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Dark 10….

Hii friends…thank u all guys for ur support…do let me know ur views…Jessie dear u became silent again???
Year 2008

Many new people joined NB in all over Indian branches…nandini was one of them…she hails from small town n a typical lower middle class family …nandini Pandey a typical girl who took oath to fulfil her father’s dream after her brother killed in 2001 parliamentary attack…her father was a general constable at country side…he was a man of principles n gave good morals to their children n an honest country lover…when his son passed away instead of broke down he prepared his daughter for something better despite all protest of his wife…when nandini got first position in bureau’s test in all over India he felt proud naturally…her mother told:” Nandu looks like u will have a good salary…my dream to see a big city life style,to stay in luxurious hotel n shopping unlimited from mall like I saw in tv operas will come true”… Both father n daughter laughed hard listening her mother’s silly dream…nandini promised she will took them to big city after some months of her work…

After some days at NB
Newly appointed cadets gathered at indoor stadium…it was a general conference which would teach them the basic norms n regulations of NB…they should aware about the principle n policies & mostly about skills…NB director taught them how to maintain peace inside country n for their training he introduced Adarsh…seeing him there’s a whisper among ladies that :he can beat any actor with his looks,so handsome etc…even nandini impressed on his looks but what impressed her most was his way of working,dedication n love towards country…nandini proved herself as the best agent among new recruitments…Adarsh praised her skills n efficiency…although Adarsh was senior official but they almost at same age…both became friendly coz nandini never try to talk unnecessary buttering things to Adarsh…

After four months nandini had enough money…so she called her parents to show them Mumbai life style as per her mother’s dream…all were happy as they stayed in high-class hotel like Taj…nandini showed them Mumbai…her mother was so happy finally her daughter fulfilled her all dream…the day before they returned to their place nandini got a call from her office n went…moreover she never knew it would be their last meet…that terrific Mumbai attack happened which killed almost all people residing hotel including nandini’s parents…after that black day she broke down completely ,when nobody with her Adarsh tried to make her happy n normal…he also made her to join SOS with him after that attack…days passed,Adarsh friendship gave nandini everything…she found a new feeling creeping inside her for Adarsh…she knew for Adarsh his sister was everything n then his family…she would be the last priority but it didn’t make any difference for her…finally she proposed Adarsh…he was shocked first but nevertheless he decided to accept,although he had no such feelings for her but one day he would marry definitely,then why not a good friend like her…he told everything to nandini about his real reason for acceptance…she had no problem with it…they both decided to give surprise radhika after the 2010 horrific assassination mission where Adarsh died…from that day nandini has only one motive how to bring justice…

Come to present
Nandini still crying holding his photo…she talked randomly with Adarsh photo about her daily duty…she told:” She is just like u,so much dedication n determination…that confident attitude n intelligent brain…I think u made her a true fighter like u…one thing I never showed her that I know her …if I say anyone that she is Radhika Raizad her life will be in danger…i promise u, I’ll protect ur,no our angel from every danger…but she’s just impossible like u,never want anybody’s help”… Nandini smiled little remembering radhika n her attitudes…

After cabinet meeting PM called for a personal secret meeting within few trustworthy people…He informed DM that he wanted to visit Australia n Canada for security deal with him…DM approved n asked him the reason…he told:” M near to find nuclear formulas but to complete my experiments I want uranium…these countries will provide us those things…sooner is better…we have to make new agreement”… DM was all happy listening him ,so finally India going to have that nuclear power which world never thought…

Arjun went to his bureau n asked permission for a mission regarding investigation of 26th January…his boss immediately nod him as he had a great faith on him…he didn’t knew Arjun found out 26 Jan mystery with the help of his friends now leaving for Texas for his own mission…
When nandini asked where she sent radhika she replied the same that she assigned radhika to a mission find out the truth of 26 Jan mishaps…jai immediately transfer the news…nandini very wisely assigned him other tasks which divert him from keeping an eye on them…

