MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 9)

Chapter 8: Dealing with the New feelings!!

I woke up to the sun shining down on me while I curled up on my bed. Groaning I rolled and crushed my head deep down in my pillow. I hadn’t slept well and it was clear that day wasn’t going to be nice. Luckily it was Saturday and I wasn’t going to face Neil at least for two days.By then I might have figured out how to deal with this new feeling.

I pulled the blanket over my head again and tried to sleep but Thoughts of Neil haunting my mind not allowing me to go back to sleep. I finally hopped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I pulled off my cloths and slipped into the shower.

The water was warm but felt good against my tense muscles. After putting my body wash on loofa I messaged to my muscles in hope of relaxing them. I leathered my hair applying some shampoo and rinsed it. I let the water ran across my body for little longer.

I pulled my towel and tucked around me. I started drying my hair and then I stared my reflection in mirror.

Who I’m I kidding? Neil wouldn’t want someone like me? I’m not tall, elegant, graceful….I’m just plain….ordinary…he even said I wasn’t his type.

Sighing, I stepped out of bathroom. I was pulling the door shut when I heard gasp from behind me.i turned to see Neil sitting on my bed.

“Neil…what the hell are you doing in my room at this early morning? “

“good morning Sammy” he said in sarcasm

“Get out” I screamed

“Chill out’s not like I haven’t seen you in towel before”

You haven’t seen me like this since I realized that I like you more than friend.

“Neil…Please Give me few minutes…” I tried to sound like I’m annoyed with his presence that he can give me few minutes.

He looked at me for a moment, and left, pulling the door close behind him. I quickly dressed up in my pajama shots and tank top.

“You can come in Neil…I know you are standing outside the door….”

He pushed the door opened and look at me that it was safe to come in. I sat on chair while he went and sprawled on my bed. The guy that I like is on my bed.stop it, Sam. Though you having feeling for him..he is still Neil….

“what are you doing here on Saturday?”

“Can’t I come over to see my friend? “ he asked

“Yeah..but I am not used to see you on weekend…so what the reason behind gracing me with your presence on Saturday? “

His eyes studying mine. I was trying to hide my feelings my sounding casual. I want to burry this feeling deep down and not acknowledge them at all.

“Sam, what got in to you? Why are you acting weird?” his eyes and expression showed me that he was worried.

“I’m good..just tired due to tournament…” I was trying to sound normal but I guess he noticed the change in my tone.

He stood from bed and walked towards I noticed his body while walking. It was almost like lion walking in to kill his pray. He touched my forehead by back of his palm and stayed like that for a moment. His touch….it was so electric and powerful. I surprised that I hadn’t noticed stuff like this before.

“you don’t feel hot..but you looked exhausted “ I didn’t have time to think before he scoped me in his arm from my chair and put me on bed and covers pulled around me.

“You know I can walk….” I said sarcastically

“ what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t take care of my friend, Sammy? ‘ he said dramatically

Friend…always a friend..never the girlfriend…I sighed and rolled my eyes.

Then I felt his hand wrapped around my waist and his body next to mine.. I tensed up some.

“Idiot, what are you doing? “ I asked while my heart beating at up fast and it like soon it will come out from my chest.

“I want you to sleep peacefully..dont be stressed…I’m right here..i wants to spend whole day with you…I missed you while you out of town for tournament….”

“Me too…” I mumbled

How can I sleep peaceful when he was so close to me. I want to tell him right this moment what he meant to me…that I love him…in few minutes I heard him snored…I felt relax a bit…I turned to see his sleeping face.Neil looked the same as I saw him first time those years ago. As I looked my eyes fell on his lips. I wondered how it felt kissing those s*xy lips.

Sammmmm…stop it….

I couldn’t help but to smile at my childish thought. I closed my eyes tight and let myself sleep.

When I woke up , I was confused cause I wasn’t on pillow but on someone. I forced my eyes to open and saw’s not dream..he was really here. I got up from bed with jerk. His eyes then opened slowly and looked at me.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up….” I wished that he would have slept for some more time that I can have that freedom to observe him .

“It’s look better now…..” he said smilingly charmingly“ what do you want to do today?”

“ no clue….” I shrugged a little.he got up from bed and stretched his upper body little revealing his well-toned abs….Gosh…..Kriti was right..he is muscular….

