mmz…DARK:An action flick…chapter 13 *Last chapter*


Dark. 13

Hello all people…m very very grateful to those people who read n encouraged me for this plot specially…this story is one of my favourite though many mistakes are there…it resembles reality a bit …n gauri a special thanks to u for encouraging me before write this plot…hope u all like last chapter n understand why I choose my title of ff as DARK…and i always wanted my lead lady to b very strong in all aspects even more than the guys…sorry if i hurt anyone’s sentiment with this…

Year 2012, Thailand

Two persons were talking seriously with each other…the outside cool n scenic nature had no effect on them…they were heavily emerged in their own talk…younger person seemed more worried and restless…its like somebody took out all his blood…he was sobbing n said;” sir,we should be more cautious,everything happened only coz of me,if I informed Adarsh everything right away then we would not have to see such mess,but I was helpless..they caught my family n threatened me…now I realize that it would be best to die once rather than dying each moment by thinking myself as a betrayer”…

Boss said:” U did nothing wrong sumit Khanna…m proud that only coz of u we kept Adarsh alive till date although he was in coma…doctor assured us he will be fine don’t curse urself”…

Sumit exclaimed;” still m responsible…when Anil Malhotra told me to finish off Adarsh after mission over I was dumbstruck…when I denied he blackmailed me…i was searching ways to tell Adarsh everything but didn’t get chance ..later when he was targeted by American security I was with them signalled him to jump down from car before missile hit…but it was bit late..before anyone could search him in sea I found him n informed u…later u know what happened in those two years…

Boss said;” the reason for Adarsh being targeted was much more deeper n we don’t have evidence against Anil Malhotra plus he was highly supported by defence ministry”…

Sumit:” So what r u gonna do??? M ready for everything…let Adarsh come back into senses..his condition worsened more after receiving news that his family killed…if it’s only Anil Malhotra m gonna kill him”….anger rose in him

Boss;” calm down first n we have to take each step very carefully after this..we have to wait for election n I will make sure of administration change to know secret about defense ministry conspiracy…n u just act as E2 member as per their wish but careful…its not something which we can solve have patience…

Right then the health monitor speed up N down considerably…sumit called doctor n he checked…doc said them not to worry as good signals coming..the patient will be cured soon…

Another complete one year took to Adarsh to be fine clearly…sumit didn’t get courage to face him…it was their boss who made clear everything between them …after they prepared a blueprint how to enter E2 organization n infiltrate the information…sumit already changed his name to Arman n he introduced Adarsh as Azad…it was almost impossible to recognize Adarsh with his bruised marked face covered with moustache and beards…they almost saved India from many devastation but couldn’t stop 26 Jan mishap…n being entered India as terrorist is safe for them coz both are treated as traitor..and also it was their boss order also to come back their as soon as possible,he will prove their innocence…

——–back to present
Radhika had tears in her eyes so as Adarsh…she told him how she got saved when she went out for something n blast happened…radhika asked;” bhai who is ur boss”??

Adarsh replied;” he was former NB head who taught me everything,our current DM”…

Radhika retorted back;” so it was all clear…he was very strict,displined person…always very much tensed about country security…he had a background check up of every member who were related to security…smart man…does he know about Neil,Arjun n Ankush bhai interested in ur case…

Adarsh smiled;” yes of course,is not that obvious…he was more clever than our imagination…he loved them coz they wanted to know truth without getting biased…
before he could say anything somebody point his gun toward Adarsh as he stood showing his back but radhika saw him…before she could shoot that man lied on the ground,Ankush fired at him n he rushed to radhika to let her know they captured Arman alive…but his foot stopped seeing Adarsh; he was hell shocked as well as zubin who followed him…an emotional scenes created there…after some moments now the all five decided how to rescue the hostage people…

Neil told their plan to samaira already…teji n samaira were working on it…they scrambled major general voice n send it to jai by parcel…Neil knew only the beloved son of Malhotra couple can devastated them to hell…if he just show his disgust towards them that is also enough for them to broke down..

