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Dark 12

Hello all people…as this story move towards its climax my heart raced at a 1000kmph speed…i don’t know till end of this chapter how many joota chapal waiting for me…but I swear m not a person who can write anything without decided its climax…i write something when I know how to bear last two chapters n my blabber also…

Heroine this is for u…may almighty fulfil all ur dreams …many many happy returns of the day…I’ll come to u n will take my treat..??

At a deserted island unknown to Indian public a very powerful research is going on from some years…it was getting difficult when he became PM at such young age but after getting support n confidence from his closed one he was doing his experiments with enthusiasm…its near to get the formula n then preparation of nukes…finally the Eureka moment come to give the fruits of success…he was succeeded in preparation of nukes..but kept the original formulae with him…but the result he got if it’s a beam of light in darkness or it will bring darkness who knows,only time says…

Next day headline in every news channel India become one of the powerful nations…greetings came from all around the world like blizzards…every country wanted to be friendly now…that is the rule ,when u r powerful everyone wants to b with u but not in ur weakest time…but with such overwhelmed conditions some people are not happy…specially Ankush n Neil…

Ankush;” I don’t like such kind of show off ,it’s like welcome the blunder”…

Neil;” agree with you,I don’t know why but m sensing danger stormed toward us”…

Ankush;” if we have that power can’t we keep that secret…the thing which worried me always general people suffer most in chaos n assault whatever the reason may b”…

Neil;” u r right but now we have to be alert always…there is chances that black organizations want to steal the formula n they can do anything for that…

Both seems worried n went out for their perspective works…

After Texas ardhika went to Washington biggest art gallery where the assassination mission accomplished…but after so many try nothing look suspicious there…so they come back…
Radhika constantly looking at the pendent n trying to find what’s inside that…but she didn’t know how to open that..or if that contain something or not…or its just an ordinary pendent???she would never think hard if his brother didn’t leave that to Andrew…she knew him very well…something is hidden but how to retrieve…

Arjun was sitting lost with his own thoughts…he is reminiscing the moments he spent with her…anuj saw him n loudly scream on his ears making Arjun startled….

Arjun;” dad,who will say that u r old,u r behaving like teen”…

Anuj;” m just checking out if my son is on earth or in his dream… Btw what r u thinking with so much stress”…

Arjun;” m afraid for the first time buddy..don’t why but something is wrong …i just want to spend my life peacefully n happily with her “…

Anuj;” there u go again …its not suited to personality of a soldier to be afraid n especially when it is u…don’t think things hard…everything gonna be alright”…

Anuj gave his shoulder to his son n patted him affectionately….

Samaira went to meet Neil frequently as they become close now…she asked about Anil Malhotra case n how to broadcast…neil was deeply thinking what to do…after a pause he said;” I got how to punish him n who should punish him…i just don’t shoot them for a cool death…they deserve to be rot in hell …but need to find that person soon”…Sam stare him blankly…

Radhika getting ready for office door bell rang…she was surprised to see Arjun near door step…both went in…Arjun asked about the pendent…even he tried to unlock but failed…with an irritation radhika banged the pendent with chain on wall..Arjun tried to calm her they both saw the end part of cross which elongated was tilting…radhika tried to fit it again but it didn’t fit…so she pulled out that elongated cross with all her force…to both of their utter surprise it was a pen drive which was fitted tightly…nobody can even imagine the mastery of work…immediately they inserted it n waiting for the access…it clearly shows some mild proof against traitors of country n how they planned to betray…how they provide opportunity to terrorist to invade the province of our motherland… list of the person who linked E2,with Malhotra couple name…shocking news was Anil Malhotra did everything on the instructions of prerna…she was the security advisor of 2010 n having a higher position in E2…Adarsh found out many things against them which could be a end for them but before that they framed him in their conspiracy game…at the end a folder about SOS n its hideous history….it was an organization to protect n pre-empt foreign threat …but for name sake only…the higher officials who create SOS they were part of black organization n only to favour them,to drain out some information from inside this organization used ….Adarsh came to know that after some months of his joining in SOS…but he didn’t have any solid proof as it was very risky high profile matter…if he proved wrong it would brought shame to our country…so he tried to digging more n waiting for a strong evidence…finally he mentioned how Neil being used n the real Malhotra blood is jai Malhotra …

