MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 3

Manik: I didn’t do, they did.

As he says this, rest of the fab5 looks at him shockingly, he did this first time.
Abeer: good that u didn’t do it…you all shouldn’t have done this, she is a fresher doesn’t mean you bully her.

He goes with his group and Manik receives angry glares from fab4. Manik looks at them.
Manik: sorry guys, don’t take me wrong, I really didn’t do it, I just told him the truth, and we only play tricks on those who mess with us so I didn’t do any prank on her, what’s her mistake?
Mukti: now she’s important to u more than us?
Manik: no ways
Cabir: what’s wrong with u then?
Manik: I don’t feel good while doing all this.
Dhruv: buddy your mood is bad from morning, tell us what is bothering u
Manik: dad
Dhruv: he will accept u one day, don’t worry
He gives him a hug and Manik hugs him back in return.
Aliya: so no more pranks?

Aliya asks as she loves doing pranks with freshers.
Cabir: not on Nandini but on Meher
Manik: guys plz not on her
Mukti: yeah right because she is your brother’s friend
Aliya: what can we do? We want a fresher to do pranks
Dhruv: he said no
Cabir: if u don’t want to get involved then OK fine.

They go. Nandini cries in the washroom cleaning her clothes and her hair. She just wanted to go home right now, in fact no one will want to stay after such embarrassment. Manik barges in there.
Nandini shouts: what the hell are you doing here? Just go!
Manik stays calm and goes near her.
Manik: believe me I didn’t wanted to do that, it was my friends who did this.
Nandini ignores him and leaves from there, he palms his mouth. Nandini while going collides with Abeer. She looks here and there not sure if she should talk or not.
Abeer: hey r u OK?
Nandini nods.
Abeer: it happens sometimes, its OK, will u join us?
Nandini looks down not knowing what to answer.
Sasha: such people are everywhere, maybe making friends will help u.

Nandini: OK fine, I will join u all…hi I am Nandini Moorthy.
They all introduce themselves except Meher, she couldn’t hear them.
Nandini to Meher: and u r?
Abeer: I will say, she can’t hear, she’s Meher Purohit
Nandini: hi Meher.
She forwards her hand for handshake. She was looking down. Nandini shakes her a little. She looks up and she waves at her and she smiles in return but soon turns away hiding her tears. This didn’t go unnoticed by Abeer, now he was desperate to know why she always cries whenever someone talks to her about her deafness. Nandini walks along with them.
Nandini: Abeer, why is your brother’s group like this?
Abeer: only people who mess with them, Manik does pranks on them only, his group does pranks even when freshers doesn’t mess with them.
Nandini: oh…now I think their next target is Meher.
Abeer: no m sure Manik wont let them do anything.
Nandini: I hope so.

Later it was time for everyone to go home. Meher was also going when suddenly Mukti cracks egg on her and she stops and looks at her. Mukti comes to her.
Mukti: hi fresher, u came, was waiting for u only, and what’s getting u late? Come join us.
Before she could say anything Mukti takes her to fab5.
Manik: Mukti leave her, what’s wrong with u?
Cabir: nothing…but this fresher isn’t that chirpy so we can easily do pranks on her.
Meher looks at them not understanding or able to hear what were they saying, she was confused. Cabir comes to her.
Cabir: so u have to do a dare for us

Meher looks at his lip movements and understands what he’s saying.
Meher: but why?
Abeer: no u don’t have to.
Abeer comes there looking for Manik and sees Meher with them and understands their plan. He goes in front of her making sure she understands what he’s saying.

Abeer: now that we are friends so friends should protect each other right? U don’t have to do any dare, Manik come let’s leave.

Manik: I will go with them.
Abeer: OK, let’s go Meher.

Mehbeer go from there to the exit gate. Abeer sits on the front seat along with her. Whole journey till her house was quiet. She was about to go out but he stops her. She looks at him with questioning look.
Abeer: why do u always cry whenever someone talks to u and u can’t hear? I mean many ppl are like that out there.
Meher: because it hurts and I feel depressing.
Abeer: u can tell me.
Meher cries.
Meher: no, I won’t tell u, m going, m late
Abeer: (holds her hand) I promise to help u
Meher: yeah right, I will tell u everything, but I don’t know if u can still help me or not.

When Meher was 5 years old, their parents got divorced and so her father used to be drunk every night, her mother went in depression, she got much affected by all this. One day when her father came home, he was drunk at that time too, no senses worked at all. He was as usual angry.

Meher was in her room scared as he’s abusive and hurted her if he ever gets angry. But unluckily he came there too.
Meher: p-papa
Her father picks a lamp and throws it, she moves out of the way but her ears got affected, it pained at first. Then he throws the glass on her, again she moves away but now her ears bursted and bleeded heavily. She holds her ears and screams in pain. She had no one to talk to, even if she did, she would never say anything, she had unconditional love for her father. She couldn’t take the abuse anymore. She ran from her house that night, her mother got shifted to Rehab as she got mad. She never went back to her house, she lived in ashram.
Fb end.

Abeer: how can someone do that to his own daughter? Don’t bottle up your feelings,I m always there if u need a friend to talk

She hugs him while crying, he was shocked with her sudden hug but he hugged her back feeling her sorrow.

Mukti: we are doing our next prank soon.
They join hands including Manik who agreed unwillingly.


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