I took my eyes off from him but again turned my gaze to look at him when he was busy searching something on his I was actually examining him , I could see why girl run head over heels for him.

He then looked up to meet my eyes..I’m frozen….

“I’m waiting..Sammy….i guess we are not spending whole day here…..”

I was blanked because of this very man seating in front of me and he wanted me to think….Unbelivable…I couln’t think anymore as he was so close to me..he was always like this close to me…but now my feelings changed for him but he still think of me as a friend..Oh God…How difficult situation is this…I don’t want to this happen but my subconscious mine always wanted this I think.

“I guess I would like to go book store…I have read all books here already ten times….”…yeah bookstore..only place would bring my mind back…and yess he may be would deny to come along with Radz and Nandu’s horror stories about my book shopping would have scared him…though he had been with me to book store many times.

“Sure..Your wish, command for me..whatever you want to do…I’m with you….”he stood and started to walked towards the door..Damn…My plan got flopped to avoid him…..

“Okay I will come in minutes…when you come mom and dad weren’t home?”

“Nope..Aunty told…..they went for some work…and would back by evening….”

He closed door behind him..I crashed on bed and yelled in irritation..Oh God I have to act Normal around him…I couldn’t let him discover my feelings for him..that i wanted him and no other guy would take his place.. stupid emotions..why did they have to change my perfect friendship with him?

I quickly slipped into my favorites pair of jeans and casual top and came down to the stairs, found Neil sitting on couch shuffling some general magzines.when he heard me descending stairs , he turned to look me. I was mesmerized by his eyes.they truly shimmered.he has some beautiful pair of eyes. I shook my head and broke my thoughts.

“you ready? Neil” I tried to act casual

“ you want to eat something before? “

“Nope” I said and grabbed the keys from drawer and as we got out, I closed the door and unlocked it.

Entire time while driving we enjoyed singing along the radio and I got disappointed when we arrived to bookstore. I always like to listen him singing.

As soon as I entered into store I inhaled deep the smell of new book. He laughed at me and I gave him glare.He thought my love for book is insane since he wasn’t much a reader.

“I don’t laugh on your love for cars..for god sake Neil….”he smiled and pulled me inside the shop.

He didn’t release my hand walking to the various aisles. When I reached the fiction section he let go my hand and let me engrossed myself in my book world. I started reading few pages to ensure that I would enjoy reading or not and then handed book to Neil.

Finally. I need help to find some books on mythology. I started to look for some assistant. Finally found someone who worked there. He was guy in his early 20s with brownish hair and angelic smile. He was attractive but not as much as Neil.

“Excuse me, I need to find some books on mythology? “

“Ofcourse….author? “

I gave him information and noticed the Neil protective stance on me. The assistant laid me to the mentioned section and handed me few books.

“Is there anything else I can do for you? “ he asked

“No…that’s all I need..thank you…..”

“If in case you need any help, My name Rocky. Don’t hesitate to ask me personally….”he smiled and left us standing there…

I turned to see Neil giving odd glares to that guy.

“what’s wrong with you?” I asked to divert his gaze.but still his eyes were burning..what’s that..Jealousy? couldn’t be….

“That guy was exclusively flirting with you…Sam” he sneered

“What? No way…It’s your illusion..he was being nice with me..simple….”

“I’m surprised that he didn’t grab your hand and take you with him…I bet if I wasn’t with you he would have had your no.”

“Are you jealous, Neil? “ I know he wasn’t..but I have to ask

“No..but I don’t like guys looking at you like piece meat…”his eyes where enough to tell me he was furious….like really furious…

I grabbed his hand and laid him towards the cash counter. I hope that Rocky wouldn’t be there else Neil would punch him. Thanks to God , a lady was there at the counter. I placed my books and about to pay but Neil’s had his card out already and paid the bill before I could utter a word. He took the bag and led me out of the store.

“You know I’m going to kill you? Why you paid my bill? “ I asked him when we reached out near his car. He looked at me as if he didn’t done anything wrong

I think you need to eat something Sammy..Let me take you for lunch…” he said out of the blue to make my mood right and appear cute infront of me…

But I was surprised cause it was unexpected.he didn’t take people out to eat.

“what’s brought that?” I asked in curiosity

“Sam, I’m hungry and obiously you are hungry too..i heard your stomach grumble like lion..i afraid if I don’t make you eat for somemore will eat me….”his eyes shimmered…I wanted to become mad at him. But there was something in his eyes restrict me to mad at him..instead I laugh.

