mmz…DARK:an action flick (prologue)


Mmz…DARK:an action flick ( prologue)

Hey guys this is a very gateway to enter into this conspiracy action and this is the basic plot of my story…try to understand this…coz everything will happen on the base of it…so the saga of revenge n action is going to start…

Year 2010, Washington D.C.

The security personnels of each and every countries were gathered for upcoming world security summit…they would discuss about how to eradicate corruption,terrorism and illegal trafficking…

At Indian embassy

There was a hidden conference going on regarding on the topic of indian security…it was already two years passed after that horrific Mumbai attack 2008…the defense minister,security advisor n Lt general were talking about a mission to avenge..coz by that time no action was taken against any culprits…so they made a blue print as they knew the opposition leaders were on their way to destination …but they had no idea the conspiracy game they started it will make them suffer to their core in future..

Texas…near a hill station

A young man age of 26 was enjoying the natural beauty…he was on a vacation with his colleagues after his hectic schedule…his phone rang n a huge smile spread across on his face…

Caller: Adarsh how r u?? Don’t u miss me..
Adarsh: Adarsh Raizad can forget everything,everyone except u…

Caller: So when will u return to London…
the person on the phone stopped abruptly as Adarsh was approached by someone n that person heard it by phone..both forgot to disconnect the call…

Adarsh Raizad, a man of principles, proud on his name, love his country madly n a top agent of secret operational organization (( SOS))…he was surprisingly approached by his bureau head with some bad news…that there was again a chaos at border area for which they again suffered loses n some of their agents died…He used that as a opportunity as he issued Adarsh on a mission with two of his colleagues… If he succeeds, his actions could have a large influence in bringing about india’s peace n satisfaction to the victims of attack.

He prepared to carry out his mission: an assassination…The target was a high-ranking politician n defense general of country XX…although he was a little stubborn at first that he should let government to know about the mission but later he agreed to carry out his task…

He scoped out the location of the hit, the biggest national art gallery of Washington… Posing as a tourist, he snaped photos of the premises, and ceased the building, keeping a particular eye on the country XX politician’s security detail…opposition guard team was led by high commander n his subordinates…As they await the arrival of the politician, commander organized his security team to receive him…Something was off when one of his guards stationed inside didn’t respond to a roll call and while he didn’t know that the Indian musketeers had silently taken out several guards, he sensed something was wrong… He entrusts the team outside to his subordinate and runs inside to check…

When the politician’s arrived, he was surrounded by bodyguards, remains on alert for danger. Still undetected, Adarsh and co. took out a position on the balcony and ready their gun to get a clear shot of their target…as Adarsh was leader he waited as guards swarmed the man, ready to pull the trigger…Too late, oppositions became aware of the danger and leaped in front of the man to shove him aside… They were little late and the man was shot… Mission complete, adarsh n co made their getaway n dispersed… To Adarsh’s bad luck one of opposition agent saw him…n fired at him which caused him a halt for a sec…but he ran…they lost his track as He slipped onto the subway and loses them…

He’s badly injured, but his priority was to make it back where he called bureau chief to informed him that the mission was a success… He asked for a rescue, because he’s unable to make the escape on his own but the cool-headed chief told him escape on his own… He repeated his request, this time more fervently: “There is a reason I must stay alive and return. Please help me.”But his boss just hung up on him…

Alone now, he had to figure out his own way to survive and return home… He made his way to an empty railroad depot, but oppositions had launched a full-scale watch for him, and managed to trace his whereabouts… they caught him…and a huge fight occurred…but somehow he managed to escape with the help of his fighting abilities although he was shot…he found a car n raced away…till that time FBI n CIA got that news…so it’s very much difficult for him to escape…he was on his way to return by ship noticed American security helicopter was after him…n they put a bomb target ing on his car…the car burned but before the bomb exploded he saw one of his colleagues behind the American agent which gave him a shock…how could his own people betrayed him….the burning car buried in water….