Nandini instructed jai something when her phone rang…she excused herself n attained the call …she rushed out toward hostage site with her force immediately…jai received a parcel at his office…he opened the pen drive n listened the voice message said by major general;”I don’t want to rely this message to u but I can’t stand against ur parents selfish nature…they showed u that they do everything for u only but that’s fake…u wanted to b SOS director post…if ur father wanted u could…but he voted for other just the make E2 satisfied…if ur mother wanted u could have a higher position at black organization so that u can able to do anything as per ur wish but today u got nothing..he instigated more him which bring on a violence rebel inside him…jai remembered the only moments when Anil Malhotra scolded him,saying him as a fool…

he thought :” I was in a misconception ,in a illusion that u are doing everything to get me power n stays but even at this age u r greedy n thirst for power for ur watch ur good for nothing son will bring ur devastation…u don’t how much I wanted that power u hold,u don’t have any idea about my greed n thirst…i can go to any extent…m going to do something which will make me a hero in front of indian public plus I’ll get back my position also..he stormed out with his evil determination….

Arnav n Rahim came out from abode…shocked to see they are surrounded but Arnav was a nothing less than an egle…after coming out when he get network he called his some people by his tracker GPS…sudden confrontation happened…he said to rahim not to accept defeat easily n started firing…after some hide n seek firing terrorist gang also reached…there is a great fighting now…Arnav took a chance to escaped with formula n nuke…he reached at hostage site to get another shock…nobody was there except the five…he was not a fool to understand what’s going on…he warned:” Azad n arman u will pay ur price for this betray…black king will not leave u..”… With his agony he disclosed the truth of black king who was he’s for territory of south Asia…Arnav continued:” U thought the person who spread terrorism across ur country n always put a halt in ur peace talks is a person belong to other country!!! He laughed like mad…n said;” u all will face destruction by ur own land people…all people belongs to this land are shit who are good for nothing other than throwing tantrums to each other…emotional fool shits…before he could say further Adarsh punched him too hard n warned:” Not a single word against my land n my people,else I’ll kill u…Arnav laughed cruelly;” if we are afraid of death then we should not take the risk…n about the shitty nature of people why r u furious..u both are framed as traitor…what’s this land gave u in exchange of ur commitment…betray u…he continued his rubbish just to avert other people gaze to reach the gun settled near to him…n he succeeded n pointed his gun towards Adarsh…all are froze when he fired but two bullet sounds make them realize what happened…sumit pushed Adarsh n took bullet for Adarsh..the same time Arjun n Neil reached n Arjun shoot Arnav…Adarsh rushed toward sumit n scream for ambulance…sumit said;” the mistake I did six years ago,I v to pay for it..he request Adarsh not to mistaken him n take care of his sister samaira Khanna like his own sister…Adarsh made him shut up n said nothing will happen to u n u will be alright…ur sister is my sister also…

At NDN media office…they are rushed to here n there for a live exclusive…jai Malhotra reached there with some information…jai had evidence against all..he disclosed from starting to end very enthusiastically…trying to hold on himself…he was shedding some crocodile tears …he said;” it hurts me when I know that my parents are culprit but for me my land is first…they were with major general n defense minister at that time played their conspiracy game well…Adarsh Raizad was a great person,he came to know about their involvement with black organizations so they framed him n killed him”… He was sobbing…sam n teji fumed in anger inside seeing his actions…their editor chief signalled calmed down else their work will be waste…finally all evidences showed via media…they were the basic evidence which were kept safe with Anil Malhotra only….but jai forgot that he was digging his own pit …after all the proof they showed,( Neil told Sam to broadcast the chip n dvd which they got from Maya case n the evidences against jai they found with help of SOS members ) Sam showed other evidence exactly what Neil said…jai was shocked n furious,snap Sam’s neck while kritika entered with police force…kritika said;” not so hurry jai…we knew about u much before but we can’t reach ur parents n others which only u did now”… She continued with a cunning smile:” Don’t worry u are not alone,u will enjoy ur time with ur other partners n parents…n importantly police is not going to handle ur case…u will b judged by them whom u misjudged in past n gave pain…she gave a hard punch on his stomach n face…she said: I wanted that from before when u misbehaved me first n hide that u r drunk,its just starting …see what happens to u”… She literally dragg out jai….

