mmz…DARK:An action flick…chapter 8

DARK: chapter-8
Thanks everyone for encouraging me for this plot….

It was 5 am..winter season,chilled breeze shivered body inside the spine…but the tensions ongoing in mind n body making hospital environment hot…Dilip looked tensed so as other members…mala brought coffee for all…Adarsh n Ankush ran toward her…both said happily;” maa..maa u know our little angel is coming,we r going to play with her”… Mala patted both of them affectionly…doctor came out from ward n said ;” congratulations Mr.Raizad,u r blessed with baby girl”… All run towards the ward…Dilip was so happy that his sister gave birth a girl..after two generations in their family a baby girl born…

Dilip’s sister married to Mr. Raizad, a defense personnel n best friend of Dilip…Adarsh n Ankush are cousin brothers…Adarsh was two years older than Ankush but behaved more older than his age…they address n regard both the parents as their own parent… so as the elders always thought they have three children…Adarsh was totally mad for radhika,he even never let her to put her feet on ground also…there was literally a competition between Adarsh n Ankush who loves radz more…if radz was scolded for doing any prank n mistake by parents,then both brothers create mahabharat at home…Adarsh gave every kind of freedom to rads… Adarsh was very much interested in detective work n fighting from childhood,so he learned basic lessons from his dad everyday n taught rads little by little but she was least interested in all this matter…childhood passed like this…

When radz get little older Adarsh wanted best for her,so he admitted her London royal public school…although it hurts him n others a lot but it was for her bright future…all promised her to visit twice in a month…but after some months Adarsh couldn’t live without her n become weak psychologically…finally he joined London imperial royal college for completing his course…Ankush also wanted to go but couldn’t as mala health was not good…radz was completed taken care by Adarsh…for radz Adarsh was not a brother,her everything…for Adarsh his world only revolved around radz only…radz introduced Neil to Adarsh,he cared for Neil like his own brother… All were too much happy with their life n enjoyed fullest till Adarsh got job at NB n later at SOS…but later Adarsh framed n died…his family visited London killed by car blast which was witnessed by radz…all thought she also died but before some moment she went out for something so she saved…as Dilip was a judge that time he arranged everything for her safety n make her Mishra without any doubt on them…now except the family only Neil knows radz is Raizad,he was happy that she was alive………………


Ankush waiting impatiently for radz…he was somehow sure that the mask man must be rads…he didn’t like the risk she took alone…he was little bit afraid n why not after all he is a brother…radhika came n went directly to her room…Ankush followed her…

Ankush:” How did u get evidence n u took all the risk alone even didn’t think to inform me,…if Adarsh bhai was here,would u do that”…

Radhika could feel how Ankush was hurt…she also didn’t try to hide the fact…she said;” I lost many things almost everything, how could u expect me to inform u n go there”… Will u let me go alone…no…i don’t want any kind of problem on u”…

Ankush knew she was in pain;” don’t u know we promised that we will work together whatever may be come…n it will be easy if we are together…don’t u have faith on me”…

Radhika with teary eyes;” how could u say that…i believe u more than myself…”
She wanted to make the environment little lighter…she said ;” bhai what I see u think of me as weak,don’t u know m a Raizad that to sister of Adarsh…u forgot how I knock u off in childhood”…

Ankush said stop that topic…how many times u make me feel embarrassed…he hugged her n said u can cry ,no need to hold on urself…she cried,he cried reminiscing those beautiful past moments…some time passed…

Suddenly Ankush remembered something n asked her how she got the evidence…radhika narrated shortly….
She said;” I have a doubt on jai…he never allowed me to go to the site ,so both times I v to make a facade for me to escape from him…i know that minister son has a great interest in old antiques…i went his home as a seller through one of his agent…i already told zubin n kritika to help me removing the outside security when I signalled them…they helped me by making some chaos staying hidden…they took away their security little far…that idiot busy abusing a girl when I entered,my blood boiled…i told him about antiques…as he sent the girl away I shut down the door n beat up him mercilessly…his own pained voice didn’t came outside as he made sound proof room…i warned him if he tried to abuse any girl further I won’t leave him…n u know Maya told us the place of evidence…it was behind an antique piece within a safe locker…so I v to destroy that item…that rascal fainted seeing his antique destroyed…i bind him n send to Neil…that’s it…but zubin n Kritika helped a lot…another thing u know they personally gathering evidences in support of Adarsh bhai…nandini ordered them n recently they include me”….

Ankush seemed little happy but he was in a deep thought about his recent findings…he was in dilemma if he should inform radhika or not…finally he asked other question to her if she watched the video in chip…rads nodded n held on her anger by making tight fists…she told that major general was one of those four who made the conspiracy against Adarsh bhai n his end time starting from now…we have to find other three…Ankush nodded n again lost in his thought..radz saw him disturbed n asked what he’s thinking ??

Ankush can’t hold anymore n blurted out ;” I don’t know why but I recently found both Arjun n Neil are after Adarsh bhai case”…radhika was shocked…….

