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Dark 11

Thanks people for supporting me n encouraging me for this plot…sorry for the delay…got stuck with personal life…so i give u a longer chapter…do let me know ur views…thank u ?

Radhika was sweating profusely in her sleep…Arjun went near to her n wipe out sweats…in process she hugged him in sleeping position very tight…she talked in her sleep ;”please don’t hurt them…don’t hurt them…i can’t afford to lose anyone now…nothing will happen…I’ll protect everyone”…Arjun can feel her fear buried in her heart which she lived with till days…he reciprocated her hug n make her calm down by patting her with affection..he planted a chaste kiss on her forehead n make her the morning when Radhika saw their position she felt embarrassed..she thought;” m the one who bashed u in past for kissing me n now what m doing..u r a gentleman..i know great agent Arjun Mehera fell for me..but m helpless..i can’t drag u all into danger with me..until this fight end,if m alive then I’ll surely go to u..till then just wait for me”..she saw Arjun shaking n closed her eyes..Arjun woke up n smiled seeing her…

PM visited both countries n final the uranium deal with some additional agreement…Ankush helped him a lot…on their way of return he asked PM;” what is the need to make nuclear weapons,it only create disturbance n chaos if other get to know it”..
PM replied;” m not doing this for war or disturbance..m a scientist first before becoming PM in a dramatic situation..moreover I want to see world should respect to my land n its rich dignity…and another thing whoever killed my dad although we sure it was doing of E2 organization they’ll surely try to find out this formula…n then I want our army to capture them n punished them…another thing I v my own ides that how to save the formula n weapon / nukes ..don’t worry”…

Samaira broadcast the news questioning on the death of major general in a diplomatic way with the help of her editor chief this time..he had some evidence regarding Adarsh case which he covered after getting threatens at that time coz his news station was new at that time..but it’s killing his conscience everytime ; so when Sam approached him this time he immediately get ready to provide support..Neil was alert n said teji to have a close eye on major general’s activities..although it is dangerous still he agreed…they successfully installed a tracker on his cars making fool out of his chauffeur…Neil was right; public started questioning on Adarsh case reality with general’s real death case..samaira disclosed little by little how she got kidnapped with Maya without giving sudden burst..they didn’t broadcast the E2 link coz it had possibilities to backfire..they wanted to capture all four culprits who were involved in Adarsh had a chance if others said that only major was involved or major might take all the responsibility on him…major was the only person by using him they’ll find out others..

Now zubin’s work per radhika requested from Neil side he has to give information about tracking to Neil also..zubin continuously update the news to rads n Neil…it was a difficult task to keep all secret from jai’s eye…kritika helped him a lot in that..nandini always made sure that jai should stay away from her gang..zubin tracked major general was talking with somebody very seriously with anger filled tone..major said;” if my secret will be out then I won’t leave u all also”.. He recorded all n then traced with whom major was talking…he hacked some other information to get details of another person n waiting for processing..nandini also present with him..both got 1000 volt shock seeing the details of other end person..immediately zubin recorded all in a file n send copy to Neil n radhika…after that he deleted all information n went out with nandini to discuss more…

Arjun informed radz ;” some people constantly keep their eyes on Andrew home..its better we will meet him somewhere outside..i have a friend here,he will help us how n where we meet him”..
radhika said :”opposition must have some doubt on him ,he was not a detective but smart enough to handle everything plus he was a good friend of bhai..if bhai came here for his vacation before his mission that means he must visit Andrew..m sure we can get our clue from him”…Arjun received call from his friend that Andrew left for a party threw by Indian association n he would make arrangements for them to enter that party…its their best ever luck or double bonanza to find out things…they went out for makeover…Arjun met his friend n they make a plan how to get Andrew alone…Arjun came back n shocked to see radhika sitting like frozen emotionless..he pressed her shoulder to make her back into senses…radhika showed him what Zubin sent…Arjun too become froze…

Neil was waiting for the information zubin sent n opened it..he felt everything got disappeared from his sight..his brain not functioning..he thought;”so he was one of them who betrayed Adarsh bhai…god m I not enough for him that he framed n killed innocent..n what he said he’s doing everything for his son’s benefit,for his wish..the person who never loved me,Anil Malhotra..its shame for me that m his son…how can I face chasini in future,only because of this person we got into a fight n m still trying to convince her…but…m feeling so helpless right now”…he was crying sitting on the floor without being concerned about surrounding…samaira went to him for some work n saw his broken state…she hugged him n try to pacify him…