We slipped into the car and in no time halted at good Italian restaurant in the town. As we got in and grabbed one of the corner table, a waitress came to us. She was giving signaling look to Neil. I ignored and concentrated on menu card.

Then I felt his hand on my hand brushing.

“ hey, why so dull…? “ looking into my eyes he asked. I realized he must have sense my lowly mood. I forced a smile.

“Nothing..a lots of thing going in my mind…” I lied


“nothing particular..” I wanted to avoid this convo. When he was the reason of all the thoughts.

“I know you are to me…” his voice sounded strange so I looked at his face. He was worried

“ Neil. I know we are best frinds..but some things I can’t share to you..some are girl’s please…”

“Alright..Sammy but mark one thing..i’m right matter what , okay? “

I knew he was actually worried for me.. but I have to keep this thought deep inside me.

Finally food arrived, we continued to talk on anything and everything.i just really didn’t notice the taste of was just food for me. My attention was on him. I was rationalizing my feeling that how I had fallen for the person that I shouldn’t love..i just have complicated the things..that’s why I refused to the people when they suggested me this thing for Neil.Now I just wanted nothing more than to be his girlfriend to with whom he will spend his weekends and would love me back.

I was badly terrified to lose him..i was thinking how I will deal with rejection if I told him about my feelings. I was silent all the time when we drive back to home. Finally I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t my feelings secret forever. And eventually I have to tell him this. That I want him only him on this very own planet more than oxygen.

Finally he pulled car in front of my house, I was engrossed in my thought that I didn’t realized when we reached.


I turned to look at me. He didn’t bother me while driving. He let me be me with my thoughts.


“I think we should do this stuff of outing much often..i didn’t realized until today that I have missed you so much…you are always busy with college stuff and badminton practice…we need to hang out like this…”

He smiled and pulled me into hug. I was at peace. I wanted to stay in his embrace forever.

We finally got out of the car..

“Well I need to get back home..Radz had planned some family thing..”

I groaned because I know if radz was involved what’s that thing are.

“ Then..Good luck to you…..Good night..idiot…”

“Night Sammy….”

He pulled his car out on road. I greeted mom and dad who were enjoying some reality show on Tv. I went to my room and changed into Paijam shots and tank top and crumbled on my bed. I grabbed one of the pillow and dip my head into it…I smelt his cologne and I inhale it as much as I could.

Oh God!! I need to clear my head.but hell…my head was keep displaying his face while talking, joking on me around.

Sighing, I stood up and went to the window and looked at the clear sky shimmering with was then I saw it. Shooting star.

I made wish in that moment.

Please Let Neil feels the same for me..let him know how truly I love him….

I sat down there staring beautiful shimmering dark blanket over me. As I feel tired I led on my bed. I have to tell him what going inside me. I hoped he wouldn’t change after hearing what I had to tell him.

How was it guys?? I know its kinda odd to let them sleep together.but it was a cute idea to let them stay together for a while.

Next will be confession…and Neil’s reaction….God I’m worried….LoL…Just acting….hehe

Please Please…Pretty Please share your reviews..Silent readers….Plzzzzz share your words with me….

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  1. Beautifully written..pls post sn as really cant wait dear.. take care..

    1. Dipika

      Farjana dear thank u so much for lovely

  2. Super duper fantastic. I loved it! Can’t wait for next episode. Keep up the good work and am amazed by your writing skills and talent ???

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhh….thank u soooo.much Mercy dear..m so overwhelm by ur words…love

  3. Sam is really going through tough time..dealing with her stupid still cute feelings☺.Now she is gonna confess not able to deal with them any more???
    But how will idiot react ???
    whether this will make him realise[but guess tat will not happen so soon] or will he try keep a pace with sam?
    Deepu i’m loving this??.U have described her feelings so naturally n beautifully.
    Love u???

    1. Dipika

      Swathi darling thank u sooooo much..m on cloud 9 by ur amazing words…yeah he will not realize so soon..but he will not hurt her…love u so

  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode, brillently written, love it to the core, Dipika you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you sooooo much…love u..muhhhha

  5. arti viswanathan

    Brillantly written dipika darling….

