MN+MB: MaNan+ Mehbeer love story chp 15

Meher: yes we are bf gf
Nandini: really?
Abeer: yes Nanz
Navya: nice couple
Nisaar: u didn’t even tell us idiot
Sasha: yes u kept a secret
Abeer: now u know right? Tell me what you want?
Sasha: party

Nisaar stands up and stands in between Meher and Abeer keeping his arms around their shoulders.

Nisaar: yes party should be there

They have a high five.

Manik stands up from the table excusing himself from fab4 and goes to Abeer’s table.
Manik: Nandini

Nandini turns to him and her smile vanishes seeing him.
Nandini: what is it fun sucker?

Manik holds her arm and looks at her with anger.
Nandini: leave me
Manik: don’t call me that again
Nandini: I just told the truth, now move away

She pushes him but he drags her away from her friends and takes her to an empty class room locking the door, he pins her to the door.
Nandini: leave me
Manik: no I won’t
Nandini: leave!
Manik: shout, no one will come
Nandini: I will hit u so much, this giant body of yours will turn into a skeleton
Manik: ohhh hahahaha, do it

She tries to get out of his grip. He moves his face closer to her while she looks away at her arms which were in his grip. She shifts his gaze back to him and sees him close. She hesitates and pins her head to the wall turning it and feels his grip loosen on her, she tries getting out of his arms grip but he wasn’t leaving her.
Manik: you love me na?
Nandini: no!
Manik: y?

Nandini slides down the door and crawls out from the trap.
Nandini: because I don’t believe in love. U r a monster, u always make fun of my friend Meher who can’t hear, what’s ur problem? Who r u to tell her anything? U n ur friends r a total mess, stay away from me n my friends else I will also not leave u!

She unlocks the door pulling it open and goes from there. Manik looks on. Nandini walks back to her friend circle. Manik goes back to fab5. He keeps glancing at Nandini every now and then. Later when the college was over, Nandini was going but Manik doesn’t let’s her go. He picks her on his shoulder while she keeps hitting him on his back moving her legs continuously asking him to put her down. He unlocks the back door of his car and puts her inside.
Nandini: Manik leave me!

Manik sits beside her and keeps a hand around her waist.
Nandini: I can’t love u, don’t force me

She says with pleading eyes. He keeps his finger on her lips. She looks at him while he tucks her hair behind her ear.
Nandini: what r u doing?
Manik: let’s start over as friends.
Nandini: but fab5
Manik: now no hiding
Nandini: we can’t be friends.
Manik: what? Now we can’t become friends too?
Nandini: I mean I love u too, we can be in a relationship.
Manik: what?

He asks smilingly.
Nandini: yes

He hugs her putting his arms around his shoulders and she hugs him by his waist.

Meher and Abeer sit on Abeer’s bike. As he rides, she hugs him from back keeping her head on his back. Abeer smiles. After sometime, they stop outside the mental asylum. She steps down immediately. He too steps down and she holds his hand. They go inside hand in hand towards Meher’s mother’s room and sees her awake.
Meher: mumma

Her mother looks at her and smiles, she goes and hugs her.
Meher: I missed u ma me too

After talking for sometime, they bid bye to her and leave from there. On the day of couple dance competition, Manik and Nandini are called first. They go on the stage hand in hand and she was dressed in a white embellished dress till her thighs, her hair were open, a white embellished hairband pulled her bangs away from her face, she was looking really beautiful, he was wearing a black teeshirt with white coat and white pants, they weren’t looking less than angels down on earth, they smile as the song plays.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i’m tempted to read mehbeer manan ff.but i can’t relate to manan as i’vent seen d show or their scenes.can u restart d same ff with another pair instead of manan? i’m not asking u to stop ur mehbeer manan ff.But a diff version with Mehbeer n another couple?

    1. Salley145

      Yeah but u will have to wait for that because i write so many stories n all r about to end do once they end I will write

  2. Sally’s ff is always good

  3. anushka shetty

    Plzzzz no other replacement of manan……….I seriously love dem Yarr…..plzzz I am not offending anyone’s request…….. But seriously if u change I will start crying……. Plzzz keep my manan in your ff…plzzz

    1. Salley145

      No m not changing because this ff is at its end n it won’t make sense if i change it, but I will write mehbeer ff with other Jodi.glad that u love my ff so much ..?

    2. Jasminerahul

      Chill.I am not asking to replace Manan by another couple in this ff.I am requesting to post the same story 4 another couple.Not changes in this FF

  4. Jasminerahul

    For example a writer wrote some ffs on per reader’s request she posted the same ffs on other bodies too by just changing’s common among writers that they post 2-3 versions of the same ff

    1. Salley145

      U tell the Jodi n I will write, I k ow writers do so, m thinking to do the same, I can write on mehbeer with arshi, ishra, I dont know anything about swaragini, never watched it, which Jodi?? ?

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanku.since I don’t know the story I don’t know which jodi can replace Manan.plz give an idea about manan’s characters.u can even choose jodies from films also.u plz give suggestions of jodies from films ..the jodies who can replace Manan.

      2. Salley145

        Shraddha kapoor n aditya Roykapoor
        Alia butt n siddhart malhotra
        Hrithik roshan n Katrina kaif

        I don’tknow more

  5. Wowww its really superrr after a long time u updated

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