Arjun told Radhika;” Anil Malhotra was a part of the conspiracy…he was doing everything for Neil?? What is this?? Something is there we missed…how much I know Neil he is not a greedy or fake person..what is the big secret behind this,taking his son’s name”…
He literally started to scratch his head with frustration…he said if we catch one thread then before it ends another poped out from nowhere…he asked radhika to tell him the truth about Neil what she knows…

Radz still in the shock coz she couldn’t figure out why Anil Malhotra involved…Arjun again shook her n asked about Neil…she said;”we both are more than bff..even today we communicate less but that doesn’t mean our bond was more strong now.. Neil was known as the only son of Anil n prerana Malhotra to the world but they never loved him like their son..i saw hatred in prerana’s eye for doubt got cleared when I asked bhai about this..he told me that Neil was Anil’s illegitimate son who’s being used as a scapegoat but for which purpose he was unaware..i always asked bhai why he’s so obedient toward Anil Malhotra…he never answered me saying that is day when Anil visited Neil at London I noticed somebody approached him..both of their attitude looked suspicious to me,so I followed them n what I heard I was shocked..they were greedy talking about a high class kidnapping then money,power n status..i told Neil everything but he didn’t believe that time n that is obvious as he is his father after all..we had a fight n we didn’t talk…then my family n brother I thought Neil might forget me but I was shocked when I got to know he’s a brave police officer ..a coward n shy natured person like Neil changed into a rough tough guy..even I don’t know the reason behind it..but I know always his life is being in danger coz of his father”…

She continued;” now only I know Anil Malhotra’s motive…he is also a part of if he did any mistake the results will face his son,I mean Neil but why he said he’s doing everything on instructions of his son?? M damn sure Neil wasn’t involved all these..what is that we r missing…after a long thought both said in a unison…Anil Malhotra may have another son,their own blood,whom they kept away from the eyes of world…

Arjun’s friend told them to get ready n gave them the party entry tickets n told them he will be waiting outside..if problem arises they should move out..n told them to turn on their Bluetooth always for sharing information…

Arjun was waiting outside for rads..he got mesmerized n sweet shock seeing her after her make over..coz she looked feminine first time n beautifully was a best disguise for her also..even Arjun’s eyes got betrayed for a moment..both entered the party..they are trying to reach Andrew but not succeed..both are searching in opposite direction …party was on full swing when guest of honour entered,non other than Malhotra couple …Arjun saw the guest n ran toward Radhika..radhika got a message that somebody was behind Arjun,so make sure cover him up..both met at a crowd point where she saw Anil Malhotra who was coming toward them..she clenched her fist with anger ..but that was not proper time if he will see radhika alive then their all plan will waste..she couldn’t think anything to protect both of their identity as she saw Anil Malhotra just few steps away from them…she pulled Arjun to her(,of course he was shocked with her attitude) n told him ;” cover my face with both of ur hands, immediately”..he obeyed without any questions but wondering what happened to her..the next moment what she did it gave him shock as she cupped his face n said ;” m sorry for my behaviour but its needed” n kissed him on his lips…suddenly he didn’t realize what is going on but later he also responded her n thought this is my luckiest day…Anil Malhotra passed them while they were busy in kissing by cupping each other face…he stare at them n sighed;” today’s generation even don’t care about surrounding n start with their act”…he went away…

radhika pulled out Arjun with her outside after some moments..Arjun was in his own dream land when radhika shook him said sorry for her nasty behaviour n explained him why she did that..he felt a little sad but become happy remembering their moment…in his mind he said;” I know u r developing a soft corner for me in ur heart…once this mission will over I will open up my heart to u…n I know that kiss was not a complete fake coz I feel it”…

They noticed Andrew is leaving..immediately they followed him in two cars according to their plan..after sometime they marked another car following Andrew ..Arjun winked his friend n told him through his Bluetooth; time to implement our plan…he fasten his car n make sure to cross Andrew..n next moment his friend with three other cars went forward to the car which following Andrew n covered from four sides…now even if they try they couldn’t escape…Arjun’s friend knowingly crashed his car to other so that a chaos will create n ardhika will get more time to spend with Andrew…the idea clicked nicely…

Before Andrew entered his gate Arjun suddenly apply his break in front of Andrew’s car…he came out from car cursing;” do u have a death wish,go to another car…n before he continued Arjun drag him to a little dark place n showed him sample ring which Radhika gave him…he knew that Arjun is related to Adarsh …he remembered when Adarsh made that ring having some unique features which even he was unaware..Adarsh told him only three pieces of those kind rings he made…one he kept by himself,another given his sister n third one to a trustworthy person…he asked Arjun ;” if u r here for knowing about Adarsh”.. Arjun nodded..

