MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer love story- chp 1


A boy was sitting in his room engrossed in playing guitar when another boy enters and sits in front of him.
Boy 1: why do u always come on wrong timing?
He says putting his guitar at a side.

Boy 2: I m ur brother… do I need permission to come and talk to u Manik?

Manik: no Abeer, u don’t, u say
Abeer: why r u so angry?
Manik: because dad again broke my heart today by saying I can’t do anything and m useless…if my family left me on my time of need what’s my fault in it? I wish I shouldn’t have come here.
Abeer: relax bro, everything will be fine, I wonder how will any girl get impressed by u, u r an angry hulk.

Manik smiles.
Manik: u know how to make me smile na
Abeer: any doubts?
Manik: no..but what u wanted to say to me ?
Abeer: don’t u want to go college?
Manik: no m not going.
Abeer: bro no girl will attend college today because the handsome hunk Manik won’t be there na…what will happen of me?

He says faking sadness.
Manik laughs: OK fine m going…u also make a band of yours like I have made
Abeer: yeah OK.. get ready.

He leaves. Abeer’s  dad Aalok Malhotra is a stern man for who the word kindness is rare in front of strangers and Manik was a stranger too as his family didn’t wanted him and so Abeer’s mom Madhvi found him roaming on the roads and took him asking him what’s the matter, she is a kind woman, she cared and loved Manik just like Abeer. But Aalok always differentiated between the brothers and Manik missed his real father. Poor Manik had to bear too much.

Manik gets ready in a white shirt and black jeans with black blazer and looks stunning. He combs his hair and wears his shoes and goes downstairs. Madhvi smiles at him.He too smiles at her and sits beside Abeer. Aalok comes and sits beside Madhvi.
Aalok: good morning
Madhvi: good morning.
Abeer while eating: good morning by me and Manik.
Aalok : Abeer, Manik can speak right?
Manik: good morning dad.

He eats a little then leaves asking Abeer to come soon.
Aalok: why is Manik reacting this way?
Abeer: nothing he is excited for college that’s why, bye dad I am also going. Take care.
He leaves with Manik in their jeep.

Outside space academy, a black jeep stops and Manik and Abeer comes out of it. Every girl’s eyes were on them, Manik shows attitude and doesn’t even looks at them but Abeer smiles at them and goes inside.
Abeer whispers: bro don’t show so much attitude
Manik rolls his eyes and goes different way to the two boys and the girls standing there talking and talking.
Manik: hi guys
Boy: hi buddy
Manik: hi Dhruv
Boy 2: bring Abeer too.
Manik: no Cabir no pranks on him plz
Cabir: OK fine, not on him but on u

Before Manik could say anything, Cabir spills ink on his shirt, Manik’s jaw drops open.
Manik: Cabirrr what did u do
Cabir: what did I do?
He asks blankly as if he did nothing.

Manik: you spilled ink on my shirt.

He says pointing to his shirt but to his shock, the ink wasn’t there anymore. Cabir and the girls giggle.

Manik: the ink was here only.
Cabir: so where did it go?

Manik stays quiet and the others burst into laughter.
Girl: arey it was a prank, this ink disappears within two minutes, it was just to show u how we will trick freshers.
Manik: oh..nice prank Mukti…Bhagwan tumhe jald hi is tension se mukhti de (May God give u peace from this tension )
Mukti giggles.
Manik: Alya won’t u say anything? U r so quiet.
Alya: no nothing, bhai first time didn’t come to college, m scared he’s up to something.
Cabir: no he won’t do anything relax…no group hug today?

They have a group hug.

Fab5: Also known as the pranksters and the famous band of space academy.
Cabir Dhawan:
Jolly, fun loving, the drummer, lives with his mom and little sister Ruhanika.
Alya Saxena:
The pianist, short tempered, lives with parents and a brother Harshad.
Dhruv Vedant:
Shy boy, the guitarist, lives with his mother.
Mukti Vardhan:
Electric guitarist, short tempered, lives with her grandmother (Nani)
Manik Malhotra:
(Already told)

After a long hug, they go to their class only to get a long lecture of getting late, but as usual they ignored it.
Raghav Sir:
Today we have a new student in our class, Nandini Moorthy.
A girl enters with long hair till waist wearing a blue thigh length tight dress, chubby cheeks, innocence clearly shown on her face. She stands facing everyone.
Nandini: hi I am Nandini Moorthy, m a classical singer from Bhopal.
Raghav sir: have a seat.

She sits beside Manik.He stares at her mesmerized.
Manik says in heart: I don’t know if she’ll be our target or my girlfriend.

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  1. Superb episode waiting for next one eagerly

  2. Sindhu_Varma

    she will be manik’s love life..! 😀 😀 😀
    i did not like it, i loved it
    waiting for meher’s entry

    1. Salley145

      Thnx Sindhu

  3. it was very nice pls update next part soon well i was a huge fan of mehbeer

  4. it was very nice pls update next part soon well i m
    a huge fan of mehbeer

  5. Manan_0206

    Awesome one ! Both my fav jodis together !

  6. Hai hai hai….seriously very nyc…n the best part was…at last Manik thought…-” i don’t know if she ll be our target or my girlfriend” uff…that line made me smile madly ki yes Manik she ll be ur girlfriend only Buddhu…haha….I loved it….

    1. Salley145

      Thnx Tash for ur long comments

  7. Awesome start
    Pls update soon

  8. Awesome but meri meher ko bhul gayi tum ??

    1. Salley145

      Next chp me ayegi

  9. Mahi13

    Superb ?????. Loved manik n abeer’s bond n manik’s last thought. Waiting eagerly for ur next update. Update asap plz. Take care ??

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