Ardhika sit down numb in floor…radhika finally come out of her stature n said;” now it’s not a mere revenge or a little fight for giving justice to my brother ..its now all about our country…n this case is much more dangerous than we can think…time to save our u know the nuclear formula also discovered n nukes prepared…lets go n join together”…

Arjun supported her;” I can never think the matter is so Deep n serious…we should stop them before they are sharing about the nukes n its hide place…they must be thought they shared security matter among trustworthy security personnel but they didn’t know they are surrounded by betrayers also”…

Both ran toward their meeting place…radhika informed Nandini everything on their way by phone…nandini shocked but went to prohibit her boss from going to confidential meeting…but too late…not everytime luck will be with them….the information spread immediately n those who wanted the formula n nukes were ready ….

Black king give a satisfactory laugh at his intelligence…he thought;” now I can rule all over the world by using this power”…
merely some years ago he was just a member of this organization…just a mere politician of India who help this organization…but he dreamt big n got the black king position…even the members don’t know how n who killed original one…it was him who killed n capable to convince them Indian army killed him n grab the position…all he wanted the power n position…he was not loyal to anyone even not to himself also…we can say a trash piece which can’t even recycled…nobody sees him till day or he never let anyone see him other than Rahim n Arnav…He ordered Arnav ,Rahim,Araman n Azad to search for nukes from four direction of India with their black army….

Security agencies got the news of terrorist approach n send their best person with major army officials…every city n crowdy place got sealed with tight security…checking were done very tight…people were also alert coz they already faced many…but with that hurry the security forces forget that with time changes terrorist also change their way of attack…they clearly knew it would not possible to get nuke by fighting…so they approach a twisted mode…

They blast three times at a railway track little bit far from city which diverted security personnel…now it was easy for them to get the formula what they thought…they make hostage of people at a high class cafe n demanded the formula n nuke in exchange of hostages life…as the cafe having many high class people they certainly knew Indian government will agree like plane hijack matter…n its success…finally PM revealed the safe guard n place where he hide formula…they all went to find formula but didn’t let go of hostages,two of them carry on …merely they were not aware of PM’s trick…as the two entered a trashed place having no singnal nothing to track…they entered the underground lab…n finally after a riddle saw the nuke with systems protected by uv rays…rahim n Arnav looked pleased…with the pleasure they forgot to check background what’s happening outside…Arjun n Neil surrounded the place from outside…

At the place of hostage Azad n Arman looking the scared face of people…they both didn’t like to make suffer general people but others were threatening public ruthlessly…Indian government send radhika,zubin n Ankush to hostage place for peace talk…but before they start it there’s a face off took place as the terrorist gang people started firing without listening to radhika n co…radhika n zubin n Ankush tried to make distance from people…at the first floor Ankush n zubin able to caught Arman…rads moving toward second floor pointing her gun front…at the turning point she felt somebody’s gun edge on her back head….she lowered down n turned by pressing the nerve of azad( this trick she learnt from Adarsh) n put her gun on forehead of him…now both of their gun on both of their forehead in opposite direction ….but what they saw it made both of them shocked….
Rads thought;” how is this possible…u r alive Adarsh bhai..n why u become a terrorist “… Her brain stop functioning as she was getting emotional n couldn’t able to hold herself…

Adarsh thought ;” so one of my family member,my angel,my most precious possession is alive…oh god why I didn’t try to know before becoming Azad from Adarsh”…
He was in tears n emotional also…
But that is not a situation to show ur true self…it can cost both of their lives…finally Adarsh signal something to rads by eyes before he pulled out her gun n dragged her toward top floor”…..

Precap: Last chapter : The dark

Till now guys u must aware that why I titled it as dark…let me know ur views if it really satisfied its title or not…btw I wrote it in a big hurry…so many loopholes are there…forgive for that….