When E2 got the news that India is almost near to get new power formula n they are going to experiments practically the black king worried a lot…he told his subordinates to create internal chaos inside the country till then he will prepare his black army which invade India n steal the formula with weapons…if things will go out of hand he makes sure to blast out cities…he has some people who has great ability to destroy everything within a second…Azad,Rahim,Arman n Arnav those people target who are poor n brainwashed them n trained them of terrorism…Arnav n Rahim are most cruel among them…

Mean while Arjun n radhika reached at Texas…radhika told Arjun:” Bhai has a friend here,we have to find out Andrew…he may b help us…but we cannot go to him like this…we have to disguise ourselves”…. Arjun nodded everything she said…they walked on empty roads when sudden snow fall happened…that was the first snow fall in October month…she stopped n stood still…spread her hand sides n closed her eyes….Arjun noticed tears coming out from her closed eyes n she mumbled something …Arjun went to her ,wiped off her tear n hugged her…she remembered those beautiful moments spent within his embrace….

Adarsh,Neil n radhika were roaming around the London city…they were enjoying their quality time…on their way sudden snow fall started…Adarsh told them :” This was the first snow fall of year,October snow…wish anything it will fulfil”… Both Neil n radhika laughed at him n said u r superstitious bhai n teased him…he ran after them n finally caught his sister n closed her eyes with his hand n said : ” my angel now wish”…rads said irritated that” I wish u will not here with me so that I’ll enjoy the whole love n affection from my family solely”…Adarsh smiled n said :” M the one who loved u most,if I will go away u will be the one who miss me most”… Neil wished rads friendship forever…that was the last time they roamed together…Adarsh bought them new dresses n gifts…they ate from footpath vendors n having fun eating cold things n cold beverages in snowy night…Adarsh said:” It’s very special n awesome to have cold beverages in cold winters…on their way back rads got tired so he piggyback her…Neil smiled seeing bro sis bond ….

Radhika cursed herself within Arjun’s embrace…he made her calm n asked why cursed urself…she told everything…she said if I didn’t wish that thing then my bro is with me till now…m responsible for his death …she cried again …Arjun pacified her n lifts her up…she tried to protest but Arjun stop her:” U r tired now,don’t worry,I’ll take care of u angel”… He smiled n walked towards their place…in his mind he wished if October snow fulfil wishes I wish u to be stay happy always along with me n closed his eyes for seconds…..


Precap: The deal…one shocking revelation…radhika kiss arjun

It’s almost completed 60-70% of ff…so it will be end soon guys…

Credit to: rosie

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  1. Plss read ff princess

    1. I’ll read…thanks

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode. 🙂

    1. Thanks a million brin?

  3. amazing episode…..

    1. Thanks subha

  4. S.v

    Wow that was suberb. A genuine love between nandhini and adarsh . Rads and arjun last part was aewsome and that was cute. It was like a flower in a volcano . Cute and.beautiful. Precap vare va….. Twin super he he he . Love u so much twin. Muhhaaaaa

    1. Flower in volcano…lol twin…lots of love…tc

  5. OMG!!!! Rosieeeee.. I landed at d ri8 moment…. Dark is updated!bt how did this happen.? I was shocked reading my name in ur note.. some telepathy I guess… I was out of station.. travel., relatives.,temple visitings.. life turned too dramatic in this 5 days..back 2 home.. U know wat.. I was glad n super happy tat u missed me… ??? tat is a surprise for me..
    Back 2 dark…Nandini’s FB is really sad..she lost all of them on major attacks..I loved when she cald Rads as our Angel.. Arjun d lucky one..!! U have finished major part writing!!!Amazing dear.. awaiting 2 read our detective darlings adventures.!!Enjoyed aradhika’s cute moments.. Rads… she is simply stealing d show here.. was emotional reading d trio’s fun n her wish.. I want her 2 shoot d criminal…

    1. Missed u Jessie like so much, hw r u? ????

      1. Am fine Gianna.. and u dear..? Bear hugs dear I’m sorry.. I dint think.I wud be this much engaged ., unable 2 come here..