Andrew said;” this time Adarsh was not happy for his mission…because he thought he was doing wrong without informing government n the assassination mission he was going to do more like a cowardly…n importantly he said he found out some horrible truth which could create a mess but he was determined to disclose that after his mission”…

Arjun asked;” which kind of truth…do u have any idea??”

Andrew nodded in negative…

Andrew gave Arjun a big cross pendent n another same ring which he wore by himself…he told;” many were after me for this…but I did some commitment to my friend…those were the things Adarsh left to me before his mission ..i thought many things but couldn’t figure out what must be in this..u took n find out things..promise me that punish those morons who destroyed my friends family”..Arjun promised him …

Both ardhika came back to home…radhika took the ring n opened that from inner side,a chip fall down..Arjun was all astonished.. Rads said I knew the truth of ring but what about pendant,I don’t know..they insert chip to find out what was in it ; but it was secured with a password..they tried many passwords like dob,rads name n many other thing but it didn’t opened…both were awaken the whole night thinking about what could be the password…at 5am nandini called her to know about proceedings..she told her important thing was Adarsh could do everything for his country n he did…he was a true patriot…so think from his side …rads thought something very deeply n put on a password..this time the source opened up n proceed…Arjun asked what she put as password…she replied” HINDUSTAN”…..
Arjun felt proud n asked ;” why not India n why Hindustan?”
Rads said;” bhai didn’t liked the name India very much as British people gave that name..he was getting all emotional when he get to give a speech or anything related to Hindustan…he loved this name most”…

Chip opened up n they curiously read was nothing but about the missions what Adarsh did with all details..they stopped on year 2010 missions..very short description was there…both got shocked n froze for some time…rads stood up with anger n said;” I’ll definitely kill that scoundrel Anil Malhotra…so he was the chief of SOS in 2010 n he gave that mission to my brother to frame him n portray him as a traitor…I’ll not leave that man”… Even Arjun was angry…they both were in dilemma how to avenge ,if Neil protest…but this time nobody can stop a woman who suffered much but still strong only for her revenge…she has no motive except giving justice to her brother..there’s many bonds but people are least aware of solidity of bro sis bond n its length…even they are unaware what a girl can do for her brother..she isn’t weak or fragile.. She is the strongest among all…so time for destruction of the evils starts now…..

Precap: Terrorists invaded India to get nuclear weapons…cities alerted for danger…
Maximum 2-3 chapters left…what will be the climax n what should be…any guess????

Credit to: rossy

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    1. Sammy. Cutie again u make me feel on moon….i got bowled by ur comments…though m not great in writing…but when a writer like u said my jabra fan…m gone…i almost remember all of ur precious comments…??

  2. Suga

    Rosieeeee dear it’s fabulous 😀 😀 arjun here hell cute 😀 😀 good soon get justice for adharsh death so dat ardhika ll unite soon 😉 😉 fabulous dear 😀 how can u think such things 😀 😀 it’s superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 HINDUSTAN s my favo part 😀 😀 oh god Neil should face bad phase now 🙁 ardhika first kiss he he he awesome 😀 😀 😀 loveddddddddd it 😀 😀 Amazing one 😀 love uuuuuuuuuu 😀 😀 if possible I want adharsh back as ending 😀 😀

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    1. Omg …Jessie dear I can see how much happy u r…yeah Neil will punish Anil…thank u for giving me such brilliant suggestions about exposure of Anil n jai…yeah our country will b criticized only…i didn’t think that…i can say u read my ff very seriously…thanks a ton dear…lots of love??

      1. Jessie

        Yep am serious abt this story..Kya karoon.. ur story plot made me tat interested.. ?glad tat u liked my points.. yay neil gonna punish.. am happy.. read it again now..Hindustan part was too good..bear hugs Rosie dear

      2. Thanks dear…do support like this…m overwhelmed ??

  4. Brin

    Super duper awesome episode, Neil’s father is the chief of SOS, what a twist, Rosie you nail it, well done, waiting eagerly for the next update. 🙂

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    Rosie dear..It’s amazing.. 🙂 Don’t have any words to describe this mission..Even I love to call our country as ‘Hindustan’.Lovely episode dear.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling..Lots of love..❤

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      Apart from that m very very very very very happy to see u back as u promised u will be free in June…?

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      Oooh I can’t imagine what you will do…*scared* ?

      Yep free these days..

      Abbbhhhhaaa darling I love youuu!!!

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