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Hello My lovely ladies!! Your Deepu is back!! I have posted this story on wattpad..As i promised i am posting it here On TU too for those who are not on wattpad…Please let me know your reviews…

Dedicated to Manha….She has a great share behind this story to come in form of words..THank you darling for your all the help…Muhha….



She Was Going To Get Married To Some Other Person Who Was Not Me. He Was Not Worth Of Her Affection And Love. She Was An Angel, My Angel. Every Mans Desire And Dream. But More Prominently My Personal Dream Which Could Never Be True. I Never Thought I Had a Soul mate who could love me and I never dreamt I would ever meet her in this pathetic life of mine. She Turned Into A Beautiful Swan Before My Very Own Eyes. The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World. She Was All I Could Ask For.

Yes You Guessed It Right. I Was In Love With My Best Friend . I Never Believed In Love. I Used To Laugh At Those Persons Whenever They Said They Can Spend Their Whole Life With That One Person Whom They Loved. I Used To Tease Them Saying They Are Acting Like Love Struck Puppies And Pushed Aside Those Bullshit Thoughts. But Over the Time, My Feelings For Her Deepened. These Intense Feelings Were Killing Me From Inside, Piercing My Heart With Sharp Objects. It Gave Me Unbearable pain And Torture. But It Was A Sweet Torture. I Could Endure It All My Life.

I Could Have Been Anywhere. But Still I Was Standing In front Of The Wedding Hall Where My Love Would Be Leaving Me Alone. The Thought Itself Made Me Suffocated. I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night With These Thoughts. She Was Constantly Roaming Infront Of My Eyes. Everywhere I See, She Was Visible. It Felt So Real. But When I Moved Forward To Touch She Would Disappear. She Was Playing With Me Now, Haunting Me With Her Memories. Her Antics, Her Smiles, Her Innocence, Her Eyes Which Sparkled My World. I Wouldn’t Be Able To See All Those Again. Everything Flashed Before My Eyes Like A Reverie , The Time We Spend Each Other, Places We Visited Holding Hands. My Heart Ached When I Realised She Would Not Be There With Me From Next Day. I Would Not Have Any Right Over Her After This Marriage.

I Was A Fool To Let Her Go. Whenever She Told She Loved Me, Wanted Me; I Remained Silent. I Feigned Innocence And Told Her I Just Saw Her As A Friend. Nothing More Than That. When In Reality I Just Wanted To Hold Her In My Hands, Kiss Her Hard Show Her How Much I Loved. At The End She Got Fed Up Of Me , And That Was The Day When I Lost Her.

I Came Out Of My Trance And Entered The Hall. It Was Beautifully Decorated. The Mandap Was Glowing Bright With Lights And Flowers. The Place Where My Love Will Be Taking Oaths To Become His Wife. I Hate Him With All My Being. No. I Hate Myself. If Only I Could Have Shown Some Guts And Courage To Express My Love And Feelings. We Would Have Been In A Different Situation. It Was All My Fault. And I Could Never Forgive Myself For It. I Hurted Her. I Screwed Up Royally And I Was Paying For It. The Pain Which Comes When We Know That We Are Supposed To Live Our Life Like This. Deprived Of Love.
Love. Really Neil. My Mind Mocked Me.

Why Wouldn’t It. I Was The Biggest Casanova. A Player Who Was Used To Play With Girls And Threw Them Out Like Trash When I Had Enough Of Them. They Were Nothing To Me. Their Feelings Never Affected Me. They Knew What They Were Signing When They Came To Me. It Was A Mutual Thing.

But Sam. My Sam. My Love. She Was Not Like Other Girls. She Was Special, Different In Any Sense. She Was The Only Girl Whom I Befriended. I Wanted To Protect Her. That Was A Foreign Feeling For Me. And I Couldn’t Understand Why I Felt That Way. It Brought Peace To My Heart When I Was With Her . Eventually I Had Fallen. I Have Fallen Hard That It Was Impossible To Live Without Her Now.