Precap: October snow…mission target

I don’t know what I wrote today..plz bear with this chapter…

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  1. priya

    rosie diiiiiiiii it was awesome ……………. loved it …………….. eagerly waitintg for nxt one

  2. Gianna

    Good one Rosie but I found it very short, I wanted to read more. So radz and ankush are cousins good to know that, I also doubt Jai, there are so many people after Adarsh case would love to know their connection too. Stay blessed my dear, love u ??

    • Thanks giu baby…I know it’s a short one…but I I continued it it would be too lengthy n long…so I stopped there…plus I m so much exhausted nowadays…next time little long…promise

  3. Chinmayi

    Yippee…thanks rosie dear,i got my gift 🙂
    its my birthday today and both u and gauri had posted…it was short 🙁 but i luved it….now bear my tight hug and kisses :*:*:*:*

    • Happy birthday ? dear Chinmayi..may god fulfil all ur wishes…thanks dear n sorry for short time longer one…promise ?

  4. Fantastic episode, so the Mishra family adopted Radhika, Dilip is actually her uncle, I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode. 🙂

  5. Ritu

    Rosie dr it is superb..finally the secret of Rads being a Raizada got was emotional to read her story..loved it to the core dr..waiting for nxt..plz post u..take care

  6. Wowwwwwwwww rosieeeeee awesome darling 😀 I don’t have specific scene to tell coz loved everything 😀 u people all time coming up with superbbbbbbbb plot all time v r repeating d same dialogue 😀 😀 😀 its too good 😀 eagerly waiting for d next ff 😀 loved it 😀 love u darling 😀 b happy muhaaa 😀

  7. Supriya

    Awsme chappy di….hats off to you for this masterpiece…..actually need to invent words to praise you….you are a rockstar… nailed it….a big round of applause for you my di… are so good with emotions I don’t know why you don’t write romance things….believe me you rock in romance I m not lying srsly…..plz update soon… you….muaaah… Tc?

    • Thanks supu dear…lol..writing romance…i don’t know why but m too much repulsive…may b I was a monk or saint in previous birth…lol…still m happy u people support me without romance in my ff…k..I’ll try in future to write about romance

  8. sammy

    Rosie di was waiting for it it to the core .. just waiting for the truth. ..amazing chappy di ..radhika a one man army . Full action packed 🙂 🙂

  9. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, Rosieeeee my sunshine. …mind blowing episode….rads is actually raizad…adarsh’s Lil sis n ankush’s cousin sis….wowwww such a great revelation….she is really a macho girl…her past is very heart wrenching n emotional…n I loved the bond ankush n rads share…jai looks fishy…but all others zubin kratika nandini. …and our heroes arjun n Neil along with rads n ankush all r trying hard to find truth of adarsh’s case. ..wowwww…precap is very exciting. ..outstanding narration. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. …keep it up honeyyy….take care my sunshine….keep smiling…God bless u n your family…aameen. .love you loads. . . Lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss. ..♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 🙂

    • My di…u always have ways to bring smile on my face…u r too much caring n supporting here n in my personal life too…thank god i find u…amen…

  10. oh Rosie darling i m pakka sure u have learnt karate or something stuff..haha..rads is whta made up of she took risk n went into minister sons room.. n beat him.woooo..mind blowing epi..past incident of rads identity superbly narrated
    .actually i was waiting for ur update..n here u came with bank..n mission..m excited.. love you my action

  11. Sweetie

    Rosie darling…..That was superb update.. 😀 Everyone has their own motive according to them but they all are moving to the same goal post.. 🙂 Loved the bonding of the trio(Adarsh,Ankush and Rads)..Adarsh is such a caring brother.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling dear.. 🙂

  12. Jessie

    Rosieeee… thank u.was waiting for a update in this ff.. past is revealed…wanna know y arjun is also interested.. awesome epiosde.. Very bad they killed entire family… why Rads n neil got separated.. waitinggggg 4 next update dear… loads of love .. TC

  13. Gauri

    Rosie 🙂 as usual amazing update…of all your stories I love this one the most…. The thrill keeps me on my toes…loved this power puff girl Radhika 🙂 and now a big sorry…. these days my office sucks too much tension is going on 🙂 thanks updating after coming back this was the first thing I did read all the updates 🙂 now I am good 🙂 bless you

  14. Sv

    Rosie that was freaky awesome. I can feel the pain of rads when Adarsh is lost.You are such a darling. Was held up with my stupid office work, thats why late comment dear. But now u made my charge full. Love you soo much dear. Bear hugs and kisses dear. Love you lods.

  15. nita

    Nice one…. Waiting for aradhika moments……. And to unfold the secrets…..waiting for Nxt update

  16. susi

    Sorry Rosie dear……for late comment …iam busy some personal work.. …about this chapter….it was just amazing…..speechless. …ur suspense truly make us get excited… Keep rocking dear….. Love u lot …tc.

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