Mn+Mb: Manan and Mehbeer love story chp 17

Cabir and Navya perform on the song Aas pass hai Khuda and they perform well. Later, the principal announces the results.
Principal: First position goes to Meher and Abeer.
Meher smiles and hugs Abeer.

They go on stage and their pic is taken, he keeps his hand around her shoulders and they are given a trophy.
Principal: would u like to say something?
Abeer: yes I will say.
He takes the mic.
Abeer: I am really very happy to get first position and I didn’t like to dance at all, but after I danced with the love of my life Meher, I loved it.

Meher smiles and she too takes the mic, she gets a little emotional.

Meher: the reason that I got interested in music is Abeer, when I couldn’t hear properly, I had no self confidence, he made me confident, when everyone made fun of me, he supported me, all the credit goes to him and to my friend circle too, Nandini, Nisaar, Sasha, Navya, thank u guys, n special thanks to Abeer.

Abeer sidehugs her, she wipes her tears and they go offstage.
Principal: 2nd position goes to Mukti and Abhimanyu.

Everyone claps again and they go on stage, they get a trophy and clicks a Pic.
Abhimanyu: we weren’t a couple but still we won.
He whispers.
She punches his arm playfully giving him an irritated smile.
Principal: would u like to say something?
Abhimanyu: no
Principal: 3rd position goes to Manik and Nandini.

Everyone claps again. They go on stage.
Manik to audience: I won because she was with me, and I would like to advice something to u all. Whenever u dance, just get lost in it as if no one is watching, thank u.
Everyone claps and they go offstage.

Soon it got over and later that day, Meher and Abeer were standing in Abeer’s room balcony.
Abeer: Meher
Meher: hmm
Abeer: i love u a lot
Meher: I also love u

He draws his face closer to her face and kisses her cheek holding her hand. They smile. They sit on the railing facing the road. She wraps her arms around his waist, he side hugs her. She didn’t realize she was slipping, suddenly she slips completely and shouts and as she was holding him, he too fell with her and they both shouts and falls on the road injuring themselves, they were still in each other’s arms. Slowly darkness engulfed their eyes. Manik’s car stops there and the minute he and Nandini notice them, they are shocked. Nandini was there with him in his car. They take them in their car and drive towards hospitals, everyone prays for them after they are informed

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