    1. Dipika

      Arti darling thank you soooo much…love u..muhhhaa

  6. Rossy

    U never ceased to amaze me….heroine…suits perfectly on u…as a natural writer u explained each emotions very perfectly…sam was confused between her feelings…if she’ll confess what will Neil’s reply??? He also loves Sam na…we will see that…ohk…now what about other story…write it plzzz

    1. Dipika

      Rossy darling u r amazing writer n listening such marvelous comment from u is like making me dance like maniac..haha…haa apana hero basically idiot hai thoda zol to honga u dear..muhha..yess on other story m working see u soon with it.

  7. Sathya

    MIND BOGGLING ONE. Dipu darling… U simply nailed it perfectly. Sam’s pov n her thoughts are portraying very well. Brilliantly written dear….she is confirmed abt her feelings n I can see that Neil started realizing her importance I his life. He missed her in her absence… Wow… Wow… I m expecting more more more…. Love u darling

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh wow satzzzz darling such marvelous words…m sooooooo much happpppyy6 n dancing…. Yeah u r knw her imp in his life but not clear with his feelings.. So confusion gets added…love u…muhhha

  8. Jessie

    Deepzzzzz….mere judwa behen….!! Amazing! Neil in book store… too possessive…protective..fab..and hotel part also cool… Sam trying to control her thoughts n avoiding him…so nice ya…finally the last part..cherry on the cake she wish him to hav same feel…! Sweet…sweet…!! This is beautiful… eager 4 nxt one….he missed her..wake up Idiot!! Hahah… loved it deepz…bear hug…love u loads and TC dear

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh jessss judawa behen…u noticed thy small things…wishes..m soooo happyyy…thank u sooooo much dear for lovely words…love uuuu…muhha

  9. Jewel

    superb dipika…. u describe sam’s feelings and confusions very beautifully… and neil, why he is not understanding that he loves sam… what will be his reaction when sam confess…. i am eager to know this plz post next soon…

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling thank u soooooo much for lovely words…yess he is dumbo na…so thoda late realize u…muhhha

  10. Sweetie

    Now I know how it was written on stars sweetheart.. 😀 Loved it to the core.. 🙂 How beautifully you portrayed feelings of a girl who is in love with her best friend,who is supposed to be the ONE you cannot have,so good and awesome.. 🙂 Waiting for the next,love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ohhh sweetheart thank you sooooo much for lovely n awesome words dear….love u…

  11. Gauri

    Sorry for being Late Dipu was stuck in packing and all… well since I have time for my train…I thought of reading this one again….splendid magical…that effect of new feelings…tug of war between head and heart…and then failed attempt to be normal around the one you love but not ready to accept…you penned it beautifully and made me your fan 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will be might be little late in commenting 🙂 Happy diwali darling 😀 …

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh my god…honestly i can’t describe how happy i m feeling now..i always waits n like to read ur word..its always spl.u notice tht small things in story.. Thank u soooo much angel for this beautiful words…love u tons..happy diwali..muhha

  12. awesome…

    1. Dipika

      Thanks subha

  13. Dipssss my sweeeeeetheart darling. …the episode was awesoooooome, marvellous, beautifully narrated….Sam’s new feelings for neil n dealing with these strange feelings was very hard for her but at the same time very interesting n amazing….my sweeeeeetu sissy….your writing skills required getting very high quality…with each story n update it’s getting more n more beautiful n outstanding. ..can’t wait for Sam’s confession n Neil’s reaction. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Dipika

      Roma diiiii a tight hugggg for this awesome n lovely words.. Thank u soooo much for ur love n support… Love u tons.. Muhhha

  14. _Ritu

    Dipika…amazing chapter dear…NeSam all cute cute. 🙂 loved Neil’s jealousy… 🙂 u r really a magical writer 😉 …I wonder how come u r a banker coz almost all bankers seems boring… 😉 sharing my experience after analysing my father …He too in PNB.. 🙂 Loved d update..two request dear…a double dhamaka of dis one nd a new story on ArDhika plz if u get tym…loads of love 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ritu darling thank u sooooo much.. I always excited for ur comments..i always wished when will ritu read thid n i can hear words from her… N about being me banker.. Are i become banker accidentally.. Lol.. M. Engineer by qualification.. N wow.. Uncle too are from PNB.. Thts great yarrr.. Double dhamaka.. Umm.. I will think about it.. N yess dear whenever i gets a tym. I will. Start for aradhika.. Love u.. Muhhha

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