MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8: Realization

My worlds spin madly on me. I was lucky to be good at badminton though the game was taking my already busy schedule, but I like this game. So the result was couch decided to send me to the state level championship. So that means that I was busy all the time, and that no one, including Neil ever saw me.

When I was at library, I spent most of the time with Mira. She just had way to make me laugh. After I told her to drop the subject of me and Neil dating, she seemed to be very quiet. She thoughts good but I knew it was completely and utterly insane, because it was not good idea to mix friendship with relationships. They would just complicated and cause more problem and would end, break a great thing..our friendship..which survived the awkwardness of high school and junior college. I personally don’t want to ruin our special bond.

“You ready to head Pune tonight, Sam? “ she asked while she was copying some text for teacher.

“Yeah..I’m excited for tournament….”

“Yeah..but I’m more interested in two days brake after I wanted to go home and crash on couch with bucket of popcorn with good movie..” she sighed as she finished her work.

I continued to type and jerked with the pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I turned to see Neil’s sparkling eyes looking at me.

“What you working on , Sammy? “

“Entering new books in computer system. Don’t you have a class to be doing stuff at? “

“Nope..I have free time and here I came to meet my favorite person as she seems to have no time for me what so ever…”he knew that was lie. But he likes to pull my leg. He could be jerk many times.

“You two should date and get it know…” stated Mira who was standing near us.

Looking up to meet Neil’s eyes we both had that look which said “Not in million years”

“I don’t think I could ever thought Sammy as my girlfriend…” he said realizing me from his grip

“Don’t feel bad Neil…But you are not my type Neil….either…”

“Yeah..those stupid nut heads are your types….”

“Hey you are hurting my feelings…”

“Truth hurts Sammy….” He chuckled

The bell finally rang. I bid bye to Mira and went to my respective class but then my mind start thinking about what Neil said a while ago.

He didn’t think me of as Girlfriend material. That shouldn’t be big deal, but don’t know it seems bugging me so much. Don’t know what making me restless about what he said.

Whole day went like blur.I finally gathered my stuff and boarded my bus. I finally got settled on front seat next to Mira who was busy doing her paper work. I pulled out my novel to cut my time in bus. While I read, I noticed Aarav was getting on bus. Aarav was senior when I was in first year but still he volunteered his time for college championships. He sat down in the seat across me and gave me rather odd look.

The bus ride was rather long. The whole time, Mira and Aarav chit chatted about anything, most of them really were strange, but I didn’t say anything. I kept my eyes on pages of books which prevent my motion sickness.

After travelling for good six hours we finally reached at allotted venue and called it a night. Next day after my game I joined Mira who was seating on benches watching game. She handed me a bucket of popcorn to share while game going on. I was watching the game and was actually enjoying the very muscular and sweat dripping guys running back and forth on the court. My attention wasn’t on anything. I normally didn’t gawk at boys but it was exception to the rule.

“you know, Aarav is staring at you…”whispered Mira in my ears.

I glanced down to see his eyes on me and moved my eyes back on Mira..

“Do you know why he was looking at me? “

“I don’t know…” Mira said avoiding my eyes. She was hiding something

“You are lying..spill the beans….”

She tried to look at game but still avoiding me..Elbowing her I made her say something.

“Ummm…I just heard that Aarav likes you…that’s all…” she tried to act normal, but for me it was massive.

W_H_A_T…No…this can’t be true….

“You have to be kidding..”

“Nope..i actually heard it from the guy himself…”

“Likes me how? “

“he asked me a while ago that if you are seeing someone and I told him you didn’t….he mentioned that he was interested in you to take on date…”

My head started spinning upside down. This was crazy.

“how you feel about that Sam? “ She asked

Honestly, I didn’t feel anything about this whole was crazy thought. First Armaan now Aarav..why all this happing to me..

“Mira , I don’t know..” I mumbled as I tried to gather my thoughts.

“Remember, you can always talk to me when you need. We know each other from long and I can do anything to help you…” Mira’s eyes sparkled with honesty.

During the rest of the game, I wasn’t on my right mind. My mind kept playing the Armaan’s words and Mira’s confession. I noticed Aarav’s eyes following me wherever I go. My mind was keep thinking that maybe it was good thing. This would stop Mira and everyone else saying I needed to date Neil. If I got boyfriend that would release my tension since female population of our college won’t hate me for being his friend.

Then my thoughts went to Aarav..but he wasn’t my type. I wanted someone who would love me unconditionally and take care of me when I needed it.I didn’t want one that would be falling all over the times. I didn’t want to be one who taking care of someone forever. I don’t want to be defined as someone’s wife…but want to be Sam…Me…I want to conquer my dreams. Dreams that I couldn’t pass up , even if I would end up alone in the end.

My mind come drag back to the court when I heard crowd cheering our college’s we won the game. After prize distribution ceremony we headed back to our bus.

My mind continued to race as my teammates got on the bus. Aarav sat across me and started conversation with Mira again, and that was when I felt like I was going to have panic attack soon. The idea that a guy liked me in girlfriend sort of way was nuts. Mostly because I am in love with Neil……

Wait a minute…Did I just think that?