      2. Am find thx, really missed u good to hv u bck

      3. Thanks dear Jessie…yes we have telepathy…lol…adventures ride..omg

  6. Sweetie

    Rosie sweetheart..I don’t have any superlative praises for you right now..I so love you yaar..Mind blowing update.. 😀 Taj attack is one of the dreadful attacks our country has ever seen..I get goosebumps by remembering that incident..The fear people have faced,uff,I don’t have any words.. 🙁
    Adarsh’s care for Radhika and Nandini’s acceptance of Adarsh even after knowing his feelings towards her(Nandini) is superb..The pious love they have for each other cannot be even described.. 🙂
    The knowledge of nuclear power is subtly used.. 🙂
    Now our lover boy Arjun is taking care of Rads..Oh!!How I love him.. 🙂
    Every single thing is written beautifully..You know I can even write an essay on your FF.. 😀
    I’ve a doubt..Are you related to journalism dear??
    Waiting for the next and precap is really intriguing.. 🙂
    Lots of love sweety..Take care and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Thanks sweetie….now m speechless…write an essay on my ff…plzzzzzz do that…lol…a big no for journalism…me n that not a combo..?? lots of love

  7. What 70% done? Does this mean this story will end soon? ? this was an emotional one, felt bad for Nandini so she knows Rads. And rads memory of Oct snow was very touching, so sad for her. But this nuclear weapon part scares me, what is the enemy going to do? Am too curious now. Just like always this was an amazing update, I feel like am watching it rather than reading it. Love u baby ????

    1. Yes dear…max was done…it will end soon…aaaah…nuclear weapons threat u will know in next…that is climax…thanks giu baby

  8. Sammy

    A big NAHiiiiiiiiiiii in a daily soap style ..oh god di pls don’t end it soon. …no no pls why all this is happening with me all fav authors ending their story quickly …no .and chappy …really I want nandini to get someone like adarsh and lead a happy life . Wao radhika …ah ha kiss arjun Wao wao:-) 🙂

    1. A big round eyes with bg music like daily soap….lol sammy cutie u giving me shock after shock…m ur fav author…m gone…nandini we will see..thanks a lot dear

  9. Gooooooddddddddd rosie awesome dear 😀 😀 adarsh n nadhu really superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 aradhika n rads Neil adarsh moments cute 😀 😀 waiting for adarsh to reappear 😀 😀 finger crossed 😀 darling cutieeeee I loved it 😀 😀 love uuuuuuu 😀

    1. Thanks a lot dear sugary darling ?

  10. emotional epi..nandini and adarsh part was heart touching… last part was fabulous…radhika adarsh and neil bonding was out of the world…aradhika jst superp…loved it to the core dr..u nailed it..waiting for nxt…plz post soon..and also update reincarnation…love…keep rocking..

    1. Thanks a ton ritu…first I want ur LRD…plz update that…lots of love…will update soon

  11. Rosie darling awesome…felt bad for Nandini and Radhika…loved the wish in the snow……hope culprits get punished soon…waiting for the kiss 😛 by the way you wanted me to write something please let me know…would love to explore 🙂 stay blessed dear

    1. Thanks abha dear…I’ll let u know on chats …read that later when u get time

  12. I have nothing more to say but superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u……………tc

    1. Thanks aasthu dear…?

  13. Rosie darling it super emotional n very touching episode ..Nandini’s flash back story brought tears yar..she had gonna through so much mischief yarr..hope that adarsh would found alive some day n i will happiest for that…..the way Arjun pacified rads was way natural n beautiful.. i just loved this epi…aradhika kiss..m excited..haha..n don’t end story its like it just started na.loads of

    1. Thanks heroine…about Adarsh I’ll think…n I already thought before writing it would b within 10 chapter but it will extended…it will dragfest if I elongate it…

  14. Awesome, wowwww Rosieeeee my sunshineeeeee. …it’s really very interesting n lovely episode. ….nandini’s flashback was really very heart touching. ..adarsh was really an awesome person as a bro, son, friend, citizen n human being….rads just like him brave n courageous. …I love rads role here …it’s so powerful n strong. ..ardhika moments were so lovelyyyyyy. …keep it up honeyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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