USA asked Indian embassy for the explanation of the blunder happened in their country ….as if they were ready for it…they explained that they didn’t know about the mission n all…they always wanted to maintain piece…all was done by Adarsh as he had a link with the black organization Eagle Eye(E2)…within a second a lover of country became a traitor…n his family were assassinated by car explode at London who were on a trip…


The conspiracy game started at India only…they already chosen whom to gave the plan to execute ….they knew only Adarsh was capable of doing such difficult mission…so they gave Adarsh one holiday pack…although Adarsh died but the game was not end…(( as if there is no happy ending,picture is yet to complete))…the blunder created by some self centred politicians will bring on a great change in future by giving each of them their most awaited punishment…


There’s a say as u sow,so u reap…so the seed of vengeance and venoms were sown…so the game begins…time n situation is not favour to one always …everyone has their time…so again history will repeat but action n consequence will favour whom nobody can say…there are many people who loved their country to core…so new arise will be there…..

Country,ur motherland is not one person’s possession…if u cant do anything good for it just don’t do anything bad to it…just respect n love it…jai hind…

Precap: Present 2016, Administration change, the assault and entries of characters: ardhika,nesam,Ankush

Sorry guys I know it’s a little intense,I’ll try to make it little lighter n fun after chapter start…don’t know how u liked it…fingers crossed…waiting for ur valuable comments if I’ll proceed or not…I didn’t use opposition country name …i know u can figure out who is XX…
N m going to disappear from tu for some days due to my exams…don’t forget me…

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. oh god…..its amazing…..i dont believe myself…i liked this ff…..ya its intense but loved it….i never read this type of story….thanks for the chance….waiting…good luck for ur exam….dont forget us….

    1. Thnxx happy seeing u here first…thnxx for the support…i don’t know if u saw its character sketch or not??tc?

  2. Really interesting yaar. Excited n happy to read a different story. ???

    1. Thnxx suvi for the support ?? tc dear?

  3. oh di it was awesome………..hats off to your amazing talent dear………love u……hate hat adarsh lost his life due to people of his own mother land……………….

    1. Thanxx aasthu dear…u r an amazing support…tc?

  4. You nail it, it was really, really good. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin for being an support to ffs….tc?

  5. Rosie this is out of the world… thinking of something like this itself is a big thing….you got me addicted from the prologue itself….now don’t you dare delay this…I want next one soon…loads of love 🙂 and for this story muaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

    1. Thanks abha dear…i didn’t know u would like it this much…i won’t delay…but I have a doubt if tu delayed it or wii not post it in some cases…tc?

  6. ?????? Awesome epi.

    1. Thanks bhabya for ur support ? tc?

  7. Awesome, wowwww Rosieeeee, love u soooooooo muchhhhhh. …..muaaaaahhhhhh.’s really superbbbb n outstanding…. intensity n seriousness is the soul of this story…’re amazing writer and the picture you’ve drawn here is out of this world…the assassination mission, the target, the conspiracy, politics behind the scenes, allegations. …wowwww….in one moment a great Patriot turned into great traitor in world’s eyes…you nailed it my honeyyy. …I’m totally addicted to it already….want to know how this conspiracy/mystery resolved in upcoming chapters. ….very interesting n exciting unique story. ….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh for sharing this with us. …keep it up. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh. ….take care sweetie n all the best for your exams. ..

    1. Thanks Roma for the huge support…m seriously obliged…m lack of words now…thanks thanks a ton?? tc

  8. Ay mamma!! That was one sooper update!! So happy!! True that… You sow, you reap… Revenge.. The worst thing ever… Post soon.. I’m waiting..

    Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

    1. Ayee…my daughter…thanks so much…revenge is worst…? tc

  9. Wow mindblowing dear… This story very interesting …waiting for next one…all the best for ur exam…tc..

    1. Thanks dear Susi…ur comments brought a huge smile…thanks dear for support ☺

  10. Hey Rosie! You are superb girl. This tight pack mystery is worth reading! I loved this chapter for the intensity. But I dint much get why Adarsh was betrayed? please explain. Anywyys waiting eagerly fr the nxt chappy. All The Best for ur exams

    1. Thnxx bisha for liking it…?

  11. Oh……so much serious……. BT amazing

    1. Thnxxx maandey dear

  12. That was amazing rosie. I think their will be a brother or sister of adarsh coming back to find the truth and revenge. May be 🙂

    1. Thnx Roshni….u’ll know

  13. Rosie dear it was superb…i liked this story..missing this ff n waiting that when u woulf post…its really having different plot indulging our patratism… post soon nxt one dear

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