My mind stopped for a moment. Did I? Do I LOVE NEIL..? This can’t be mind kept running and I tried to slow down my thoughts. Neil wasn’t my type. He wasn’t nicest person to the women in particular. I pushed myself against the cold window and tried to think.

The whole thing was complicated. I mean I can go and tell him love ya..but I love you…was big different in context.that was when I started to think about all the things….

The day when Neil told me that he was dating Lara and that she wanted him to stay away from me hurt me on more deep level that I actually wanted to admit. The idea that he would pick someone over me hurts. The way that he took care of me and protected me from anyone. The image that I created for my ideal guy and it was rather strange since the comparison were what Neil was in every single way.

I pushed the window glass, I had to cold down. I couldn’t love Neil that way…he was my best friend. We have grown up with each other in every development stage of life.

That was when I heard something in back of my mind “you have been in love with him always….”

That was when my mind travelled back to the moment, that moment when I met him. The way he treated me that made me…..Fall in love with him….

I was in love with Neil Malhotra. The guy that was complete womanizer and would never probably settle for one woman. The guy that was really sweetheart and would make someone really happy , whenever he actually did choose to find someone.

I’m doomed.

That’s all I could think. I covered my face to brush this thought away from mind.
All I knew was everything going to change, but how they would change that was the question.

Yeahhhhhh!!! finally Sam realize her love for Neil?but how would she deal with this feelings? whether she gonna tell him or hide it frm him?

N that idiot have already attraction towards what will he reply…lets find out in next chap…

Love you all..Stay Khush…m plaese plaese drop ur reviews which will encourage me….muhhaa

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  1. Dipiiiii i wanted it to go on and on and onnnnn… 🙁
    Pls give a double dhamaka if possible 🙂 loads of love

    1. Dipika

      Neetz darling Thank you soooo much…your words meant a lot to me..i will try to give double dhamaka dear….love u tooooooo..muhhaaa

  2. Jewel

    Now both are in love, and both don’t want to admit that…. now i am really curious to know that how they are going to deal with this feeling. I think they will not confess, and will do some stupidity. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter dipika….post it soon…

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling thank you sooo much….u r on right path but just lttile correction…Neil still dont realize his feelng for her and would take hell lot of time to do that..n stupids things r bou8nd to done by this stupid couple na….LOve u dear…muhhhaaa

  3. Wow ? Deepu……poor Sam……suddenly everyone loves HR… thank god she hs no confu…..she loves Neil……finally she realised…….Deepu Neil loves HR????? I didn’t know…..

    Deepu if u dnt mind can u read this:

    Partly concealed by branches
    whose leaves lie beneath the snow,
    I saw the Moon in its complete form staring at me
    from its abide in the lap of heaven.
    A confection in white robes
    with its tresses hovering around it.
    Indeed a royal sight withholding beauty in it.

    That’s it……well I happened to see a full moon tonight… I tried to picture it in verse……is it good??? Or bad????? I wud b happy if u give ur SINCERE opinion……

    Bye… u….?…TC…..
    As I looked up from my balcony.

  4. There is a typo…..
    As I looked up from my balcony is the last line f that..I’ll type once again…

    Partly concealed by branches
    whose leaves lie beneath the snow,
    I saw the moon in its complete form staring at me
    from its abide in the lap of heaven.
    A confection in white robes,
    with its tresses hovering around it.
    Indeed a royal sight withholding beauty in it
    As I looked up from my balcony.

    Hows it???? Sorry if I spoiled ur good mood by my bad verse.

    1. Dipika

      ohhhh m ggggggggggg…my cute sissyyyy this is so brillient n splendid poetic words i ever read…you just wrote it flawlesssly….sach me..u should this kinda awsome thing more…aasthu u r found new thing in u pls sherish it..n m extremly sorry..u know work n chores around home made me hell busy..sorry…but this is really awsome which made my mood yarrr dont say like that…love u…muhhhaa

      1. U know what? I’ve been waiting for your reply……..thank you sooo much…..u r the 1st person whom I showed it……I showed my sis n parents only later……and no need for sorry ur reply made me happy ?……hows everything going???,wrk n hme ???? What wrk do u have at home????? I’m also busy……my exams starts tmrw…..2 weeks……pray ?…….??…….

  5. Brin

    Yeeessss, finally Sam realize, she loves Neil, who will confess first?eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    Outstanding episode 🙂

    1. Dipika

      brin darling thank you soooo much dearrrryyyy….Sam is gng to confess first… u…muhhaa

  6. Jnana

    Ayeee Sammy finally you got it……. Truth hurts…??? now what will she do? Express her feeling or….. I don’t know what you’ll do….. Create some jealous atmosphere and make Sammy spill the beans…… Tc……

    1. Dipika

      haha…..jealosyyy…but without that only she is gng to spill the bean..all credit to our radz..haha..Thank u sooo much for wonderful words dear…love u…muhhaaa

  7. Hey Deepu …
    Pls give me the links of previous partss.
    .as I was busy…..
    I was not active on tellyupdates….