I Want To Punch Someone. I Want To Kill Him. I Wanted Her To Take With Me. Bring Her To A Place Where Only She And I Would Be There. No Disturbances. Where I Could Love Her All The Time. But It Was Too Late Now. I Was Stupid I Admit. But I Couldn’t Stand Here Now. These Thoughts, This Place Was Killing Me. It Was Making Me Uneasy. Even Hard To Breathe. I Wanted To Escape From This. From My Own Conscience.. So I Did The Most Intelligent Thing I Could Think Of. I Ran Out Of The Hall To Reach A Secluded Place Where I Could Stay Alone. Where Her Thoughts Couldn’t Invade Me. Where I Would Drown In Alcohol Till I Became Numb. But Who Was I Kidding. She Was Flowing In My Body Like Blood.
I Was About To Start My Bike,When I Heard The Slam Of Door Of Hall. Turning Back To The Doorway I Saw My Angel. She Was Dressed In Her Gorgeous Wedding Dress. She Was Holding Her Lehenga Tight In Her Clutches. I could stare at her like this all my life.

Her Eyes Were Brimming With Tears. Every Tear Drop Which Fall From Her Eyes Was Literally Cutting My Heart Into Pieces. Everything Went Silent When Our Eyes Locked. I Wanted To Move. To Wipe Her Tears And Secure Her In My Embrace. To Comfort Her. But My Legs Were Rooted To The Spot.

My Heart Beat Rose When She Took Baby Steps Towards Me. In Seconds She Was Before Me. She Was Silent. There Was Tension In The Air. It Was Making Me Nervous. What Was She Doing Here. She Should Be Inside. She Was About To Get Married But ShE was Standing Infront Of Me With Blank Face. But Her Eyes Told A Different Story. They Were Showing Hurt, Pain And Fear. Fear Of Losing Me. Me?? Hadn’t I Already Lost Her?

With All The Courage I Could Gather. I Pushed My Feet Forward. But Stopped Myself When I Heard The Rattle Of The Door Loud. Moving My Gaze I Saw He Was Standing There. His Hands Clenched In A Tight Grip. His Eyes Held Anger . Anger Which Was Directed Towards Me. His Dark Eyes Boring Deep Into Me. If Only Looks Could Kill. I Would Be Dead By Now.

“Sam Please Listen To Me. , I Love You..I Want You To Be My Wife..Please Come Inside..” He Begged

I Watched The Struggle In Her Eyes. Her Voice Barely Whisper But I Could Hear “ I Don’t Think I Can…I Don’t Know What To Do…”

When She Met My Eyes Again. I Wanted To Be Selfish For Once. If She Can Be My Side Always I Even Can Beg Her. I Would Beg Her To Love Me, To Marry Me. To Not Leave Me. But Can I Do That? I Was Her Misery. I Caused Her This Pain. I Was The Reason She Was Hurt At First Place.

But I Wanted To Take This Chance. It Was Now Or Never. I Would Die Peacefully That I Atleast Tried. Tried To Make Her Mine. And Could Finally Express My Love To Her.

So I Spoke. With All My Heart.

“I Love You Sam. You Are My Heart, My Soul,My Everything. I Was Such Fool To Let You Go. To Not Accept Your Love. To Not Say That I Love You. I Loved You All Along. I Know I Was A Complete Asshole. I Know I Don’t Deserve You. But I Want This Chance. One Single Chance To Prove That I’m Worth Of It. I’m Worth Of You. I Wanted Us. I Wanted Us To Be Forever.. I’m Tired Of All Ti Red Of Running Away From You. Tired Of Running From Love.For Once I Wanted To Be Loved. I Want, No Need To Love You. I Want To Be The Reason Of Your Happiness. I Wanted To Be The Reason Your Eyes Gleam With Joy. Please Can You Give Me That One Chance. Please Sam. It Is Your Decision Now To Make My Life Or Break It. I Would Be Happy With Wahtever Your Decision Is. Your Happiness Is Important To Me More Than Mine.