Nandini n others forces went to arrest major general but found his abode empty…she made a call to shut down all ways of transport…she thought something hard n send her some armed men to airport n she herself went toward harbour…she was right they are more cunning than wolfs…she knew it would be easy to catch them if they choose to escape by air transport…so they booked a small ship for their voyage to escape not to forget with some security also…some firing n fighting occurred but nandini caught them all…Anil Malhotra said:” Don’t forget u were working under me, u r so ungrateful…I’ll back soon n teach u a lesson for sure..”.. Nandini just smiled n said:” I don’t want to argue about who’s ungrateful but one thing I’ll make sure u wont able to escape…major fumed,prerana was lifeless,she could not believe her son did this to them…..

Nandini’s happiness has no bound after getting know that Adarsh was alive…after her work she went to hostage site to meet all…but she got shivered seeing the scene in front of her…every one seems afraid…she asked what happened?? Zubin replied her:” After Arjun shoot Arnav we were too engrossed with sumit that he utilized the last moment of his n sent nuclear formula to his black king and and and.. He stopped in middle with fear..Adarsh completed :” And he activated the nuke…it took only 45 left out mins to blast n destroyed our land…”
Ankush said : I knew it..its not a devastation only for others it can also apply for us also…
Neil supported…Adarsh make them shut up n watching his sister think something deeply…he asked her what she is thinking?? She answered” if our PM made it he must know how to deactivate it”… Adarsh patted her with pride seeing her sister’s intelligence…

PM informed them;” nuke has some defects,i knowingly made that..if nuke uranium inactive but inside deep water,if it came in close to air it has chance to burst…but careful about some wire junction..if some misplace instead of diffusion it create devastation…but remember u v to do it inside water…still I can’t guarantee 100%… He conveyed his little bit helplessness…

There was another tension brewing among them now…who will carry the task…suddenly everyone shocked hearing nandini scream…they all saw Adarsh took the nuke n went toward helicopter …radhika froze with her state n could not utter a word…nandini run toward Adarsh n said;” r u mad,I see u after many years…what r u going to do…if anything happen to u I v no energy left to face that again…she moved to closer Adarsh but Adarsh was quick…he replied:” M already died for world,what more can happen…and how can u be selfish…its about many lives of my land…before nandini could barge again he immediately put his gun on his head n said :” One extra move towards me,I’ll shoot myself”,.. Nandini stunned n stopped,only blurted out why r u so stubborn…Adarsh went to helicopter n fly away…only he knew how to fly among the gang…others followed him in car…only 25 mins left…

Adarsh went toward a cliff ,deep down blue colour of sea visible; where others stopped at the edge of cliff n look towards him….Adarsh stretched his hand to pick nuke …but….what is this?? Nuke is not at its place…he looked back n shivered from his spine seeing his angel,his sister stood up with nuke….he lost all his calmness with fear…he begged to radhika;” listen my dear angel…it’s not time to play…please give me back the nuke”…
“Radhika smiled faintly:” M not kidding bhai …if someone going to diffuse the nuke that is me not u…m not going to hand over this to u”…

Adarsh felt like his blood soaked…he said;” why r u so stubborn,please give me that…not much time left”… With that he tried to move to her but stopped hearing her threatening the same way he did with nandini …