    1. Dipika

      hey vsk dear thank you soooooo much..oh u were busy..i thought u stopped reading my stories..but now m sooo happy to see u back.. is wattys link..m writting this story on wattpad to..u will get all the chappys there….love u…muhhhhhaaa

  8. Jessie

    Deeepzzz….Thanks to Aarav… he made her realize her love… correct na?! Am so curious for wats coming next.. Nesam in library ws nice.. She doomed.hahah u brought out so well and the reason for sam’s thought to go for a date with Aarav!.. so realistic…kitne cupids hai yahaan.. Lara..Armaan..Aarav.. Mica.. heheh .. nt 2 frgt Arjun!! he did compliment Sam ! Its Neil now.. Waitingggg!! I so loved it.. And u know that.. !! Fantastic Job Deepz.. Am impressed with ur skills… Take care and loads of love 🙂

    1. Dipika

      jessss meri judawa behen..Thank you sooooooo0 much yarrrrr…are only armaan is main cupid to make them unite….wow darling u made my day by this awsome words yaarrrrru impreessed by me…that is sooo awsome thing…thank u so u..muhhhaaa

  9. Gauri

    Dipu my words are less to praise your update….all feelings are just from the heart I can feel Sam infront of my eyes….all her feelings expressions are just like I am feeling them…..this is the magic of your words …loved it Dipu….you write deep feelings with simple words 🙂 loved its stay blessed 🙂 waiting for next

    1. Dipika

      hey my angellll..m so overwhelmed by ur words…m soooooo happy…u know i read this comment n no. of times yarrrr…Thank you sooooo much for this beautiful words……Love you loads…muhhhaa

  10. Sathya

    Dipu darling… Sorry for commenting late dear. Finally one dumbo realized her love wowww m soooooo happy….its awesome dear. The way narrated the while sequences in Sam’s pov is marvelous. Each n every line from Sam is very true. I should say thanks to aarav but now Armaan is still in queue. Hey dipu I have a doubt.. Will she confess her feelings to Neil or she hides it from Neil. Pls pls post next soon n yes lil bride too. Love u lot dear

    1. Dipika

      satzzzz you dare say sorry next time…..i know yarrr we all hav so much work around…sooooo dont say sorry here after…..thank you sooooo much for this awsome words yarrrrr..n yesss sam is going to confess first…haa armaan waiting list me hai..haha…love u loads dear…muhhhaa

  11. Absolutely lovely update deepz. The way you write so simple yet great!!
    N Finally sam realised that she is love with her idiot. I’m too eager to know what happen next…
    Love u n take care

    1. Dipika

      Swathi darling your words always sooths me yarrr…Thank u sooooo much dear… u…muhhhaaa

  12. Wow..sammy realized it!im so happy di..when is the idiot gonna realize it??as usual your narration superb di..please update asap

    1. Did u see my msg in fb???? If nt then see it…….allengil kozhaoamilla ente comment vayichalum mati……..pakshe enik reply veenam….

      1. Aadia

        I saw it chinnu..and replied busy…

    2. Dipika

      Aadia darling thank you soooo much….u knw neil is last persn who will realize it..haha….love u..muhhhhaa

  13. Rossy

    Heroine…sorry for late..u know my problem…now when both are in love what is the problem with u…why did u stop…don’t stop…go on and on…kash tum continue karte raho…aur me padhta jai…without any difficulty any boredom…u r truly fantastic my dear…a true heroine…fashionable, attitude…lol?? I imagined my fantasy ??

    1. Dipika

      Rossy my darling i knw things around fashionable.. Hehe..yeah.. Fantasy.. Hahaha..are still lot more to come..neil nr kaha bataya hai ki he too loves her..just attraction… Nxt will soon u my darling.. Muhha

  14. Interesting

    1. Dipika

      Thank u soooo much shravya u..muhha

  15. Gummiebear

    Lovely post di…its getting more and more interesting day by day…Realizing your love for someone z the most amazing feeling in this world…you brought it out in a very intriguing way yet an adorable way….I really loved it a lot di…your updates always sky rock my heartbeats… Its a treat to read something written by u dear….update soon…loads of love and a big teddy hug…Keep smiling??

    1. Dipika

      Omg supri thank u sooooo much for this amazing words of urs..m actually dancing.. Love u..muhha

  16. Wowwww awesome dipssss.’s amazing. beautifully you presented the state of mind of sam….she realized. ..finally she realized her love for neil….I’m so curious to know neil’s reaction after knowing Sam’s feelings….will she tell him…..n how will she deal with Armaan n aarav now…..this story is getting very interesting with every episode. ..keep it up honeyyy. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling dipsss ♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Dipika

      Thank u soooooo Roma di..reading ur comments are always treat to njoy..m so happy…love u diii…muhhhhaa

  17. _Ritu

    Dipika….brilliant brilliant brilliant… 🙂 Sam realised her love for Neil .. 🙂 now whether she will confess or not ?? What will be Neil’s reaction??? Whether dis Armaan nd Aarav r positive here??? 😉 😉 so many questions ri8.. 😉 what to do ..? loads of love. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Thank u soo much ritu darling.. I m sooooo eager to read ur words alwayd..thank u sooo mych for amazing support n u..muhha

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