Credit to: rossy

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  1. Sweetie

    Rosie sweetheart..It’s amazingly well written..?So Adarsh became a terrorist to save his country..Lovely one that is..When a person is betrayed by someone,he either rebel or submit to the situation..Adarsh is not a person who’s gonna submit to the situation,so rebelled it..?I’m sad to know next one will be last chapter but this FF’s gonna have a special place in my heart..Stay blessed and lots of love dear..❤

    1. Thanxxx sweetie…u v a good guessing power…m obliged that it secure a special position in ur heart..

  2. Sammy

    First of all di …I want to tell you I was almost dead today by laughing so bad .. your 2nd line ..that joota chappal line make me go crazy …seriously di who writer tell its reader that my ff ending will break your heart that you guyz throw these things towards me …omg iam still laughing like mad people …and now the update
    Diiiiiiiiii ….I am happy you brought adharsh but as a terriost …iam sure nandini will kill him with her own hands or radhika ….now iam crying too …your jabra fan is crying …but now a days iam thinking to abduct my fav writers …Gianna and gauri di are in the list …now I have added u too …we all will go to Pluto …lol …u will always be in my sweet memory after 100 years too …for writing this ff …actually my astrologer told me that I will live up to 100 years …hehe me too laughed badly on his face …after that got good scolding from mom …thank u for this cool update 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sammy my God am ROFL now, u laughed on the astrologer face, u made me laugh so hard

    2. Thanks a lot sweet soumya…u considered me as ur fav writer along with giu baby n abha…they are 1000000steps ahead of me..
      N about Pluto expedition make sure u have enough food…else I will eat Pluto by myself only…n like u I had a great funny experience with astrologer…lol…even thinking about that make me roll on

  3. Aasthu

    superb and shocked……………..eagerly waiting for the next………..y did Adarsh turn into Azad ????? coz he tot that his parents and sis is dead ?????????????? but I missed ardhika kiss as u told in the previous chappy………………………


      Here is the previous chapter link …aasthu dear there was ardhika kiss part n even u commented…thnxxxx a lot

      1. Aasthu

        oh I got it……… many things are running in my mind that I’m a bit disoriented…….di do pray for me…….my exams start on 11th…………….

      2. Chilll dear…u will rock…I’ll pray definitely….gud luck ? for exam…do well

  4. You r always amazing!! But wht was Sam doing?? Was she covering the details but I do feel if media coverage disturbs the army operation?

    1. Thanks amritha…glad to see u again…no media coverage will happen as it’s serious matter now

  5. Suga

    Yipeeeeeeeee adarsh is back 😀 😀 😀 😀 thank for giving him back 😀 he he he full of joy bcoz of adharsh return. 😀 Neil n ankush convo superbbbbbbbb one 😀 😀 arjun s cute 😀 😀 rads fabulous 😀 😀 she s really a adventurous girl 😀 oh god prena 😮 😮 😮 she s like silent bomb 😮 fantastic one 😀 yyyyyyyyyy rossy yyyyyyyyyy ……??????? Y u ending dis soon 😮 😮 😮 🙁 pls try to cont dis 🙂 atlest I want season 2 😀 this is unique one dear …… Pls try to cont 😀 loved it 😀 love uuuuuuuuuu 😀

    1. Thanks my dear sweet heart suga(r)….lol I can see ur happiness…about second season don’t know yaar…but will try to write some shots like this theme

  6. Rosiee..twist aftr twist.. wow.. Pen drive inside cross…adarsh alive.. n turned azad

    N how black king dint find tat all curious.. and Rosie.. y u love chappals.. lol we wont give u chappals.. wanna know d real reason behind adarsh turning azad… take care n loads of love..eager 4 final episode

    1. Thanks Jessie dear…glad no jutta chapal for me..?? …will update last chapter soon…Adarsh Azad not a big story behind

  7. Yippie Adarsh is alive so happy right now, but why joota chapals what are u going to do us Rosie, u scared me there. Really did not expect this story will come to this turn, am shocked but pleased also. Loads of love to u

    1. Thanks giu baby…i scared…keep that for next chapter…hope I’ll escape ??

      1. Now u are scaring me more, ???

      2. Be scared….coz in last chappy u r going to scare me ??

  8. Rossy dr this was a masterpiece…m so happy that adarsh is alive but what he is terrorist Azad..I guess there is some missing pieces.. Rads amazing..Prerna was the real mastermind..but somhehow m to see a different shade of her..that crap Jai and Anil..let them rot in hell ..totally awesome epi..but ur joota chappal line is scaring me a lot…I guess rads will shoot adarsh in the end 🙁 ( I guess a lot 🙂 ).hope aradhika nesam and everyone unite in the end…will badly miss this ff…plz come back with a season 2..would love to read..waiting for nxt..plz post soon and update reincarnation also…love and keep rocking