Radhika retorted back;” m ur sister…how could not be m stubborn…
One thing I want to confess before going down with teary eyes…i never meant those October snow words..i love u bhai to the extent u cant imagine,more than anything in the world…if there is something rebirth or any birth is there I want u to be always with me…and i can’t see u die infront of me again…that will be my death…go n live a happy life with nandini…i knew about her…don’t do anything stupid after i went…see u soon..until then”…
only 3 min left…she jumped off from helicopter with nuke into deep down the see…after some moment sudden burst inside sea make it look like a tsunami is coming….everybody become froze at their place like they have no life left in them…darkness surrounded them again…this darkness spread around them when Adarsh death news spread…but this time the dark is more powerful…when light gone itself by protecting many…may be the people saved,land saved but for some they are not saved…they went into hell of dark…why one must to be sacrifice for many…when people will understand the real world…now nobody knows when will those people come out from this dark after witnessed that dreadful moment…their life almost stopped there…hope someday their life will be bright n colourful like before


don’t run after me to kill me…. I already booked a jet n now going to mars …??

Credit to: rossy

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  1. Sweetie

    Rosie my dear..This is the perfect end to this SS..I got the same feeling when I watched ‘Phantom’ movie for the first time..I salute you for this wonderful SS..This movie is one of my favorites,mostly for its end..I like this strong Radhika forever and after that..No words..Trying to absorb all the emotions right now..As I said this SS has a special place in my heart,but now it is part of my soul..Will speak to you later..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

    1. Thanks sweetie…yes sometime its necessary…m very much greatful u considered it as a part of ur soul

  2. Jessie

    Why dint she just drop d nuke alone..or any other way.. dint expect this.. this is y u named dark.. I thought it was meant 4 d secret or truth.. very much shocked.. Very nice story.. one of my fav..very first time read a female lead in action flick n d end was difficult 2 digest.. I almost cried.. now u need 2 compensate this with Reincarnations.. each chappy we need Ardhika moments.. poor Neil n Adarsh.. can’t even imagine.. and Arjun.. omg..
    Since it was last chappy I was very much interested.. Anyways kudos r trying this different.. nxt time don’t kill anyone in ur ff..Arjun won’t spare u ??I wish tat was not d end. Silly me.. TC.. wish to beat u with wooden stick for u made me cry… else will meet u n rant till ur eats bleed for separating Ardhika…

    1. Thanks Jessie…omg…don’t cry n scare me…m running…catch me if u can…lol..yup u will get more ardhika in reincarnation

  3. Hey Rossy, wat am seeing!!!!! is this the last chappy!!!!!!!! oh wat is happening here!!!!!! hey dear guess wat i hv tears in my eyes. i feel those bubbles on my throat constrict my chest. hey a big salute fr u my friend. i didnt follow this story properly. i did here n thr. but still can say am so proud of u n proud of to hv u as my friend. i just love if female lead is mentally unbeatable n strong enough to act promptly as well as rationally. love u dearrrrr. bit emotional now after reading the last lines. the feelings r natural. words r flowing casually btw bro n sis. I’M SO MUCH PROUD OF YOU. tats all i can say. i mean i’m nt at all near u to b rightfully taking advantage bt Rossy darling this just drifted me away. loved your concept. those lines – the dark is even more powerful, nation saved, our land like those thots goose pimples rising. I respect u yaar Rossy. u r an amazing human to write this.

    1. My god…m very much happy seeing my fab writer here…glad u liked it…thank u very much…come back soon with ur new ff…m waiting

  4. Brin

    Radhika is dead now I know why it is called dark, but poor Arjun is the one effected the most. I am waiting for your recarnation chapter, when will you post the next chapter. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear brin…will post reincarnation soon…

  5. Sammy

    Omg Rosie di …I am thinking only about arjun ..that’s it …the way he loved her ..their kiss ..his smile seeing her ..their October together ..he calling her fire…and now she’ s gone …forever to give new life to adharsh ..nandini …to everyone …still what about arjun I am crying badly ..noooo ..really iam sobbing too …what say Rosie di ..iam also coming to mars ..sorry di ..but get ready because iam also coming there .. .lol …she died ..really iam repeating my words. ….. because of shock .well it was amazing ff a american TV series …thanks for this ff …will love u for this ….main tera haye re jabra ..hoye re jabra fan ho gya 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Sammy cutie …don’t be senti dear…u r coming to mars…no…I’ll give Arjun to u..take care ?