Now That I Told Her Everything. There Was A Serene Feeling In Me Along With Anxiousness. But I Was Happy I Could Tell Her All Those Things Which I Never Dreamed I Would Get A Chance To Tell. Now It Was Her Decision. Decision On Which My Whole Life Is Depended. I Was Waiting For It. Waiting To See Who She Would Choose. Me Or Armaan. It All Depends On Her. It Was Only Her Now.

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  1. Myra

    Deepu diiiiiiii… are back! ? i am happy…..
    Lovely start……one ques, is ardhika going to be in this story? Or is written in stars all about nesam?
    Loved it….update soon…take care ?

    1. Dipika

      Ohhh Thank you sooo much Myra darling for ur lovely words….n yess there aradhika too in this story but Nesam r main leads here…soon will meet with first u..muhha

  2. Sathya

    Wowwwww…. Dipu it is a tremendous one…. No words m…clean bowled after reading this prologue… U rocked…. So the story is all about Nesam… That’s really cool…. I just loved it dear… Pls pls pls post best one soon…. Love u ???????

    1. Sathya

      Hope m the first one to comment

    2. Dipika

      Ohhhhh satzzzz its okayyy u commeny is precious to me…Thank you sooooo much for this support n love…i was very excited for ur m happy….soon will come up with first you dearyy..muhha

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Thank you sooo much Kavina darling.. Love u..muhha

  4. Whtz ur name on wattpad

    1. Dipika

      Hey amee Thanks for reading.. N my name on wattpad is dips44..Love u..

  5. Jessie

    Superb Deepz.. I completely loved this POV style of prologue.. Hmm its Nesam.. .! Eager 4 nxt one.. TC n loads of love

    1. Dipika

      Jessie darling thank you sooo much….m happy tht u like the way i took this pov style cos i was lil bit afraid…. Love

  6. Brin

    Outstanding episode, Dipika brillent writing , you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Thank you sooo much Brin darling… This words meant a lot…sure will post nxt soon…love u…muhha

  7. yeppe piku di back heheheheheh
    i luved the epi
    i alread commented in watty na
    it is amazing di u rocked the epi
    the prolouge is very intrsting
    w8ing for nxt update

    1. Dipika

      Ohhh nitu darling double Thanks for double comments.. Haha..m sooo happy for this amazing support my nitu darling.. Love u a lot..muhha

  8. Meen

    A different & captivating plot…..waiting for d next deepika…loads of love

    1. Dipika

      Meen dear thank you soooo much….i will post nxt one u..muhha

  9. Dear. ….
    It’s really really really AMAZING. .
    When ll u post … next ????

    1. Dipika

      Savera dear Thank you sooo much…n till now i came halfway for first chappy..soo soon will post next…love u..muhha

  10. Sweetie

    Sweetheart!!See,I came here too,lol.. 🙂 Waise I read it again..Lovely one.. 🙂 I’m sure this story is gonna rock the floors sweety.. 😉 Waiting for the next,jaha bhi post karle,waha mai haazir maar loongi.. 😉 Love you loads sweetheart.. 🙂 Take care.. 😀

    1. Dipika

      Ohhh my swtheart… M sooooo happy..on moon now…double n big wala thank you for double comments n double reading….tu jaha main vaha…haha…love u darling… Muhhaa..

  11. S.v

    Omg omg omg what an intense start dipika what an intense start dear, I was scratching my head when you gave me the explanaton of the girl is it either radhika or sam it is about neil or arjun is the person standing is his or the other one. Finally idiot spoke his heart to his sam whom will she take hands him or aryaan ?? Same question. waiting for u to tell it lovely and love you so much

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh my sv darling.. I made u confused.. Silly me for not mentioning who is talking… Yess its nesam story..Thank you sooo much babe fot lovely words… Love u

  12. ☺?????