    1. Thanks ritu for calling it a masterpiece…missing piece is there but short…Malhotras will rot in hell…keep guessing…n season 2 don’t know yaar..but I will treat u with this kind of themed OS…aweee u r after reincarnation…lol…wait a bit

  9. Rosie … baap re maar daala…Adarsh is alive…kya kuhb likthi ho… ekdum jhakaas … twist pe twist … this is one of the best FF I have ever read 🙂 I real want to know the reason for Adarsh to turn into Azad.. splendid girl waiting for the next 🙂 loads of love

    1. Abha u killed me with ur comment…aweee unexpected…one of best ff…aye hate…koi to pinch karo…m dreaming…thanks a million

  10. Awesome episode, so Adarsh is alive and he is a terrorist, what is Radhika going to do? Eagerly waiting for the last chapter. Rosie you nail it well done. 🙂

    1. Thanks my dear brin…m on moon on ur comment…

  11. S.v

    Adarsh is Azad ?? What have you done twin . Arey yeh tho ak badasa twist ye yaar. How is Rads gonna react. Is he terrorist or is he doing an undercover. Hope he is doing as an undercover kyoon ki sab ke mann mein Adharsh was a great person. Yaar im now nervous . Pls mujse bajaav and i dont want Adarsh to get hurt by his family. Loved it and why you are ending this ??? My reincaranation ?? when are you going to update ?? Waiting to know more. Love you dear.

    1. Well he is a undercover or terrorist lets see..but he will be great person definitely…don’t b nervous…but i can’t guarantee anything…u n ritu omg after reincarnation…n its all ur…I’ll hand over the poa to u??

      1. S.v

        Im happy now that u are gonna update that soon as I donno why but I love those kinds of plots and u r expert in bringing that feel in me. Thats y twin

      2. M glad…i can make u feel…lol??

  12. Sorry dear .. kinda busy with my work these days and just now saw your reply for the previous episode ?? and you know what I said nah .. I am expecting something and I will say if it happens.. yes it happened.. adarsh is alive .. yaeee .. I expected it correctly.. jai I never thought hi is a malhothra ??.. now coming to the story.. nice one .. and nice plot .. but Rosie I feel something is missing dunno what it is exactly .. if that’s overcome , u are one among the best writers???

    1. Thanks vini…glad to see u back…yes I know many loopholes are there..yet I also cant able to find that something..if u will help me I’ll be obliged…

  13. Thank you soooooo much Rosie Darling for wishing me like this…m sooo happy to have a lovely n wonderful friend like you..Thanks for being in my life..n i got ur 25 punches.. haha…will see u on ur bday .hehe..
    n coming to chappy..m literally numb..i read last line 4-5 times to make it confirm that Azad turn out to be Adarsh…means y he did this…my head spinning… n prerna is main instructor.. sos is too involved.. jai is the son of malhotra’s.thn wht abt neil…so many questions… can’t wait for next…plssss darling don’t end such marvelous ff..m gonna badly miss this ff…you make me more proud on our country’s soliders by this amazing story..m heart beating fast fir climax…. come soon…don’t let aradhika hurt..loads of love…muhhhaaa

    1. Thanxxxx a lot heroine…i am waiting for u…coz its for ur birthday…dude i can’t promise anything…but only make u sure that everything will be fine…but little bit hatke….hats off to our country soldiers…

  14. awesome episode………..

    1. Thanks subha

  15. Hey Rosie..m not a regular one to comment in ur ff but I do read them and its more than amazing.. HINDUSTAN was the best one..and this one is also superb… joota chappal 🙂 will surely not give it to u..

    1. Thanks pankh for liking it ?

  16. Rosieeeee my sunshineeee. ..I just got to read this unique amazing awesoooooome chapter.’s outstanding n splendid….it’s speechless n overwhelmed. …so much going on…n adarsh is alive but as azad…..that was real shock….going to read the next last chapter now….

    Plzzzz get well soon sweeeeeetie…I’m soooooooo worried about you. ..plz let me know as soon as you feel Lil better…take very very good care of yourself….and go for the best treatment. ….u don’t know how much I love you. …I’ll talk to you sooooon. ..byeeee honeyyy. …love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug and lots of kisses ♡♡♡

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