      1. Sammy how much are there left in ur praise dictionary for me…lol…American series…wow…i bowled over…btw u r far more better for than me…its true…waiting for ur final shot..see the new ff

  6. Rosie m going to kil where ever you.. I m coming to mars to to beat you for killing rads…no no no dear this ia not done yarrr…how could rads sacrifice her life…it may she got saved some how….hamare arjun ka kya honga….m crying here..sach me…my heart is paining from inside when i read those last words… are super writer yar..u always gives strong content to us….thia story is something.. Something filled with patriotism love n sacrifice…. You bowled me…M really Thankful to you giving such extra ordinary story to us…you always made lead female character bold n strong.. Every girl should b like her….ohhhhh i still canw get over that rads died….ummmm..pls come up with new ff with aradhika….loads n million of hug..n haan mars pe ho to jara batana vaha pe paani hai kya?? Haha..muhhaa

    1. What???? M digging a pit in mars now…I’ll hide there…u cant find me…?? thanks heroine

  7. S.v

    Im really gonna kill u for making the story in a abrupt end dont worry dear I am the only one who is gonna drive ur jet. Just answer me one question u have symbolically said that they will reveal themselves. So is adarsh and radhika safe I know they would be alive.

    Im leaving you because of I want ur reincarnation from u . When are u gonna update that soon.

    1. I appointed a robot for drive…did u convert into Robert twin…lol…Adarsh is alive…don’t b saddy

    2. S.v

      Then what abt rads yaar ??

      1. She’s in heaven flirting with other angels (male) by spreading her wings!!lol…let her be there…m here for arjun????

  8. Hey Rosie …. I’m angry on you … why did you complete this so soon ??? .. about this story I loved it to the core and Radhika u killed her .. to some extent I am accept but I pity arjun … I don’t know how he is going to recover… my kind request Rosie.. do write epilogue☺☺☺

    1. Thanks vini n sorry…i really can’t write longggg chapters…don’t worry for Arjun…m here for him…lol??..epilogue…I’ll think

  9. Oh, so now i know why u talked about joota chapals on the previous one but guess what i still don’t have those for u, i only have a big tight hug for u my dear. Loved this story for Rads character mostly, u have portrayed her as a strong woman so it was only natural that she would sacrifice herself for her country though i didn’t see that coming. This ff will always have a special place in my heart. Love u

    1. Thanks giu baby…rads macho woman like me…lol…tight hug for u also..hope u enjoyed a lot..

  10. I will kill you seriously … why you had kill Rads ….you don’t know how sad I am …but you wrote something too fantastic that I can’t complain ….hats off to u for this wonderful ff… grt going 🙂 now I am sad so can’t write more .. but all the best for new story I hopeyou are wrting something 🙂 stay blessed

    1. Ayeee I make u sad…don’t worry…if I didn’t kill radhika how Arjun will become mine…

  11. Zoya

    nce rossy i lkd d ndng but felt bad of radss tooo

    1. Thanks zoya…don’t feel bad

  12. rose ..u r excellent writer … I’m proud of u..but radhu dead…I can’t believe it ..poor arjun .brother sentiment (radhu) awesome…mindblowing episode …eagerly waiting ardhika new ff..but no tragedy love u..&thank u..please update ur another ff..

    1. Thanks subha…promise no tragedy…i posted new ff…have a look

  13. You killed my RAdhika…. I still can’t believe this…..first I was very very angry with you di….so I didn’t comment but then I wanted to make you realise that how sad I am….. Srsly hats off to you for radhika’s character…. If we have some more RAdhika in our country….then all the scoundrels mistreating girls would not even dare to glare at a girl….I really wish this happens someday….I really loved your concept di….but pls have some mercy on me I can’t bear tragedies….. Still I watch tragedy wala movie…. I still cry when I watch titantic….m just stupid I guess….. Still m not happy with her death….hope arjun’s recovers soon…..loads of love…. Tc?