    1. Dipika

      Thank you nandu

  13. Sammy

    it was so cute ..lovely deepu

    1. Dipika

      Sammy darling thank u soooo much..but m missing u..where r u..update ur stories na..i missing it badly.. When u gonna update?? Love u..muhha

  14. Wow amazing start, read it all in a single breath, so much excited for the next.

    1. Dipika

      Gia darling thank u soooo much..single breath.. Omg….M happy tht u like yhe plot… Love u loads dearyy..muhaa

  15. Awesome deepika…. This starting is really emotional…. U wrote Neil’s emotions and feelings very beautifully….. Waiting for the next please post it soon…

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling Thank you sooooo much for this love n support… I will soon post the next one dear..Love u..muhhaa

  16. Gauri

    Dipu this was breathtaking…..I read a day before on Wattpad and was like wow….all emotions were so beautiful and heart melting…you know I could see myself standing in place of Neil…feeling his pain…. should I say more 🙂 loads and loads of love and a bucket full of kisses with million hugs 🙂 bless you love u 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Omg gauri u felt the Neil’s emotion.. Thank you sooo much darling for ur continuous support n unconditional love….Loads of love to my pyari gauri…muhha

  17. Bhoomi

    Superb…. Perfect start ?….. Post Next one soon?…

    1. Dipika

      Thank you soooo much Bhoomi dear..Love

  18. Dips it is awesome story dear. And thank you for dedicating it to me. i’m jumping in joy. Lol. K. All the best. I know this story will rock. Waiting for the next part. Love You.

    1. Dipika

      Manhu darling I can’t b tired thank you for helping me sooo much…thanks for ur wishes n supporting me…Love you

  19. Rossy

    It was so cute …so lovely n I fall in love with the title…but heroine is it only nesam story…no ardhika??..
    I think u r after Arjun only…

    1. Dipika

      Thank you my rosie darling.. I was badly missing u n ur words…as its story of two best friends i choose nesam..n our aradhika is there no worries.. I m still indeed behind arjun..heh…Lovr u loads..muhha

  20. WOWWWW AWESOME, MARVELLOUS. …omg dips…qh at a mind blowing start….it was just blasting. .. I loved it to the coreeeee. …keep it up honeyyy….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart…take care ♡♡♡

    1. Dipika

      Omg Roma di such a big words…m soooooo much Thankful to u for amazingly soothing words of urs..
      Loads offffff love to my lovely diiii…muhhhhaaaa..tighest hugggggg…

  21. Deepu darling am sorry for commenting late 🙁 Neil’s heart in pain den mine too in pain 😮 emotions in ur ff are fabulous darling 😀 Neil chanceless 😀 😀 the way he explained his love is fabulous one 😀 loved it 😀 love u 😀

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh suga i missed u sooo much. Thanks for coming back..ohhhh i made pain in ur heart..don’t worry dear… I will flew away tht pain soon..lovr u..muhha

  22. _Ritu

    Dipika…its mindboggling dear..M so glad to have u back…now u r forgiven for taking away my Arjun of ALLL…I was having Goosebumps reading Neil’s POV…loved each nd every part dear…bt one question dear…is it all about NeSam or we have ArDhika too..hehe I really cant leave Arjun 😉 😉 waiting for soon..loads of love 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ritu darling thank you soooo much for this lovely words.. M all dancing now…you r awesome.. Always makr me smile…n yess we hav aradhika too..but nesam r the leading couple… M posting nxt part u soo much..muhhha

  23. Aasthu

    thought that I forgot u?????? NO…….i DIDN’T…………..u portrayed Neil’s emotions very nicely… di its an exclusive nesam story ri8??????

    1. Dipika

      Ohhh thanks my Aasthu darling ur words always meant a lot to me..m soo happy u like this story… Yeahhh nesam r leading couple here…love u my swt sisyyy…muhhha

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