MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 2


Manik stares at Nandini getting mesmerized.
Manik says in heart: I don’t know if she’ll be our target or my girlfriend.

In Abeer’s class, same happened there as well but a little different. Teacher introduces a new girl as Meher Purohit and asks her to sit with Abeer. She simply goes and sits beside him.
Abeer: hi I m Abeer Malhotra
Meher doesn’t replies. He waves in front of her and she looks at him.
Abeer: m Abeer Malhotra
Meher: hi
She smiles.
Abeer: why didn’t u hear me first?
Meher: actually I have hearing problem na so that’s why…sorry
Abeer: oh
Meher looks away getting teary eyed.

In Manik’s classroom, Manik was still staring at Nandini. She waves at him.
Nandini: what happen?
Manik: beautiful
Nandini: sorry, did u say something?
Manik: no

Nandini notes down lecture, Manik steals glances of her and Mukti gives him a note. It said, “let’s start with our plan.” Before Manik could react, Mukti calls Nandini and she turns back only to get the ink splashed on her face.
Nandini: how dare u?
She runs to Raghav sir.
Nandini: sir look what that girl did to my face.
Raghav looks at her confused.
Raghav: what has she done? Your face is normal
Nandini: but
Raghav: go back
Nandini sits beside Manik and pulls out her phone switching on the front camera, the ink wasn’t there anymore. Nandini turns to Mukti.
Nandini: u did it first time that’s why forgiving u else I will take revenge.

Mukti: yeah sure.

Nandini turns her back to her annoyingly.

Abeer asks Meher to join his band.
Meher: I get nervous in singing and all.
Abeer: u r not alone, we will do it together…so r u coming?
Meher: fine

In the break, Meher goes with Abeer and his friends. He introduces her to everyone.
Abeer: Sasha, Nisaar, she’s Meher and Meher she’s Sasha and he’s Nisaar.

Nisaar, Sasha and Abeer are childhood friends. They have a great bond just like fab5 but they r friendly with everyone, they r not pranksters like fab5.
Meher: hi.
Abeer: will u meet my brother too?
Meher: (hesitantly) yeah OK

They all go to fab5’s table.
Abeer: hi bro
Manik: hi, who’s she?
He says pointing to Meher.
Abeer: our new friend Meher, he’s my brother Manik
Manik: nice catch.
Abeer giggles and leaves with his gang.
Mukti: one more fresher
Manik: if u r thinking to do prank on her, then sorry don’t even think about it.
Mukti: ok

She sees Nandini coming their way and throws marbles in her way and she falls.
Nandini: what’s ur problem?
They all approach her.
Cabir: u a fresher right?
Nandini nods.
Cabir: we greet freshers very well

He makes her stand and everyone except Manik throws eggs on her but suddenly stop as it goes on Abeer . Meher giggles silently on his condition. Abeer goes forward to them.
Abeer: one shouldn’t trouble a girl just because she’s alone…u threw it on me by mistake so its OK but what about her? She’s a fresher u should help her bro.
Nandini: looks like ur brother has more sense than u.
She goes from there.
Abeer: Manik, u did wrong.
Manik: I didn’t do, they did.

Fab5 looks at him shockingly, he did this first time.

What will they do now? Will they get angry on Manik? Or will they let it go? Why did Meher got sad as she told about her problem? Keep reading.

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  1. Great episode
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      3. Sindhu_Varma

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  4. sara superb start…………..
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