.
Abeer says in heart, “I will do something for u Meher, I will give u your hearing sense back, I promise.”

Manik comes out.
Manik: what’s up bro? Are u angry on me?
Abeer: no ways, can I ask u something?
Manik: yes
Abeer: what to do for deafness? U know when ears burst and on completely losing hearing sense.

Manik: hearing aids are the only solution for that, but what happened?

He asks drying his hair.
Abeer: actually my friend need it so I was asking, and your uneasiness is there on your face, u wont tell but i will know your feelings, did dad say something?
Manik: no, I m feeling bad for Nandini, what was her fault? My friends troubled her without any reason.
Abeer: I know, now she’s in my friend circle, and u should apologize if u think that will be good
Manik hugs him: thank u, u r the key to my every problem.
Abeer hugs him back.

Nandini talks to Rishab about her day in college. Rishab was Nandini’s little brother but he meant the world to her and she would always share everything with him no matter what, even if he didnt had solution, he would tell her a joke to make her forget her problems.
Nandini: Rishu, today that stupid fab5 bullied me, that Manik even apologized to me, but I shouted on him, I was too angry, but I got some good friends as well, my day was normal.
Rishab: don’t let them bully u again, if they does then (he shows his fist) punch them on their ugly face. U say this always.
Nandini laughs and they fight with pillows.

Meher in the ashram, she recalls her mother, how she missed her love in childhood, she has lived in this ashram since forever, she never complained about not getting her love as she knew how much pain she had beared.
Meher: I want to meet my mother, I m going to her.
She goes out of the ashram and turns on the GPS of her phone as she didn’t knew where’s the rehab where her mother is. It wasn’t too much far and so she walks to it. She reaches the rehab and asks about her mother. She gets to know about her and runs to the room. She opens the door and sees her mother sleeping. She gets teary eyed and goes inside, she sits on her knees and keeps her head in her lap, she felt the peace in her heart once again which she felt in childhood and always wanted to feel it.
Meher: Ma, I missed u, I know u have beared a lot of pain because of papa and u couldn’t ever give time to me, but the past won’t repeat I promise.

She talks to her sleeping mother while crying. Her mother wakes up and touches her face.
Meher: Maa
She says looking up at her and hugs her.
Meher:  I missed u maa.
Her mother hugs her back recognizing her.
Mother: I missed u too
Meher couldn’t hear and so she didn’t said anything. She breaks the hug.
Meher: Maa I m there for u always, I won’t leave u like papa did.
Her mother kisses her forehead.
Mother: did your father hurt you?

Meher cries recalling that night looking down.
Mother: tell me
Meher keeps crying. Her mother lifts her face.
Mother: tell me plz.
Meher: I love u maa, papa is a stranger…I don’t want to talk about him.
Mother: OK, I won’t, I m happy u came.
They have a hug while Meher cries to her fullest, if she would tell her mother, she will get ill, what could she do except crying? Poor soul.

Next day, Abeer and Meher meet in the cafeteria.
Abeer: I have something for u
Meher: what is it?
Abeer gives her hearing aids.
Meher: what are these for?
Abeer: u can’t hear and feel hurt about it right? Now u will be able to hear.
Meher smiles on knowing how much he cares for his friends. She takes it from his hands and wears it, her life again became happy because of him.
Abeer: can u hear me now?
Meher: yes I can hear everything, thank u, thank u so much for this

She smiles and hugs him tightly and he too smiles seeing her smile.

Manik enters the college and collides with Nandini.
Manik: hi
Nandini makes an annoyed face and leaves from there.
Manik: I m apologizing and u dont want to hear, huh
He too leaves. Later after some classes, in the cafeteria, Nandini was sitting with Abeer’s group. Fab5 sees all of them laughing and talking.
Cabir: hey you, Nandini, come here.
Nandini: yes yes, why not?
Fab5 have an evil laughter as they thought their plan is working but little did they know their plan is going to be backfire. Abeer and others look on as Nandini walks to fab5.
Nandini: today u all will be welcomed to hell and not me.
She throws a fake snake on them but they misunderstand it as a real snake and gets scared, Abeer and others gets shocked while Nandini laughs showing them thumbs up to which they smile.

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