MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 10

Chapter 8 and 9

Fab5 arrives at Manik’s house, their parents open the door. They go directly to Manik’s room, they knock on the door as it was locked.
Manik: guys, can u plz hide? Fab5 is here, I will explain later.

They nod and hide under the bed. He opens the room and have a group hug.
Mukti: what’s the plan for the deaf girl?
Manik: drop this topic, don’t want to talk about it.
Mukti: y? She slapped Cabir.
Cabir: yes she slapped me and I will get my revenge for sure.

Abeer whispers to Nandini: they’re talking about revenge from Meher, don’t u think it’s bad to get revenge on her? How to stop them?

Nandini: whispers: I think Manik will do that

Manik: look both the teams were equally evil, we took her hearing aids, she slapped u, the scores r settled, Cabir leave it, don’t be a baby.

Alia: oh what do u mean? Don’t u care about ur friends now?

Manik: guys, plz, I already told u all no pranks on Abeer or his friends.

Mukti: we didn’t do prank on her, we did it on that new girl, who is she to come in between?

Dhruv: u all are doing wrong, don’t be too hard on her.

Alia: that deaf girl is a blo*dy b*t*h, and we all are quiet because Abeer is your brother.

She says it loud and Meher hears this, she cries. Abeer couldn’t take it anymore, he crawls out of the bed and looks at Alia angrily.

Abeer: u! What do u think of yourself ha? Don’t u dare utter a word against any of my friend? U understand? I m also quiet because u r Manik’s friends, else I would’ve told u off many times.

Nandini too came out by that time holding Meher trying to stop her tears.
Nandini: u all, if u dare to say that again? Be ready for my punch, everyone, this monkey (Cabir) deserves 1000 slaps, and this girl wearing very little dress, don’t u have manners? And u tomboy (Mukti) u r more like a witch to me, let’s go Meher.

She takes her from there. Everyone fumes in anger besides Abeer.
Manik in his mind: she was calling me coconut? Now I will show my anger.

Next day, Abeer’s group passed by their table and Alia stepped right in front of Nandini.
Alia: u, behenji, do u have good clothes? Like really good clothes to wear!
Manik: Alia leave it (he comes and stands in front of her and holds her arms tightly)
Nandini pushes him.
Nandini: enough! Monster Manik!

She goes followed by everyone else. She sits on a table lost in thoughts.
Abeer: sorry for that.
Nandini: its OK, I m going, need some me time.

She goes to girl’s washroom and splashes cold water on her face and looks at her reflection.
Nandini: y? Y does it always happens with me? I m breaking friendship with Manik…no more trouble.

She goes out directly to the cafeteria to their table and slams it with her palms hardly.
Nandini: u! Mr.Manik Malhotra, I m over the friendship we had, don’t ever show me your coconut face.

She then goes to her table and Abeer gets an idea to cheer them up.
Abeer: Nandini, let’s go watch a movie tonight what say?
Nandini: yes, not at your home
Abeer: oh I mean the theater
Nisaar: yeah a movie with a pinch of romance

He winks at Abeer. He ignores him.
Abeer: will u come Meher?
Meher: yes

Everyone agrees. Little did they know fab5 heard everything.
Alia: we’ll see how they enjoy.

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