    1. Omg…supri dear…so angry ?…i got many threats for this…but what to do…story needed this…m in mars now…so nobody can scare me…don’t worry Arjun is not alone…m with him???

  14. Jessie

    Omg.. u are convincing us tat u are der 4 Arjun??.. no ways… u killed d love of tat innocent soul ?n made fun tat she will enjoy wit angels in heaven?.. I read all ur replies.. ?so will make sure Arjun never see u.. will give pills like Nandu? (as in Impossible love) ?so tat he forgets his darkness???? anything for Arjun…

    1. Lol…Jessie right now I want one thing only…wanna meet u…omg m rolling on uncontrollable on ur reply…my family thought m gone mad…pill for whom?? For Arjun or me…lol…Jessie loveeeeee u dear soooooo much….aaaaoooo…sweetheart read my new ff prologue n give ur precious views else I will make another tragedy…??? so read that…next is ur reincarnation with much fun

      1. Jessie

        Awww… but I won’t melt tat soon.. pills for Arjun., he should listen oly 2 me na?? love u too dear.. read n commented bt its nt published yet?hahaha u thought of scaring me wit a tragedy., I replied in advance der..waiting for reincarnation..

      2. Lol…Jessie dear see m buttering u with reincarnation n new ff…so calm down??? u people scared me so much…hehehe…m safe with Arjun at mars???

  15. Rosie dear m on the way to mars with weapons to kill u…I got a 1000000 volt jhatka…I thought adarsh will die but u kill rads..btw the ending was indeed a masterpiece…most of the time we see only the male sacrifising but I really appreciate when it is a women who save the country…hats off to u for bringing such an amazing idea..Rads sacrifise shows women are no less than men.. jst amazing dear…will badly miss the ff…I really wish to watch this story on screen…m so happy lright now…u can imagine my happiness with my blabbering 😉 I wish I can meet u and all the amazing writers here some day….waiting for ur nxt ff and plz update reincarnation soon…love keep rocking..and yes u just stay on mars and me and Arjun can have fun together.. 😉 🙂

    1. Thanks ritu….glad to see u here back after many days…i already brought Arjun with me to mars…lol…macho girl rads…lets we sponsored this n convert into picture…then u can see it on screen…??? read my new ff

  16. u must give an epilogue..and rest of ur dose i will give in hangouts…i will not spare u…

    1. Chuin,baby u seen after a looooooong time….now u don’t start to scare me…epilogue..will think n tell u

  17. Aasthu

    not fair………………..I didn’t want Rads dead…not only her but no one………..u made me cry,………….not fair……….if I could see u face to face I’ll kill u……………..

    1. Lol…sweeto aasthu…how was ur exam…m going to give you a epilogue…so chill…n it will take time as I didn’t plan about epilogue…ohk..radhika will be alive…

      1. Aasthu

        Helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my exams were fine………..but I don’t think I’ll score good coz the way I’ve written is similar to school…..that is I gave lot of unnecessary details…..and my teachers told that if it is not up to the mark they won’t bother to even glance over it……………… a lil bit sad coz this marks are added for the semester exams too………..but I’m happy that u’ll give an epilogue and that Rads is alive…………….thank you soooooooooo much…………..lub u…………TC…

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    1. Lol….suga dear thanks a ton…glad to see u back…but why so many sorrys …i don’t like that…come to mars …we will enjoy

  19. Omg Rosieeeee my sunshine. tears, even I knew the end as you told me but reading it fully made me cry n salute to your strength of giving rads this powerful role but I still want my fire to be back for her arjun…an epilogue is must be coming if you haven’t written already …it’s my humble request. …plzzzz bring back rads…. ..I’m totally immersed into this story n it’s one of my favorite….It will be always in my heart…soooooooo sorry for being late here….keep it up honeyyy. Will catch you up in reincarnation ff….see u soooooooon muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡

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